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The following is a list of the main or secondary characters in the comic i.s.o.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Cody Victor Frost[edit]

  • 19 years old at the beginning of i.s.o., freshman at Demonfort university.
  • Main character of the series .
  • Species: Siberian tiger.
  • Cody is a gay guy who feels very insecure about people knowing his orientation and hides behind a bad guy front because of it.
  • He falls for his co-worker Doug and that's pretty much the start point for his personal development.

Doug Hill[edit]

  • 23 years old at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Cougar
  • Works as a waiter at the Hangout, Cody's co-worker and love interest.
  • Doug works at the Hangout with Cody and he pretty much fell for Cody at the same time Cody fell for him.
  • Has a history of abusive boyfriends and still has to live with the consequences.

Jake Packard[edit]

  • 19 years old at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: grey wolf
  • Cody's roommate and main pain in the butt.
  • Jake is a very very very cheery and flirty wolf who will try his charms on pretty much anything that has a pulse. He is not very intelligent but really cares about Cody, but in such a overly-energetic-and-excited way that Cody ends up only being annoyed by it.
  • He was transferred out of his school in Australia as a revenge by the dean after the latter realized Jake was sneaking in his son's bedroom at night.

Jeff Cornwallis[edit]

  • 24 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Mountain goat
  • Dorm repairman and Cody's mentor.
  • Jeff first meets Cody after he got soaked by one of his water traps. From then on, a friendship begins between the two as Cody opens up to Jeff about his homosexuality. Jeff helps the relationship between Cody and Doug to start with a few tricks.
  • A mystery surrounding Jeff is that he seems to be stalked and harassed by an unknown person who obviously ruined a big part of his life.

The mysterious Stalker[edit]

  • Age unknown
  • Species: unknown
  • A person we known absolutely nothing about apart from the fact he/she constantly calls Jeff to harass him and warn him not to get to close to certain people.
  • The stalker seems to know EVERYTHING about Jeff and watches his every moves.
  • Even managed to get Jeff's private blackberry number which startled Jeff in issue 2.
  • In issue 5, the stalker tells Jeff that he doesn't have any friends, to which Jeff responds: "and we know why!" which suggest the stalker is the cause of Jeff's loneliness.
  • see SPOILER information about the stalker for recent information.

Todd Connors[edit]

  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Bengal tiger
  • Todd is Cody's best friend since middle school.
  • The two of them had a fight during a trip in Hawaii which put a stop to their friendship for a few issues. Remarks that Todd had made, which were in essence true, hurt Cody deeply and they only rekindled after 3 issues. From then on it seems their friendship is back on track and maybe even stronger than before since all lies and secrets were revealed during a one-on-one talk.

Sam Hill[edit]

  • 27 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Cougar
  • Cody's co-worker and Doug's sister.
  • Sam is Doug's sister and looks out for him like a mother would do.
  • After Doug was kicked out of his parent's house after they found out he was gay (in the most horrible of ways) at 15 she took him in and was pretty much rejected by them as well for it. Add a list of bad boyfriends for Doug and she became overprotective of her brother.
  • When Cody comes around and Doug is obviously interested she thinks it's another one of "them" and behaves harshly around him. This behaviour is dropped as she discovers more about Cody and finds out he's really not a bad guy.

Boris Hooks[edit]

  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Alligator
  • Bottomless pit and Cody's confidante.
  • Boris meets Cody randomly as he is used by Cody to escape Jake.
  • The fact that he is always eating makes him an excellent listener and Cody opens up to him about a lot of things.
  • He can even be sneaky as he tricks Jake and Zach into a movie marathon the night Cody goes to a club to distract them.
  • Not much is known about him though, because .. well.. he never speaks.


  • 36 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Bison
  • Dorm gardener, Cody's nemesis
  • Everytime Cody and Thor meet it is in the most unpleasant of ways.
  • The first time they met, Thor grabbed Cody upside down because he had walked on the lawn.
  • Thor is stuck doing the gardening job because he burned down a building and must pay it back that way.
  • He does not like his job at all and seems to be taking revenge on the students.

Tyrone Beltran[edit]

  • 32 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: bat
  • Cody's boss, master bartender.
  • Cody meets with Tyrone while on his way to a job interview. Cody inadvertently tore his shirt in anger after Zach suggested that Cody ask for the number of the person interviewing him. Tyrone, seeing Cody's physique and learning that Cody is looking for a job, offers him a position as a bouncer at the Hangout.
  • Tyrone's bartending technique is unique, as he hangs down from a pole and mixes the drinks upside down. Hence the name of the bar.

Zach Hastings[edit]

  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: skunk
  • Jake's friend and Cody's 2nd pain the butt.
  • Zach is an air-headed surfer boy who constantly makes valley girl worthy remarks and makes Cody's life even more impossible.
  • He first appears with Jake with whom he started to hang out because his roomie was being a "putz" .
  • The first intelligent remark we see him making is his theory that Cody might be gay.

