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Little Tail Story (Japanese: リトルテイルストーリー Ritoru Teiru Sutōrī) was a 2014 Japan only, free-to-play online social role-playing game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco for Android and iOS. It is the third title in the company's Little Tail Bronx series, acting as a spiritual successor to Tail Concerto and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, and the first to appear on mobile devices. The project was headed by CyberConnect2's company president Hiroshi Matsuyama, and features music by Chikayo Fukuda with vocals by Tomoyo Mitani, who both previously collaborated on Solatorobo.

Like it's predecessors, Little Tail Story's characters are anthropomorphic dogs and cats. Gameplay is presented in a 3D role-playing game presented from an overhead view where players undergo quests that involve exploring areas and battling monsters to obtain treasure.

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