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Dog of Heaven is an anthro-wolf American furry. Harry also has two other two fursonas, Draclwolf and Wolfganghm. Draclwolf is a vampire anthro-wolf, while Wolfganghm is a regular anthro-wolf. These two are mostly used in Role Play.

Dog of Heaven is a Christian.

How he became a furry[edit]

When this furry entered middle school, he became facinated with wolves. He looked back at the story of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Ridding Hood, and always wondered why the wolf was considered the "bad guy". He did a resaerch paper of "Wolves in Literature" for an assignment in Foundations to Writing and Literature. This pushed him to learn more aobut wolves. He slowly started to understand how awsome these creatures are. He eventually discovered the fandom while researching about werewolves. He found some pictures of people dressed as animals running around, and thought": "Hey, that looks fun." So, he did some more research and came across the furry fandom. He realized that he was a furry once he finished the research paper. At first, he did not have any art skills or special talents, so he wondered: "Why belong to a fandom if you have nothing to do in it?" After a week, his sister made him read the book "Twilight". He hated it, but it gave him an idea. "Hey, I'll write a story!" The novel Living Fountain was born, and is now a work in progress.

The Furry Prayer Chain[edit]

He is also the organizer of a Furry Prayer Chain, which he formed with other users of Fur Affinity.

Living Fountain[edit]

Living Fountain is an in-progress novel that is being written by Dog of Heaven and Zok.

The novel's inspiration came from several vampire stories and derived from a furry's desire to be apart of the fandom. The first idea came from reading Twilight. The furry, Dog of Heaven, hated the book. Yet, thought about what would happen if a mortal never ran out of blood. How would a vampire treat such a person? He came across a webcomic done by Tod Wills, which is based off of Bram Stoker's Dracula. At first, he wanted to use the actual character Dracula in the novel. However, he waited to get permission from Tod Wills to use his version of Dracula. He grew tired of waiting, and eventually started to write the story. He created a new character, Duke Bodvar. The novel is still in its beginner stages.


Duke Bodvar, a vampire lord, accepts a guest named Maria. He plans to feed on her, but finds out she was sent to him for a particular reason. Maria has a rare blood disease, which only a vampire can control it's effects. He must hide this secret form Count Arconium, who wishes to exploit this disease for his own benefit. Duke Bodvar is also inviting many of the vampire lords and mortal noblemen to his annual "Bodvar Ball", which some vampire hunters will come in, uninvited.


Duke Bodvar: A vampire lord who is the head of his territory. He enjoys the blood of young virgins and has three brides. - a wolf furry, looks are based off of Tod Wills' version of Count Dracula, but his attire is slightly different.

Maria: Duke Bodvar's visitor in the story. She is more naive than Duke Bodvar's bride, Sally. Maria tends to care about what is going on around her, but is oblivious to what is happening to herself. She has a disease which her blood replicates, causing blood to gush out of her skin at random. Maria has not died of blood loss, because he immune system learns to clot rapidly. Blood gush takes about a day to fully heal for her. - a mink furry

Zok: Duke Bodvar's zombified reptilian hunchback. He doesn't like what he does, but is a friend of the Duke and owes the Duke his life. Also, the Duke had a few drops of his blood, having some control over Zok's actions. Duke Bodvar refrained from turning him into a vampire, since he needed someone to watch his coffin during the day. (Zok is special, since he is one of the characters roaming in Dog of Heaven's mind. He is not real, but plays a major role in building ideas for the story.) - a lizard furry

Agatha: Duke Bodvar's first victim, very irritable and selfish. She is the most bloodthirsty of Duke Bodvar's three brides. - a mouse furry

Nava: Duke Bodvar's second bride. She is cunning and devious. Nava likes to play tricks on Agatha and Sally, just for fun. - a weasle furry

Sally: The third bride of the Duke, she is the most easygoing and good-natured. She never really wanted to become a vampire. Sally was given a choice: to live with the Duke, or die of starvation and mistreatment. She is the Duke's favorite. - a horse furry

Rienhard: Reina's brother, knows about her illness and thinks Duke Bodvar could cure her. He plans to take Maria back to his home once she is fully cured. Also, Reinhard suffers from involuntary lycanthropy. (He is the only one of Dog of Heaven's characters who has not made an official appearance in the novel.) - a wolf furry

Guest Stars[edit]

In Living Fountain, there are a few characters who belong to several other furries. The author gave them the title "guest stars" since they were not originally in the main plotline of the story. Some of these guest stars intergrated themselves into the plot that they are now major characters.

Some of the guest stars:

Davos and Uru Moonshadow: Davos Moonshadow is a demon Egyptian pharaoh. Duke Bodvar saved his mate, Uru Moonshadow, from a disagreeable nobleman a few decades back. Since then, the two have been honored guests at the Bodvar Ball ever since. Davos belongs to Pyrewerepyre on Fur Affinity. His mate, Uru, belongs to the Fur Affinity user Uruwolf. Since the beginning of the story, Zok has always given Davos trouble, and are considered "rivals". Davos is a winged fox furry, while Uru is a horse/feline hybrid.

Count Arctus Arconium: An old vampire lord, he is currently the most powerful vampire in existence. Since the former king of the vampire lords, Dracula, died at the hands of the hunter Van Helsing, he has taken that title. However, Count Arconium has an unusual habit about feeding on other vampires, not just mortals. Duke Bodvar is unaware of this fact. Count Arconium is also interested in Maria, and wants to know why Duke Bodvar has kept her alive so long. He is now the prime villain of the story. This character belongs to another Fur Affinity user, SenkoLKE, a bear furry.

Lord Shade Hitomi: The only vampire bat in the story, Lord Shade is one of the more mysterious vampire lords. Duke Bodvar heard about this vampire lord from his bride, Sally. She had a small crush on him, but he broke Sally's heart when she found out he was a homosexual. Lord Shade took an advance on Duke Bodvar at one point during a "victim lesson" to teach Duke Bodvar how to handle and seduce victims without causing them any pain. He belongs to the Fur Affinity user Kuntos.

More guest stars will appear during the duration of the story.

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