Becky Adams[edit]

  • 25 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: beaver
  • Barmaid, source of sanity.
  • Becky seems to be one of the very few people in the main cast who is not in some way dysfunctional.
  • She is most of the time very Zen and is not usually seen in emotional situations. Well, except for that complete chaos that resulted of Cody's fake date with Sam where she was, quote : "used, lied to and manhandled by Jake, and not in a good way".

Tim Longoria[edit]

  • 23 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Weasel
  • Doug's roommate and best friend.
  • Tim is first seen at the gym with Doug and Sam.
  • He is a jumpy and excited little guy and seems to like Cody right away.
  • He works with Doug at his second job, a moving company.
  • He is also pretty flamboyant to say the least.

Irene "Dusty" Dustin[edit]

  • 30 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Ostrich
  • Doug's 2nd roommate and "baby sitter", also a nurse.
  • Cody meets her at Kyell's club where it is revealed she is Doug's second roommate and also works as a nurse. Her secret "job" is "babysitting" Doug and Tim when they act immature. Apart from that, not much is known about her yet.

Trevor Buckingham[edit]

  • 24 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Horse
  • Doug's friend and Queen of the Bookstore.
  • Is first seen at Kyell's and is responsible for literally breaking Cody's stereotypical views and making him realise that the front he's putting up is pushing people away.

Robbie Warren[edit]

  • 26 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Personal trainer, Trevor's hubby.
  • Is first seen at Kyell's in company of Trevor.
  • It seems that Robbie is extremely annoyed at how casually Doug is living his relationship with Cody and wishes Doug had more of a say on the relationship itself.
  • He lends money to Doug for reasons that have not yet been revealed.

Nate Oz[edit]

  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Snow leopard
  • Cody's classmate, Fluffball skater.
  • This piercing decorated ambulant ball of fluffyness is first met by Cody at Kyell's by accident after Cody steps on his tail.
  • They discover that they are both in the same class and start hanging out together from then on.
  • Nate jokingly flirts with Cody a few times which provides hilarious results on Cody's part.
  • He also introduces Cody to his group of friends at the regular post-history-classes meetings they hold "to keep their sanity".

Dave Duchaine[edit]

  • 17 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Lynx
  • Todd's current roommate, Animation fanboy.
  • Cody meets him through Todd and he is the one to provide Cody with a fake I.D. card to go to Kyell's and he regularly goes to the basketball games that Cody and his friends have.

Randall Winger[edit]

  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Kite
  • Todd's friend, Hockey freak
  • At first, Randall had trouble accepting the fact that most of Cody's new friends were gay. And acted distant for a while. He finally got over it after he saw that they were good people and was the one to provide Cody with the fake job at Rocket John's for his fake date with Sam.

Nikki, Crystal and Jeanne[edit]

  • Species: Red Panda, Hypo, Lioness
  • Sam's friends
  • Cody meets them during the first date with Sam.
  • They are the first people outside his close friends he opens to about his sexuality and they seem to like him a lot.


  • 18 at the beginning of i.s.o.
  • Species: Fox
  • Jake's cousin, Cheerleader, Zach's love interest
  • after Jake brings Zach to her home after a day at college, she get very much attracted to him and starts making moves on him during the aquarium visit. Very soon, things get more serious and she and Zach end up sleeping together. They are caught by Jake who doesn't take the situation very well.


  • Species: Alcapa
  • Jeff's sister , The Law , Frustrated ex-girlfriend
  • Maureen is first mentioned by Jeff after he reveals to Cody that someone is stalking and harassing him and that this person is none other than his own sister. The reason she seems to do so is that she holds Jeff responsible for the failure of her relationship with Wendell . She took revenge against Jeff by outing his closeted boyfriend Jeremy to his homophobic parents.


  • Species: Ferret
  • Maureen's ex , closeted case , heir to a large fortune , likes male cake strippers
  • Wendell is first met by Jeff on an emergency call back when Jeff worked as a plumber.
  • Seeing that Wendell and Maureen would be very compatible , Jeff sets them up together and it seems to work for a while
  • However , all of this falls appart when a drunk Wendell starts making out with Jeff on his bachelor party.


  • species: Lion
  • Jeff's ex boyfriend , closet case , has homophobic parents
  • Jeremy was in a relationship with Jeff 1 year around the begining of I.S.O.
  • To get revenge for her failing relationship with Wendell , Maureen took photos of Jeff and Jeremy on dates.
  • She then sent them over to Jeremy's parents who came to Jeff's house in the middle of the night to beat the crap out of him and forced Jeremy to leave with them. He hasn't been heard from since.

SPOILERS : The stalker , issue 8[edit]

  • It was revealed in issue 8's last page that the stalker was not only Maureen , but that she was helped by Thor whom she is dating.