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There are currently six available packs to join on The Sight RPG (TS2)[1], but their characteristics, histories, and even their social structures all vary completely. Originally, there were four wolf packs that members could join with their characters: Deor, GeRad, Frecne, and the Balkar. Later on, three new packs were added, with a fourth making a brief debut before it was disbanded: Koran, List, Sarnes, and Dreogan. Of all eight packs, only six still remain.


The Deor Pack

Member Count: 12 members

Allies: Ge-Rad, Koran
Enemies: Balkar, List
Neutral: Sarnes

Founded By: Graht & Isba
Current Leaders: Chalos Autumn & Mist

Deor was founded in late 2002 by Graht and Isba, and was one of the four packs originally apart of TS1. Overtime, the leadership and the ranks of the pack have changed and fluctuated. In total, seven characters have all laid claim to leadership of Deor at one time or another, but the original purpose of the pack has never changed. Deor was intended to unite bold and courageous wolves into a tight-knit family.

Deor has participated in many board-wide plots since their inception. They aided Koran in a battle against a human hunting party, and participated in a great winter battle against the List. Since then, Deor has remained relatively at peace under the leadership of Chalos Autumn, whose pack motto is "Loyalty, Unity, Friendship, and Trust," - and Mist, neither of whom are mates. The activity of the pack has a tendency to fluctuate wildly, but the pack itself has always maintained a steady level of members which is a contributing factor in its continued existence.

The pack itself has a "Spotlight" feature, where the Alphas nominate a member of their pack for recognition, and a "Newest Members" announcement, where any new additions to their pack are welcomed. Currently, they are accepting new members; however, any potential newcomers should be suited to the attitude of the pack, and should have earned 20 or more post-points. In order to join, Deor has an application that newcomers must fill out.


The Ge-Rad Pack

Member Count: 15 members

Allies: Deor, Koran
Enemies: Balkar, Sarnes
Neutral: List

Founded By: Volco & Essellyn
Current Leaders: Draeg & Firefly

Little is known about the first Dragga and Drappa of Ge-Rad, but although they only ruled for a short time, it can be assumed that they started the pack with the intention of building a cunning, skillful, and tactical. Like Deor, Ge-Rad was one of the original packs to belong to TS1, and it has also been under the command of several leaders. Ge-Rad is very family oriented, and along with their intelligence and expertise, this means that they are the most elite pack of hunters in Transylvania.

Ge-Rad has been the center of several very important board-wide plots. They include, among others, the "Ge-Rad Rescue," "The Human Child," and the "Ge-Rad Fire." Most recently, their leadership has been the victim of Wolfbane's bloodlust, and one of their Drappas was murdered by the wolf god. Currently, Ge-Rad is experiencing a few months of peace under the leadership of Draeg and his mate Firefly. The pack's activity is usually somewhat stable, though there are occasional periods of dormancy.

The pack forums feature a "Ge-Rad for Dummies" guide, as well as a cbox for members to chat when they're not roleplaying. The pack is generally very large in number, which makes it one of the most difficult for newcomers to be accepted in. Anyone who is interested in joining despite this should note that post-points must be at or above 20 before applying, and they should fill out the Ge-Rad Recruit application found in the main board.


The Koran Pack

Member Count: 11 members

Allies: Deor, Ge-Rad
Enemies: Balkar, List, Sarnes
Neutral: none

Founded By: Andre & Tarkah
Current Leaders: Phantom

Tarkah, originally from Ge-Rad, and Andre, a former member of Frecne, founded Koran in the southernmost valley of Transylvania. The pack was destined to be made up of brave wolves, who had a true sense of loyalty and love to one another. They grew a reputation, however, as being a bit too brash and bold, and as a result, the pack as a whole is more likely to leap into battle without looking. It was not one of the first packs, and therefore might be considered relatively new. As such, Koran has only been under the leadership of four characters.

The pack has had a tumultuous existence, from the disappearance of Andre, to its inner conflicts between its members. Early in the TS2 era, Andre returned only to perish soon after; Phantom and her mate Kadin were named Drappa and Dragga; recently, Kadin was murdered by the Balkar; and now, Phantom is preparing her pack to go to war. The pack is usually involved in any battle throughout Transylvania, and their activity is generally busy, although, like every pack, they experience moments of idleness.

