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The following is a list of animations in the There she is!! animation short series.

There she is!![edit]

The first animation in the series was released on the website on April 20, 2003. Its soundtrack is the Korean pop song "There she is" (떳다! 그녀!!) by Witches (위치스).

The plot revolves around a female rabbit, Doki (도키, cf. Korean word tokki 토끼 "rabbit") chasing a male cat, Nabi (나비, cf. Korean word goyang'i 고양이, "kitty") in a world where love between the two species is socially unacceptable. The theme of the animation is that all love can be accepted and has a chance.

The two meet in front of side-by-side vending machines. Doki drops her carrot juice while spotting Nabi going for a cup of fish tea. Pink hearts appear above her head, and Nabi is horrified. He looks to the cats and the rabbits for help, and both groups look awkward and disapproving. When Doki makes it obvious she's attracted to Nabi, he runs away. Nabi is totally against any thought of being together with her. Nevertheless, Doki starts stalking him everywhere. They go through several interesting situations where Doki tries to win Nabi's heart. Usually, as part of this, she stuffs carrots in his mouth.

In the middle, Nabi sits Doki down and tries to explain (via a slide show presentation) that they are not meant to be together. Nabi tries to make her realize that there can't be anything between them -- that romance between a cat and a rabbit can only lead to heartbreak -- but Doki does not understand why and does not care why. Nabi even presents her with three more "suitable" rabbit suitors. Angry (with stars in her eyes) she walks towards them, afraid of her appearance the three try to get away, but too late, she knocks them aside as she goes and follows Nabi who is running from her again.

In the end, Nabi finally surrenders and accepts Doki as his girlfriend, after she cuts down a tree he is hiding in. When Nabi gets to know her better, he realizes that there is not so much of a difference between them. In the coda, as Nabi watches a male rabbit (referred to only as "Grey Rabbit") pursuing a female cat (Hana) with flowers, he accepts a cup of carrot juice from Doki. As he drinks it, surprised to find he likes the flavor, he sees Doki drinking a cup of fish tea -- with a clothespin on her nose. He and the viewer realize that Doki must hate fish tea, but she drinks it to please Nabi; he quickly tries to conceal the evidence of his sudden affection for her.

There she is!! Step 2 -- Cake Dance[edit]

There-she-is 3.jpg

The second animation in the series is called There she is!! Step 2 - Cake Dance (떳다 그녀!! step 2. - 케잌 댄스) and was released on the SamBakZa website on February 25, 2005. Its soundtrack is the Korean pop song "Happy Birthday to Me" by Bulldog Mansion.

Like its predecessor, it is carried by classic manhwa style elements, but also includes considerable amounts of full-animation action. That, along with the success of the original, allowed Step 2 to become popular very rapidly.

The cartoon continues the story of Nabi and Doki, but now the two are happily going steady. As before, names are not disclosed in the toon and there is no dialogue (however, character names are now available on the casting page in Amalloc's section of the SamBakZa site). It is Doki's birthday, and her family and friends are gathering for her party. Nabi is lagging behind; he is supposed to be bringing the birthday carrot cake.

The story revolves around Nabi's efforts to bring the cake to the party. It isn't easy. He has to navigate urban crowds[1], evade randomly stampeding animals[2] and various other hazards, all while struggling to keep the cake intact. Meanwhile the two families arrive at the restaurant, but Doki does not want to start the party without her boyfriend. During this point in time Grey Rabbit does arrive with a cake, however it was either intended for one of Nabi's feline friends, or intended to get said friend's attention to how nice he is (much to her friend's dismay). Doki, either oblivious to this fact that the cake hadn't actually been intended for her, or seeing the real reason the Grey Rabbit brought it, eats it all on the spot to conceal the evidence from Nabi; or because she thinks anything but Nabi's cake is just another present, and not an actual birthday cake.

