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Many furry conventions moved online beginning in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Name Dates Regular
JMoF VR Lounge[1] January 10-12, 2020 Japan VRChat
A virtual alternative to visiting the annual Japan Meeting of Furries convention. Considered to be the very first virtual reality furry convention.
Keep Calm & Carry Con: Furnal Isolation (KeepCalmCon) March 20-22, 2020 Canada
An online extension for both the cancelled furry convention Furnal Equinox 2020[2] and Toronto Comicon 2020.[3]
eFaun April 11, 2020 France Discord
Held (in French) during the afternoon and evening of April 11, 2020 in place of the postponed Fauntastic 2020 convention.[4]
Babyfur Con April 25, 2020 Online Zoom
A one day online convention for babyfurs.[5]
Virtual Furry Con May 1-3, 2020 Online Discord
Virtual convention in Belgium. Events include Jackbox games, Art-Streams, streams of movies, and fursuit makers and Music Broadcasts, and various DJs.
Down Home FurCon (DHFC) May 1-3, 2020 Online Twitch
A Texas based online con.[6]
Cozy Con May 2-3, 2020 Online Telegram, Discord
A self described "spiritual successor to Tigerdile's HomeCon",[7] [8]
Furcific Northwest May 3-9, 2020 USA
Furry Weekend At-Home May 8-9, 2020 USA Livestream, Twitch
An online extension for the COVID-19 cancelled furry convention Furry Weekend Atlanta, was hosted both on its own streaming site,, with Twitch offering expanded venues.[9] It was promoted under the hashtag #FurryWeekend.[10]
Furality Online Xperience: Furality 2020 May 22-24, 2020 Online VRChat
A virtual reality convention hosted on the VRChat platform.[11] The theme was Cyberpunk. There were 2692 registered attendees. $8,646.93 was raised for charity. The first VR-only furry convention without any pre-existing connection to an in-person convention.[12]
CouchCon June 25-28, 2020 Online Discord, Twitch
An established furry/anthro online con already operating since 2019. [13]
FURSAverance 27-28 June 2020 Online
A new online convention aimed at South African furs, but open to all. The first con took place on 27th and 28th, June 2020. A live podcast called Honey Flow occurred on August 8.[14]
Virtual AnthroCon Weekend of July 4, 2020 USA Livestream, VRChat
With the cancellation of Anthrocon 2020 in Pittsburgh, the Anthrocon AV team hosted a last-minute virtual livestream via their personal streaming platform, and allowed the "Spirit of Pittsburgh" VRChat world created by Firr to become the makeshift virtual convention space.
FeralCon July 17-19, 2020 Online Hopin
NONSTOP WORLD 2 July 18-19, 2020 Online Minecraft, Discord
The second iteration of NONSTOP WORLD. VIP tickets were optionally sold for $5 USD to gain 'special world area access'. Profits were proceeded to direct COVID-19 relief, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund.[16]
Hex Furfest July 17-19, 2020 Online Twitch, Discord, VRChat
An online EDM festival. They formed a partnership with the TailBass VRChat community to allow VR users to enjoy the convention with more immersion.[17]
Brasil FurFest Night 2020 August 1, 2020 Brazil Discord, YouTube
The hotel con was postponed to July 2021 and BFF hosted on a night of activities and games on Discord plus a 9-hour livestream in YouTube. Charity campaign pledged BRL 7,300 (around USD 1,300).[18]
Camp Tiny Paws August 14-16, 2020 USA Twitch
The in-person venue was postponed to 2021, but the pre-existing convention hosted an online con.[19]
Furrydelphia Virtualcon: Stay-At-Home August 14-16, 2020[20] USA Twitch, VRChat, Discord, Telegram
An online rendition of the Philadelphia furry convention.
EuroFurence Online 21-23rd August, 2020 Germany VRChat
A VR convention and dance competition hosted by Eurofurence in VRChat.[21]
Megaplex Online August 21-23, 2020 USA Twitch, Hopin
An online alternative to the canceled Megaplex 2020: All Aboard! convention. The C.A.R.E. Foundation was the selected charity.[22]
Furry Weekend At-Home: Round 2 August 29, 2020 USA Twitch
Staff members of the pre-existing convention Furry Weekend Atlanta hosted a Twitch stream.[23].
