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Braeburned (born December 22, 1993), is a furry artist from South Dakota, USA.[1]. They currently live in Massachusetts.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Braeburned's art is often explicit and primarily involves homosexual male characters. He's most well known for his adult furry comics.

Braeburned is a staff member at F/F Collective[2] and one of F/F's book designers[3]

He was a guest of honor at Anthro New England 2023. His work was featured on the con book covers, con badges, banner stands, and con t-shirt designs.[4]

He often owns and wears an Olli Alpaca fursuit at conventions. The suit was made by Mackoolzie, and was completed in 2022. [5]

Fursonas and characters[edit]


Braeburned's name was inspired by the My Little Pony character, "Braeburn".[6] He started out drawing almost exclusively pony art from 2010-2016, before moving on to furry art.

MLP Comics[edit]

  • Sweet Apple Secrets, a tumblr askblog (2012-2014)
  • Pinkie Pie Sleepover Quest (2013)
  • All Aboard (2014)
  • Comic Relief: Part 1 (2015)
  • Comic Relief: Part 2 (2016)

Braeburned created the character design and promo art for Bad Dragon's pony-inspired adult toy, Sugar Star. [7]

He organized two large art packs featuring gay MLP content. The first art pack, "Saddle Up", contained their comic "All Aboard" along with the works of many others. The second art pack, "Saddle Up: Creature Comforts", focused on non-pony characters from the MLP universe, and was where "Comic Relief: Part 1" would make it's debut. Braeburned also contributed two pieces to a Christmas-themed "Hooves and Holly" art pack.

Furry Works[edit]

Original Comics[edit]

  • 609 (2018-2020)
  • 609: Fluff (2020-2022)
  • Getting Familiar (2022)
  • Gay-By-Play (2023)
  • Pass the Pooltoy! (2023)

The physical editions of the "609" and "609: Fluff" comics contain guest art pages from other fandom artists, including Orlando Fox, Declan, Ritts, Strawbearer, Rick Griffin, GenOttr, Bran, twistcmyk, Snackhorse, and Inklingss.[8] [9]

Other Contributions[edit]

Braeburned regularly attends US furry conventions to sell merchandise, such as comics and stickers, at his vendor table. As of 2024, he has attended over 75 conventions.[10] Along with vending, he occasionally hosts/talks on panels. They sell digital downloads of almost all of their older art archives, uploaded as art packs to their store.

In 2022, FWA created a large foam prop inspired by Braeburned's comic, "609".[11] The prop, a large blue door with a hole in the middle, was created by the convention for attendees to take photos with in the FWA Moonlight Festival, an age-restricted nighttime event at the convention. Attendees could take photos in it alone, or pose with Braeburned's "Olli Alpaca" fursuit. Braeburned has since made his own wooden "609" door prop, which he brings to Anthro New England for public photoshoots.

In exchange for a guest comic by Declan McCarthy in the physical print of the first "609" comic, Braeburned, made an illustration of Jeb the Incubus to be printed in Declan's book, "Jeb the Incubus #3".[12]

A piece drawn by Braeburned featuring a skateboarding yoshi was first shown as part of NONSTOP WORLD's digital art museum.

Braeburned contributed an illustration for Fenris Publishing's 2022 'Beware' Adult Calendar. [13]

In 2023, TwinTail Creations debuted a collaboration with Braeburned to produce adult toys based on Braeburned's highland cow character, Ian. [14]


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