With the restaurant in sight, Nabi runs straight into Sam-ho of the Jjintta set (gang), knocking them both down. Yi-ho (the one with the eyepatch) tells Il-ho (the gang leader) that Nabi has been bullying Doki, effectively forcing her to be with him. Then the gang tries to rough him up. Although Nabi does his best to keep the cake safe, he is pushed through the door of the restaurant, where the cake is ruined before his girlfriend's eyes.

Looking up from the ruined cake Doki has angry stars in her eyes and stares, along with the other guests, at the gang. But then Doki tries and loves the shattered cake and shows her affection for Nabi in her usual over-the-top way. The Jjintta are forced to stay, Il-ho seeming particularly irritable with Yi-ho because he's is flirting with a female cat. Il-ho throws a sideways punch to Yi-ho's head, and Doki, in the background, affectionately pounces on Nabi, and proceeds to make a scene that bans the party (and inter-special relationships whatsoever) from the restaurant. In the end, Nabi runs into a younger rabbit in the same predicament as he was in, and he offers to help her safely negotiate the streets with her cake.

There she is!! Step 3 -- Doki and Nabi[edit]

Cat bunny.png

The third animation in the series is called There she is!! Step 3 - Doki and Nabi and was released May 30, 2008. Its soundtrack is the Korean pop song "Sam-cha Seong-jing" by T.A.COPY. Like the last two, there is no dialogue between the characters, but as usual they communicate without words.

The story revolves around Doki and Nabi's first real date. The video starts off with Nabi waking up from slumber. After doing what seems to be a typical morning routine like brushing his teeth clean and sharpening his claws as he watches T.V., somebody knocks the door. He goes up to answer and he is knocked down by a giant gift box with a tag marked "From: Doki" After getting dressed, he opens the box, were Doki jumps out of the box, pom-poms in hand.[3] She fires multiple hearts at Nabi, who easily dodges them unlike in the first instalment. Doki waves a giant flag saying "I love Nabi" on it while Nabi himself tosses the hearts back into the gift box. Doki dances around Nabi, throwing confetti around as he sweeps it up and both (comically) sit in front of cameras with a banner saying "Our First Date" in the background. In all these scenes, Doki is overjoyed while Nabi seems completly unfazed.[4]

Their date starts and both Doki and Nabi seem to enjoy themselves. However, they soon pass by a "No Cats and Rabbits love" sign and Nabi suddenly becomes self-conscious about his actions towards Doki, again giving in to prejudice the townsfolk have concerning Rabbit/Cat love back from the previous steps. Doki notices a cat couple pass by, who shows obvious affection publicly. She tries this with Nabi, only to have him pull away as a nosy crowd surrounds them. As he tries to explain why he pulled back, she pulls out multiple objects in order to catch him. He quickly sprints away, narrowly dodgling all the objects she attempts to use, only to be stopped by a pokeball. As he stumbles, Doki passes a truck full of carrots and buys a big bag. This soon attracts the same stampede from the previous step. Doki hands the bag to Nabi, who is also swarmed by the green-scarfed animals who quickly gobble the carrots up. This explains why the stampede followed Nabi in the previous step, as the cake Nabi bought for Doki's birthday was entirely made out of carrots.

Nabi notices Doki pick up a small hedgehog and ties a green ribbon around its neck. Nabi gazes at her until he notices the animals staring at him with mocking looks. He quickly notes that he has unintentionally created a gigantic heart larger than any of Doki's. Afterwards, they go at the cinema to watch a movie. Interestingly enough, rather than Doki herself, Nabi tries to get close to his girlfriend. He tries to reach out for Doki's hand, but as he does this, she pulls away as the movie ended. As Doki and Nabi walk down the road again, they encounter Jjintta set. Doki steps forward and pulls Il-ho into a strange submission pose and somehow injures him. Doki and Nabi resume their date as Sam-ho laughs at Il-ho's embarrassment. Il-ho recovers and proceeds to repeatedly pummell Sam-ho in anger.