FursonaCon 2020 August 29-30, 2020 USA NeosVR
The pre-existing convention hosted a convention as the theme "Cyberspace Online"[24]
IndyFurCon: Live! August 28-30, 2020 USA Livestream, Telegram, VRChat
IndyFurCon hosted a livestream containing panels and dances, and had a Telegram group. Guest of Honor was "Quack Quack Honk". A VRChat world was created by Firr for the occasion. [25]
Mephit Fur Meet 2020: Home Away from Home! September 4-6, 2020[26]. USA Telegram, Discord, Zoom
An online iteration of the annual convention based out of Olive Branch, Mississippi, USA.
Cozy Con September 19-20, 2020[27] Online Telegram, Discord
A bi-annual online event with panels, vendors, dances, and more! [28]
Wild North 2020 September 26-27, 2020 UK Discord, Twitch
The theme is "Virtual Tails".
Furever West September 24-26, 2020 USA Discord[29].
Wyoming, USA's first furry convention! In-person venue postponed to 2021.[30]
VR JMoF (Prologue) October 3-4, 2020[31] Japan VRChat
*A "beta test" for JMoF's VRChat worlds before the convention in January.
ConFuror October 9-11, 2020 Mexico Twitch, Picarto, Discord, VRChat
A Twitch/Youtube/picarto stream[32] and VRChat/Minecraft worlds[33] [34]
Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend October 10-11, 2020 USA Streaming, Twitch, Telegram
A local Pennsylvania con took to streaming events in response to the cancellation of their in-person event.
OwOmaCon October 24-25, 2020 Online Telegram, Discord, VRChat
An online convention based in Omaha, Nebraska.
RAMCon October 23-24, 2020 Online Discord, Twitch
Second iteration.
Virtual Furpocalypse October 30 - November 1, 2020[35]. USA Streaming, VRChat?[36]
An online version of Furpocalypse.
Infurnity Online October 31, 2020 Taiwan Streaming, VRChat
Known locally as "獸無限Online"; the online iteration of Infurnity.
The Energetic Convention (T.E.C.) October 25-31, 2020 Online Discord, VRChat
The first convention based out of Fort St. John, B.C., Canada. The Energetic Convention's events will be hosted online until the organizers can afford to host the venue in person, and lasts one week long, compared to one weekend like most events.
Fur-B-Que November 7, 2020 USA Discord
An online version of the annual fall cookout for Furthemore[37]
Furcation November 7-8, 2020[38] UK
Twitch, Discord, VRChat
Furality Online Xperience: Furality 2000 November 6-8, 2020 Online VRChat
The second iteration of the VRChat-based convention. 3.1k attendees; $5,846 in donations.[39] First furry convention to Event Partner with VRChat.
Virtual Howloween November 13-14, 2020 Canada Discord
A virtual rendition of the 'mini-convention' from Vancouver, Canada.
Hex Furryfest December 11-13, 2020[40] Online VRChat
The second total iteration of the Hex Furryfest convention, and the first iteration of the winter seasonal furry EDM festival held in VRChat.
Midwest FurFest December 18-20, 2020[41] USA Livestream, website
A dealers' room, dance competition, and DJs are planned. Appearances from Guests of Honor and other events are possible as well.[42] Attendees gathered in numerous instances of the Regency VR Chat world[43] on the original dates of MFF, December 3-7, 2021.
Anthro Northwest December 26, 2020[44] USA VRChat
Panels, a Pacific Northwest themed VR world, chat, charity auction and more.[45]
New Year's Furry Ball December 31, 2020[46] USA Twitch, Discord
A virtual version of the Delaware event, hosted by The Furst State. Panels, performances by Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote, Jackbox, and a balldrop ceremony are planned.[47]
Online Furry Migration December 31, 2020 - January 1, 2021[48] USA Discord, VRChat

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