List of characters in the Sly Cooper franchise

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The following is a list of characters in the Sly Cooper video game franchise and universe.


Cooper Gang

Cooper Gang
  • Bentley- A turtle who Sly met at the orphanage, Bentley is the brains of Sly's gang. Originally a timid computer expert, Bentley evolved into a confident demolitions expert. During the final battle with Clock-La, Bentley received an injury that left him confined to a wheelchair. Undaunted, he tricked out the wheelchair with bombs and heavy-duty sleep darts.
  • Murray- A hippo who Sly met at the orphanage, Murray is the team's muscle. Like Bentley, Murray was rather nervous about field work, but worked as the gang's getaway driver. Two years after the Fiendish Five, Murray had transformed into a mighty wrestler known as "the Murray". Because he blamed himself for Bentley's injury, Murray attempted to find solace. However, he quickly returned to help out his buddies.
  • The Guru- An Australian Koala Aborigine and master of the mystic "Dream Time", the Guru served as Murray's teacher. He later joined the gang, serving as mystic expert. The Guru's gear consists of a walking stick and Moon Stone, and he speaks in an odd language that only other characters can understand.
  • Penelope- A skilled pilot and tech expert, Penelope is a female version of Bentley except for the fact that she is a mouse. Under the alias of the "Black Baron", Penelope was a top pilot in Holland whom the gang recruited for battling Dr. M. She and Bentley later fall in love like Sly and Carmelita.
  • Panda King- A former member of the Fiendish Five, Panda King now joins the Cooper Gang as their demolitions expert on the condition that they help him save his daughter, Jing King, from the evil General Tsao.
  • Dimitri (Marine Iguana)- A former KLAWW gang member, Dimitri now joins the gang as their frogman on the count that they help him find his grandfather's diving gear and stolen treasure from pirates.


  • Inspector Carmelita Fox- An Interpol inspector, Carmelita has devoted years of her life to pursuing Sly Cooper and his cohorts. Equipped with an electrical pistol, Carmelita is obsessive in her hunting of Sly. The two hold romantic feelings for each other.


Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus[edit]

Thievius Racoonus.png

The Fiendish Five

  • Clockwerk - An owl who some time in the distant past developed a hatred for the Cooper clan. Clockwerk founded the Fiendish Five, and personally wiped out Sly's parents. The giant bird has replaced his body with robotic parts to supplement his hatred of the Cooper clan, which kept him alive. Clockwerk then confronted Sly in battle, and Sly beat him by destroying his head. However, Clockwerk's spectre would return to haunt Sly in the form of his components, which were stolen by the Klaww Gang.
  • Muggshot the Bulldog - Born the runt of the litter, Muggshot was mocked and teased by everyone in the neighborhood. The only friends he could find were on the big screen, where he saw his first gangster. Inspired, Muggshot worked out for the rest of his childhood, turning into a gigantic mass of muscle. Following his theft of Tennessee Kid Cooper's section of the Thievius Raccoonus, he took off for Mesa City to establish himself as a gambling kingpin. However, Sly and the gang were able to defeat him, and he was dragged off to jail. He later reappears in Holland at the ACES competition, fails in his attempt to destroy the Cooper Gang's plane and hangar, and is then busted by Inspector Carmelita.
  • Mz. Ruby (Alligator) - As the descendant of a family of voodoo mystics, Mz. Ruby was feared as a child. Learning to summon the undead, Mz. Ruby turned to crime. After she stole Slytankhamen's section of the Thievius Raccoonus, she headed into the Haitian jungle. She established a massive voodoo facility, creating an army of voodoo zombies. However, Sly was able to penetrate her Skull Temple, and beat her in a voodoo face off. Mz. Ruby's zombie production (illegal worldwide) earned her a life sentence in jail.
  • Panda King - A poor child growing up on the streets of China, the Panda King was fascinated with fireworks. He spent 10 years learning the art, then attempted to present his works to the noblemen of China, which did not go well. He was chased away, and took revenge by turning into a demolitions master. However, he would later end up joining forces with Sly to reclaim his daughter from General Tsao, and officially joined the Cooper Gang once that was accomplished.
  • Sir Raleigh (Frog) - Wealthy, privileged, and living in luxury, Sir Raleigh nevertheless grew bored with his life. He tried piracy at one point, and found it to his liking. Becoming addicted to crime, Raleigh joined the Fiendish Five, establishing himself as Chief Machinist.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves[edit]

