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LIFC 2019 Theme
Little Island Furcon (edit)
Little Island Furcon 2019
Little Island Furcon 2020

Little Island Furcon staff
Little Island Furcon guests of honor
LIFC 2019 Logo Advertisement
LIFC 2019 Poster drawn by Cheetahpaws
LIFC 2019 Advertisement drawn by Leey & Cheetahpaws
LIFC 2019 Con Book (Front)
LIFC 2019 Con Book (Back)
LIFC 2019 Fursuit Group Photo

The first Little Island Furcon took place over June 8-9, 2019 at Oasia Hotel Novena, Singapore. The theme was Oasis.[1] The Guests of Honor were Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote.[2]

The event attracted approximately 150 attendees in its first year, with 50 of them being fursuiters[3]; there were 43 in the group shot.

Official Little Island Furcon 2019 video


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