As the couple continue to walk along, it is obvious the date has not gone as well as initially planned. They seem to be straying apart as they pass by an older rabbit holding yet another "No Rabbit and Cat love" sign and walk through a piazza full of couples. By sunset, Nabi escorts Doki home before returning to his own home. As he walks to the front door, he notices the box Doki had used earlier as well as all the props. He ponders about the effort Doki made for their date to succeed and runs back to her house. Doki, who is on a balcony, stares out at the sunset with an unusual frown. She notices Nabi walking down the street. He seems hesitant at first, but he pulls out a small banner that asks for a second date. Doki, obviously overjoyed by this, happily accepts the offer.

The scene once again fades to Nabi who shows the viewer that he is self-sufficient by stacking papers in nocturnal hours. As he finishes, he meets Doki waiting for him in an alleyway whilst playing with little animals. Nabi crouches next to her, getting really close in the process. Here, Doki and Nabi are shown as silhouettes from afar as they share their first kiss in the series. Although not directly stated, it's possible that the pair may have started to meet secretly away from the narrow minded public eye, as here they met at night and have become close enough to kiss without hesitation. It seems that their relationship is finally coming together, however, as the music begins to end, a rock flies abruptly through Nabi's window. The rock was presumably thrown because of the legal prejudice that a cat and rabbit should not be together in any way. This would be continued in Step 4: Paradise.

There she is!! Step 4 -- Paradise[edit]

The fourth animation in the series is called There she is!! Step 4 - Paradise and was released August 20, 2008. Its soundtrack is the Korean pop song "wolsik" by Tabu. Like the previous videos, there is no dialogue between the characters, the story being told by images.

Step 4 is much darker in contrast to its predecessors, dealing with the social controversy around cat-rabbit relationships.

The video begins with showing the first rock thrown through Nabi's window at the very end of Step 3. The scene then pans out, revealing multiple rocks littering the floor, the window shattered and the blinds ruined. The outside of his house is covered in graffiti made by those who are prejudice against Doki and Nabi's realationship. The scene then moves to a lot of shops and a cafe. The door to the cafe suddenly flies open and Nabi is roughly shoved outside. Doki crouches down beside him to see if he's alright.

He glares at the rabbit owner, and when the rabbit closes the door on him and Doki, a "No Rabbit and Cat Love" sign bounces against the door. Nabi loses his temper and begins to yell from outside while Doki holds him back in concern. In the end he futiley kicks the door in retaliation. The scene moves to a crowd of cats and rabbits, most specifically an elderly cat who is lecturing Nabi who is sitting next to Doki on a bench, wagging his cane at him. When Nabi appears to not be listening, the elderly cat jabs him in the chin with his cane. To everyone's surprise, Nabi lashes out and grabs the cane in anger. He lets go seconds later then gets up to walk away. The next scene shows him and Nabi as silhouettes walking down the road, Doki holding Nabi's arm while people stare at them.

Another scene shows that the older rabbit from Step 3 who had the "No Rabbit and Cat Love" sign is now a supporter of Cat and Rabbit love. He, along with multiple others are shown attempting to convince others that the love should be encouraged, not discouraged. The scene pans over Grey Rabbit and then to the Jjintta set who are watching a growing crowd of cats and rabbits carrying a huge "No Rabbit and Cat Love" banner from a balcony.

Eventually one of the non-supporters find Doki alone with the small animals from Step 3. She attempts to scare him off by giving him her evil glare, but he signals more to her pressence. She scoops up the animals and flees while protesters give chase. One of the animals, the porcupine from Step 3, jumps out of her arms in anger and spreads his quills in defense against the pursuers. Doki stops and jumps back to grab the animal as the crowd quickly approaching.

The scene switches to Nabi running down a hallway. He eventually reaches a hospital room where Doki and Hana (a good friend of both Doki and Nabi's) are waiting. Doki is happy to see Nabi has come to visit and waves to him, the only apparent injury from her attack is a hurt ear and Nabi is relieved. The room around Nabi is shown, revealing it is a rabbit wing of the hospital. The rabbits are giving him disappointed, surprised and concerned looks and Nabi begins to feel the serious strain on his and Doki's relationship, pictures of his and Doki's good times flash as well as Doki starting off well, then rapidly being injured as he screams in anger and frustration.