Band of Thieves.png

The Klaww Gang

  • Arpeggio (Parrot) - Though he was a brilliant being, Arpeggio was dissatisfied. While attending a prestigious boarding school, he found himself to be physically infuriating: his tiny wings would not allow him to fly. Arpeggio turned to the works of the Italian masters of the Renaissance period, looking at their designs of flying machines in search of a way to make himself fly. He came into the Klaww Gang as mechanical expert, and serviced all the Clockwerk parts for use in the Klaww Gang's schemes. However, Arpeggio secretly planned to reassemble Clockwerk and merge with him, giving him not only the ability to fly, but making him immortal. He hired a young protégé, but she also had dreams of grandeur and betrayed him.
  • The Contessa (Black Widow Spider) - A prominent hypnotist and prison warden working for Interpol, the Contessa first appeared at Rajan's ball in India. She then captured Sly, Murray, and Carmelita at Rajan's temple, following Neyla's betrayal. Bentley pursues them to the Contessa's clinic in Prague, where he learns of her secret membership in the Klaww Gang. The Contessa was married to a wealthy aristocrat but he died soon afterwards, very likely poisoned by his wife. She opened part of her newly acquired estate as her clinic. The Contessa's plot: using hypnotism to cure criminals of their unlawful conditions, while in reality forcing them to reveal the locations of their loot and clearing the field of competition. To this end, she uses Clockwerk's eyes to mesmerize her enemies.
  • Constable Neyla (A purple version of the white tiger) - When Sly comes to steal the Clockwerk parts, he runs into Carmelita and her new partner, Constable Neyla. Neyla intentionally mentions the Klaww Gang in Sly's hearing range, to set him loose upon the criminals. She appears to be another love interest for Sly, until she betrays him to the Contessa at Rajan's spice temple. From that point, it seems that Neyla has her own agenda to fulfill, and is in truth a protégé of Arpeggio, only to turn on him as well, and merges with the Clockwerk parts to become Clock-la. In the end, Sly, Murray, Bentley and Carmelita work together to put an end to Neyla's evil schemes once and for all. It is said by many of her fans that she had her reasons, that she wasn't evil, but broken inside. However how it leads to the Clockwerk has no clues whatsoever.
  • Dimitri (Marine Iguana) - Once a passionate artist, Dimitri's unique "kinetic aesthetic" didn't sit well with the art community. In rage, Dimitri took to forging old masterpieces, punishing the world for his dismissal. Dimitri set up a sleazy nightclub in Paris, where he funneled Rajan's illegal spice through the city in preparation for Arpeggio's master plan. He also had set up a counterfeit money printing press beneath the club, using the Clockwerk Tail Feathers as plates. After his defeat, he is senates to jail, before Sly busts him out there for, returning to crime as a member of Sly's team.
  • Jean Bison (Bison) - A prospector from the 1850's, Jean Bison was frozen alive in an avalanche he set off by accident. After 120 years in the cooler, global warming thawed him out. Jean Bison remained true to his time, seeking to tame the wild by damming every river and chopping down every tree. He joined the Klaww Gang to bankroll his war on nature, and attached the Clockwerk Lungs and Stomach to his three best trains: the Iron Horses. He also holds the talons that he keeps on his walking cane as a showpiece.
  • Rajan (tiger) - Growing up poor on the streets of Calcutta, Rajan started his life of crime early, selling black market spices (technically drugs, though not said) that cause the consumers to become uncontrollably enraged, as well as making them hypnosis-susceptible. Rajan holds Clockwerk's wings as a decorative piece in his temple, and the heart as a water pump in his spice growing operation.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[edit]

Honor Among Thieves.jpg
  • Dr. M (Mandrill) - Dr. M has been trying to get into the Cooper Vault for years without success. His increased frustration has led to his building an impregnable fortress around the Vault. This fortress leads Sly to recruit an army of world class thieves.
  • Octavio (Lion) - Octavio was one of the greatest opera singers of his time and was about to hit the big time when the tastes of society in music changed from "calm and beautiful" to "hard and metal". He was then taken into "the business" by his few remaining fans (Italian mobsters) and eventually rises in power to become infamous for his control over the city of Venice.
  • Muggshot - See Fiendish Five.
  • Penelope "The Black Baron" - The Black Baron is a mysterious pilot that holds a dog-fighting championship in Holland every year, little is known about him except that when thing don't go his way, he does what he does best. Cheat.
  • Mask of Dark Earth_ A Powerful mask that resides in the outback of Australia and it has been taking over the weak minded in the outback. since the miners came The Mask Of Dark Earth has been taking over the miners.when it got destroyed it was never seen again.

  • General Tsao (Rooster)- A ruthless and evil general, Tsao is obsessed with tyranny and power. He kidnapped the Panda King's daughter and attempts to make her his wife in a forced marriage, as Tsao believes that this will honor his family's name and enable him to rule China with an iron fist. Usually found kicking puppies and being self-centered.
  • Captain LeFwee (Parrot)- Reputed to be the smartest man on the seven seas, LeFwee stole Reme Lousteau's treasure map from Black Spot Pete.


Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Fiendish Klaww, a giant robotic titan created by The Collector and the final boss in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.