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As each island simulation in Fur Valleys is owned by different individuals (with a few individuals owning more than one), the theme and purpose of each region differs greatly. Despite this, the Valleys do form a strong community.

Open lines of communication exists between the owners of each sim, both as a safeguard against griefers, as well as determining where and when new sims may be added to the region. In general, the owners whose regions neighbor vacant spaces have the final say regarding new regions in these spaces.

Originally, a rule was implemented regarding naming, such that each region required the last name of "Valley." This rule has since been dropped, being maintained only by older regions, as well as new islands (but not voids) of the Dragon Valley Estate.

The following is a listing of all regions within the Valley chain, organized in the approximate order each joined this island conglomerate.

Fox Valley[edit]

Fox Valley is a mostly residential island sim. Owned by Redfox Costello, it was the first of a series of regions which eventually became Fur Valley.

Wolf Valley[edit]

Wolf Valley was originally owned by Kithylin Perth and sold to Mako Minogue in June of 2006. After Fox Valley was created as the first Valley sim by Redfox Costello, "Kithy" ordered a block of 4 sims: Wolf Valley, Tiger Valley, Dragon Valley and (???). These 5 sims formed the nucleus of the entire Fur Valley continent.

Wolf Valley is primarily a residential region featuring a clothing optional beach and the art galleries of Ans Zhou [1] and SwiftFur Beaumont [2].

Kitsune Valley[edit]

Kitsune Valley, originally owned by Alynna Vixen, moved out from the Valleys in May 2006 to join Furnation Worlds, becoming Furnation Kitsune. It later left Furnation, becoming a separate island known simply as Kitsune. In August 2007, Kitsune Valley returned to the Valleys, and was sold to Snowmeow Soothsayer. Alynna retains control over one quarter of the region.

Dragon Valley (Estate)[edit]

Main article: Dragon Valley Estate

The Dragon Valley Estate is a series of islands all owned by Foxkin Impfondo, so named because of Dragon Valley, the original region of this estate.

The number of regions in this estate currently number thirty, fourteen islands and sixteen voids, most of which are available for rent.

The islands which make up this estate are described in further detail in a separate section, although the void regions are described in their own section.

Istaria Prime[edit]

Istaria Prime was once part of the Furnation Worlds conglomerate located to the north of Alpha. It was added or moved to FurNation Worlds in late February of 2006. Half of it is zoned for rental, following the template of other sandbox areas. Istaria moved to the Fur Valleys island group on April 5, 2006, when FurNation Worlds went offline for 72 hours due to a billing error on the part of Linden Labs.. For a time, due to the departure of Masquerade Valley, Istaria was not connected to the rest of main portion of the Valley island chain. This has since changed with the addition of Yin Valley. Istaria Prime is owned by Crawler Woyseck.

Serenity Woods[edit]

Serenity Woods moved into Fur Valley in early June 2006. It features a very large store, as well as residential areas.

Serenity Woods was formally transfered to by Ron Overdrive, a former Forest Guide, by it's original owner, Foxkin Impfondo. It was sold on 25 June 2007 to Mako Minogue as the manager and financed by Kerwin Newall.

Once the sim's finances were stabilized and certain organizational changes were made, the sim was then offered to the current Guides (Sim Admin) staff for purchase at $0 profit. The Guides led by Curt Pascal held a number of fund raisers and were successfully able to purchase the sim in November 2007.

Curt Pascal is now the official Owner of the sim as of this writing.

Critter Valley[edit]

Critter Valley is a region originally owned by Kodi Sachs and moved to the Fur Valley region at the end of June 2006. It was subsequently sold to Snowmeow Soothsayer in the spring of 2007.

Zeta Valley[edit]

Zeta Valley provides a friendly area to zoophiles.

Zeta was once connected to the rest of the Valleys via Dragons Void, but due to disagreements between the Zeta Valley residents and the Dragons Void admins, it was separated for almost two years until the arrival of the Equus Beach sim re-connected it in May of 2008.

About half of the island is leased out to groups and people, although there has been little change in the properties since the sim was created.

While the region is zoophilia friendly, any objectionable content is kept in group-only areas with warning signs posted on the ways into the areas. Most ground-level areas are open to the public, although there are many rental areas for people that are differently themed to members, including Stable Stalls.

Zeta Valley includes a club friendly to Daryth Kennedy's dragon avatars (Isle of Wyrms) and a mall.