The next scene shows Nabi inside of his house, him being seen through one of his windows. In the scene, Nabi has brought his knees to his chest and his covering his head with his arms, his scarf lying beside him on the floor. His scarf fades from green to black. Another scene switch shows Nabi painting grey over all of the graffiti on his house, now wearing the black scarf. Doki is shown at the front door while Nabi finishes painting. He looks at her and no words are exchanged. He simply goes inside and closes the door behind him. There is now a "No Cat and Rabbit Love" sign on his door. He has put up the front of being against the very love he feels for Doki to protect her, not understanding he is only hurting her more.

The scene switches to Doki's house. She is crouched down over a box taking care of the injured hedgehog, a shadowed figure in her window. She pulls out two airplane tickets, both saying "To: Paradise" on them. As she stares at them, she imagines walking home from the grocery store with Nabi, seeing another Cat and Rabbit couple (this time a male rabbit and a female cat) and happily waving at them (this image is of Paradise, where their love is accepted and embraced). The figure then dashes off.

The figure is revealed to be Il-ho of the Jinta set. Il-ho runs down the street and soon finds Nabi. When he reaches him he screams and rants at him about Doki, before he punches him in the face and knocks him to the ground. He pulls Nabi up to him and begins to yell at him about Doki. When Nabi simply stares at the ground, ignoring his words, Il-ho draws his hand back to punch Nabi again, but as he does, he spotted by a large group of Rabbit and Cat Love supporters and they run toward them. Il-ho attempts to pull Nabi back to Doki's house, only to find his path cut off by Rabbit and Cat Love protesters. Trapped between the two, he drops Nabi as the supporters close in and lashes out at the nearest one. To his surprise, he finds he has struck Yi-ho. The crowd then rushes in and Il-ho attempts to fight them all, only to be knocked down by another rabbit soon after he's attacked. The two groups close in on each other.

The video then shows Doki staring at the hedgehog which has died. Her eyes fill up with tears, she's greatly mourning the loss of her small friend. She cries out as the tears flow down her cheeks and the scene jumps to Nabi's cell phone ringing, the screen saying Doki is calling. The scene pans out to reveal Nabi's belongings in a basket. It also shows that he and Il-ho are in a jail cell, both with injuries. Nabi is unable to answer Doki's desperate call of need.

The scene switches back to Doki and shows her silhouette falling as the words "No Answer" race past her, getting smaller and smaller as they pass. A phone is seen shattering on the ground, dropped by Doki as she steps off the ledge of her apartment building. Doki's usually pink collar is now black, while her blush is now grey. She then walks off of the roof (back into the building).

The scene then shows the two plane tickets on a table, along with a passport. Soon, Doki's hand grabs the passport one of the tickets. She is off to Paradise (possibly a place where Rabbit and Cat love is accepted) by herself. The scenes fades out, showing only the one place ticket to Paradise. The caption, "To be concluded" then appears as the video ends.

There she is!! Final Step -- Imagine[edit]

The final step of There she is!! first debuted on 9 December 2008 with the the rest of the series at Joongang Cinema along with other various short flash animations. Its soundtrack is the song "Imagine" by Brunch. It was added to the website on 13 December, which promptly caused the site to collapse under the unexpected level of demand[5], and appeared on Newgrounds the 18 of December. The URL of the preview page was sent to donators on 10 December.[6] SamBakZa have moved to the Production Support Center located in Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si. [7] SamBakZa have also stated they may be setting up a registration system in the future on their main page, and will send emails to members when new episodes are released to public.

