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Dendora, aka LittleGhost, (Sara) is a furry, fantasy, and science fiction artist, who draws both human and anthros. She creates both adult and clean work.

The real world[edit]


Dendora was born in the blissful summer of 1985 in the rural Midlands of England, the only child of an ex. Farmer and mechanic father and primary school teacher mother. She is yet to move from her point of origin, much preferring green fields to grey cities.
She has always had a vast interest in artwork and refused to draw humans for an early age much preferring Anthropomorphic creations, though this was soon bullied out of her.
At the moment she has just finished a HND in Visual Communications at a local college due to health troubles and is about to embark on a BA(hons) in the same subject at UCE in Birmingham, the almost home of the Midfur community.
She works closely with her boyfriend and a trusted friend in several large on going projects in hope of getting them published, one of them being steampunk graphic novel by the name of Unrealised Sanity.



Dendora is an illustrator to the core though also has worked as an artist and a photographer, the latter she has received several (albeit very small) awards for.
She works mainly in watercolours, markers and Photshop 7. She draws much inspiration from her beloved boyfriend and co. writer and her past and love of impressionistic fine art, often using colour and environment as metaphors or allegories for deeper thoughts and relationships. Even her most basic images have something hidden within them as she has a great and consuming passion of storytelling.

Her work can be graphic in both terms of violence and sexual content at time, especially within Unrealised Sanity though it never for the sake of being rude or offending, its only where the image calls for it. At heart she's a hopeless romantic.

She prefers to work in a more realistic style as she has no love of generic, cartoon or anime work.



Dendora has created many characters over the years, though refuses to have a Fursona/persona due to a deep deep hatred of 'Mary -Sue's', though she always draws from the heart and personal experience.

Her favourite/ leading characters and creations are:

  • Blue (half demon)
  • 'Squid Sisters' (her own species of anthro squid'
  • Demicorns (an anthropomorphic mix of unicorn and demon inspired by a dream)
  • And of course the cast if Unrealised Sanity, mainly the main characters of 'Rags' and Alice.

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