The casino was closed due to changes in the AUP of SecondLife.

Zeta Valley is owned by Wolphin Fluffball. It surfaced 29 July 2006.

  • Note: The Zeta Valley described herein is not to be confused with the original ZetaValley, created in 1991, and formally established (and named) in 1992 as an AOL web page. It was then transferred in 1993 to, where it resided until mid '96. The site was taken down during a brief hiatus on the part of the owner, and was made available again in early '97. It served as a world-famous link gateway, in its glory serving over 3 million unique visitors a month. The site was, and still remains completely free, not even using ads to support the cost. Several of the "zeta" logos now commonly floating around the internet were originally created on behalf of ZetaValley, either by the owner or as gifts or commissions for the site. Tho it contained no actual content of its own, as by specific design, the owner and sole maintainer made a point to keep track of the hundreds of other sites who, at the time, were changing rapidy; coming and going in days, weeks or months. ZV's rating and usage history kept neck and neck with another famous site of the time, Stasya's. Amazingly enough, both owners share the same first name, tho there has never been a connection between them. The home of the first anthro Rottweiler on the net, Kumba, ZV became known for its frequent updates, providing a much more accurate list of links than any other site thru all those changes. For a short time, ZV did actually host some of those sites itself thru limited hosting contracts with the individual authors. The original web site has long since been archived in the owner's personal files, and is not available online anymore, however the original owner still maintains the domain and rights to the name. He intends to keep the .com TLD to prevent the name from ever being defaced by low-quality porn sites, or domain resellers. He has contemplated renting space under the name on ocassion, however, no formal offer of hosting space has ever been produced.

Cub Conclave[edit]

Cub Conclave's flags fly proud

Cub Conclave provides a safe area for the babyfur community. The region features a castle, a mini mall, a marina, a bathhouse, a spaceship and Club Softpaws among other things. The region was founded and is owned by Raven Welesa.

Cub Conclave (and the associated Kit Estates) was not connected to the main potion of the Fur Valleys for a time, due to the move of Masquerade Valley. This has since changed with the appearance of Yin Sea.

Kit Estates[edit]

Kit Estates, like Cub Conclave, caters to the babyfur community, but is focused more on residential areas. It is owned by Raven Walesa.

Jaguar Valley[edit]

A residential region created on 20 January 2007, located north of Serenity Woods. Owned by Mako Minogue, Jaguar Valley is a rural-themed residential sim. It's most notable resident is Allen Harrington who builds highly detailed Asian and Ranchero themed homes as well as visually rich nature themed skyboxes.

Pony Island[edit]

Pony Island moved into the Valley chain in early 2007. It was owned by Crissa Javelin and was mainly used as a sandbox sim for people to build new things on. The island is no longer there.

Lovecraft Forest[edit]

Lovecraft Forest

This region dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft's works was owned by Kerwin Newall and MathueTaxion Theeuwes. Located north of Jaguar Valley, it also connected Pony Island sim to the rest of the Valleys for the first time when it came online in February of 2007.

Lovecraft Forest was sold to new non-furry owners in April 2008 , renamed and moved to a new grid location far from the Valley Estates continent.

Pony Bay[edit]

The departure of Lovecraft Forest left Pony Island disconnected from the rest of the Valleys. Crissa Javelin and Mako Minogue partnered together to purchase a new OpenSpace (void) sim. They split the sim 50/50 and have rented out each half to other furs.

Furry Park[edit]

Furry Park is owned by Effsey Nelson, as a residential complement to FlyinTails Airfield (now known as Falcon Valley). This region, along with it's former complement, disconnected from the Valleys, in an attempt to cut down on local lag in the middle of 2007. It currently lies just north of the Valleys.

In September 2007, Furry Park was sold to Equino Faulkland and moved to the Ryder Estates, its currently located off the east edge of Ryder Lake.

Horse Valley[edit]

Horse Pony, who rents a large parcel in Zeta Valley, and Phillip Vought partnered together to purchase Horse Valley sim in April of 2008.

Equus Beach[edit]

This void (aka water or OpenSpace) sim was purchased by Horse Pony and Phillip Vought and placed due west of Zeta Valley on 15 May 2008. It reconnected Zeta Valley to the main continent. Zeta had been an island for almost two years up to this point.

Werewolf Sea[edit]

Snowmeow Soothsayer added this void sim to the Valleys in July of 2008. It is a residential sim rented out in its entirety to one person.


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