Doki leaves for "Paradise" just as Nabi exits the police station. She pauses at a tree and ties a green ribbon around one of its branches. This was the ribbon of the stray hedgehog she adopted in Step 3, who died in Step 4. In a depression, Nabi settles down on a bench next to the (now vandalized) vending machines where he first met Doki. There, he finds a small yellow bird that was abandoned by its owner. It begins to wander off; Nabi follows it and barely saves it from a passing car by scooping it up. He sets the bird down in front of the very tree that Doki had visited earlier. As he gathers his surroundings, he notices with surprise the ribbon Doki tied to one of its branches. His thoughts appear onscreen as two captions, one after the other:

"I thought that, if the world won't change, we would never reach happiness."

The thought fades. The wind begins to blow, revealing that there is more than one ribbon tied to the tree.

"But she..."

The second caption disappears and the view pans out to reveal numerous green ribbons tied to the tree, showing that Doki tried her hardest for the animals she adopted even if she couldn't save them all. Realizing that he loves her, Nabi starts running to Doki's apartment. He gets trapped in a crowd of demonstrators, but the lizard from previous steps climbs onto his head and calls other animals, which charge through the protesters and create a path for Nabi. Finding Doki's apartment empty, he starts for the airport to keep her from leaving. He has to walk past the Jjintta set on the sidewalk. Though still angry at one another, Il-ho gives Nabi the other ticket to Paradise. Nabi tears it up; he's decided not to run away from his problems anymore. Impressed by his change of heart, Il-ho and the rest of the set start for the airport on motorcycles, with Nabi on Il-ho's motorcycle. Yi-ho performs a dangerous stunt so the others can get through a red light. When a police officer begins to pursue Il-Ho's bike, Hana and Grey Rabbit appear in a Corvette by Il-Ho's bike. Grey Rabbit lifts Nabi off the motorcycle and into Hana's corvette.

Hana calls Pizza, who is already at the airport, to alert him of their arrival and to protect Doki from anti-intermarriage protesters at the airport. Inside, Pizza stops an egg thrown at Doki, then alerts her to someone behind her. She turns around to see Nabi, who had just arrived. The demonstrators once again shout: some shout their disapproval of relationship betwean Nadi and Doki, some shout their approval. This is symbolized by enormous, holographic anti-intermarriage and for-intermarriage signs; an emboldened Nabi ignores them and runs to embrace Doki, "destroying" the signs. For-intermarriage sign is also "destroyed", because that symbolizes, that he (Nabi) isn't a mere for-intermarriage demonstrator. In fact he isn't demonstraitor at all. His feelings are pure and honest. He just loves Doki and doesn't care what will any of these demostraitors say. When the protesters start throwing things, Doki and Nabi dodge the debris with dance-like motions reminiscent of Doki's First Step daydreams. They then ride Doki's rolling luggage out of the airport.

A small montage runs as Doki and Nabi run away together; Hana finally accepts the flowers from the Grey Rabbit, Pizza the bodyguard is left to deal with the protesters and Yi-Ho's wounds are attended to by the female lip cat from step two. As the song draws to a close, we see Nabi cleaning the vending machines that had been vandalized earlier. The camera zooms out to reveal Doki is there with him; the song's final note ends with a toast between them.

The introduction sequence features the music of the traditional English song Greensleeves due to its reference to the colour green and the relevance of the lyrics. The end credits feature a different arrangement of the original music of "There she is!!".


  1. The pictures on the wall of the subway station lead to (now defunct) if clicked.
  2. During this scene, a fish goes across the moon. If clicked on, it will show a cartoon, translated from Korean to English, with Nabi and Doki, and a special thanks screen.
  3. There is a hidden alternate intro to the video, which can be found on the upper right hand cloud. This shows Doki carrying a large box and a rolled up flag up a great hill. She rests a little, makes sure her pompoms are perfectly fluffed and signs the card "From Doki". She frowns a little at the slight scratch at the end of her name but shrugs and leaves the card as it is. She rings the doorbell and the scene shifts back to Nabi. Oddly, rather than see the whole Step from Doki's point of view, the rest of the video proceeds as before.
  4. On their way out there is a clickable "T.A. COPY" sign that leads to their site, much like in Step 2 in the subway station.
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