Koran's forums display a particularly unique skin designed by Kadin while he was still a member, and also keep a cbox for their members to chitchat. The pack is generally very accepting of newcomers, so guests are currently welcome to apply. New characters still must have a minimum of 20 post-points, and must also fill out an application in the New Koran Joining Thread if they are looking for acceptance.


The List Pack

Member Count: 6 members

Allies: Balkar
Enemies: Koran, Deor
Neutral: Sarnes, Ge-Rad

Founded By: Leohlic & Shatocwnn
Current Leaders: Sudak & Gryffin

The List pack was founded in late 2004 by Shatocwnn and her mate, former First of the Balker, Leohlic. Since then, the pack has fallen into several single-led leaderships until finally being given to Bristol and Fiory, and then to the daughter of Shatocwnn and Leohlic: Gryffin, and her mate Sudak. As the former First of the Balkar founded List, it is appropriate that the pack has adopted several Balkar traits. They are true fighters, relying more on speed and intelligence than brute strength, and are merciless to their sworn enemies, especially Koran.

The pack has had the pleasure of holding some of the most unique plots in the game, including a Human Village, where members of the pack could make a human character and roleplay the interaction between the pack and the village. Since its great winter battle against Koran, however, List has enjoyed a period of relative peace. The pack, generally known for its lengthy posters, is somewhat less active than some of the other packs, but has recently been experiencing some inner drama that has sparked some lively writing.

The forums of list feature a beautiful collage of the pack shown running together, and when an individual wolf is clicked, his or her user-page will load. Also, the forums contain a cbox for members to converse with, and the Human Village is still listed as a sub-board. The pack, however, is so small and exclusive that newcomers are usually not accepted. If, for some reason, the pack ranks open up, new players should have at least 20 post-points before applying.


The Sarnes Pack

Member Count: 6 members

Allies: Balkar
Enemies: Ge-Rad, Koran
Neutral: Deor, List

Founded By: Serg & Eveline
Current Leaders: Shunke

Sarnes is the newest pack, and as such, has had relatively little changes in leadership. In the beginning, it was founded by the Former First of the Balkar: Serg, and his mate, Eveline. The pack itself was formed to be a home for merciless, wicked characters, but has since become a place for the misfits of Transylvania, and for the viciously insane. The pack is known for its wit and swampy terrain. Not many venture to it. As a result, only three leaders have ever claimed Sarnes.

Sarnes has been involved in a few board-wide plots, most of which were in giving aide to the Balkar. The pack, once attractive to any vicious wolf, has declined in popularity and now shares a dismal population equivalent to that of List. The activity of their current members is not completely remiss, however, and every so often a familiar beast from the swamp will make an appearance.

Like List, the Sarnes forums have a unique board for roleplaying. It is called the Abandoned Everglades, and it was once a place where anyone could come to participate in a non-essential board-wide plot with the local inhabitant of the 'Glades. The board also features an interesting category background, and has a cbox for members to chat with one another. Joining the pack used to require a recruiting expedition between newcomers and the Alphas, however, now all a guest must do is PM the current Drappa, and have 20 post-points.


The Balkar

Member Count: 9 members

Allies: List, Sarnes
Enemies: Deor, Ge-Rad, Koran
Neutral: none

Founded By: Tratto
Current Leaders: Carcharoth

The Balkar is the only pack directly taken from the novel, and as such, its founder is the original Tratto from the book. However, unlike in the story, the Balkar were not disbanded. Instead, their leadership continued until it was taken by Tamra, and since that time, it has been passed from First to First. Currently, Carcharoth is the leader of the evil, all-male pack. They no longer adhere to the teachings of Tratto; instead, these ferocious Night Hunters terrorize the inhabitants of Transylvania.

The Balkar have been involved in many board-wide plots, from the "Ge-Rad Rescue," in which Tamra stole a cub from Ge-Rad, to the recent murder of Koran's Dragga, Kadin. The pack is not known for enjoying times of relative peace, as it is generally their mission to start havoc; however, lately they have experienced some inactivity that has left the rest of Transylvania in relative peace (excluding Koran). The pack is quite exclusive, mainly due to the tradition of only accepting male wolves.

The Balkar forums feature a very dark-themed skin, and their pack motto is written on a banner for all to see. The board features a cbox for members to chat, and a hit-list made of wolves they not only hope to kill, but those they have murdered as well. In order to join, newcomers must be a young adult or older, must have 20 post-points or over, must be male, and must post an application in the Joining Thread.