List of characters in Wolves of Fortune

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The following is a list of characters in the story series Wolves of Fortune.


Painless Black Wolf

Guardian of Earth - Cries Jade Crystal Power to Transform

The initial leader of the Guardians and the first to awaken. He has the power of the Earth and with it he intensifies his own abilities to be grounded to the planet. He has a very serious attitude and concerns with his friends, especially his mate Grifter in getting too involved. He can always be counted on to pull out all the stops in a fight.

Initial Spell: Leaf Bomb Explosion: Creates a kinetic ball of energy in which leaves are pulled into it and he launches at his enemies, it explodes on impact and can cause heavy damage.

Talisman: Saturn Ring: A divine ring which can be responsible for incredible feats of strength.

Weapon: Daggers of Hestia: A Powerful Earth Based Weapon

Weapon Spell: Earthquake Fault Line never used: Can shake the very earth, causing tremors to throw enemies from their feet.

Grifter Timber Wolf

Guardian of Water - Cries Sapphire Crystal Power to Transform

Riddled on the line of maturity and naivety, Grifter is usually the most ambitious in a fight. His attacks, unlike Taiho's though are planned out and he does recognize the consequences if he fails. He's incredibly patient and his family is a centerpoint in his life, constantly surrounding him, especially when he goes to Smithon, near where he initially grew up. His favorite color is quite obviously blue, and he can be very serious in a fight. He is the only one who has shown his weapon power.

Initial Spell: Surf Hydro Plainer: Forming an arc of water in front of him, Grifter can launch it at his targets, slowing his enemies down.

Talismans: Eye of Neptune: A blue amulet which contains a great deal of power, including teleportation, the ability to detect trouble with the other guardians and holds the source of the weapon powers.

Book of Tides: A spell book given to Grifter by his grandmother, it tells the story of their ancestors as well as gives them insight into their powers.

Weapon: Poseidon's Trident: A spear with three prongs on the end, used as the most powerful weapon of the sea.

Weapon Spell: Spinning Typhoon: Spinning the trident in front of him creates a vortex of water which attacks the enemy in front of him. It's extremely powerful and is used only once in the story series.

Taiho Redwolf

Guardian of Fire - Cries Ruby Crystal Power to Transform

Quick tempered and strong, Taiho is the embodiment of a Fire Guardian. He is often defiant, even insulting his spells by having to call them out. His attacks are some of the most powerful and he has an invulnerability to fire. His human form is red haired as his wolf form is red furred, the clash of his fiery outfit on his red fur often confuses the similar colors, making him look always like a burning flame.

Initial Spell: Burning Trail, Ignite: Throwing his fiery fists in front of him, Taiho creates a helix-like stream of fire at his enemies.

Talisman: Mars Bracers/Talons: Provides extreme protection from physical attacks and increases his reaction time as well.

Weapon: Ares' Sword: A powerful slim bladed sword which is in its soul the very essence of fire.

Weapon Spell: never used Flaming Tongue: The sword turns into a blade of fire which can be whipped out at enemies up to 300 yards away.

Shard Dragon

Guardian of Wind and Light - Cries Silver Crystal Power to Transform

Very stern and strict, a rare joke will come from Shard's mouth during the darkest times to lighten the mood. The only Guardian to awaken with one element and obtain a second element; the power of Light. He used his skills as a warrior as opposed to his spells therefore they were never used in combat and he was the last to find his weapon; the Lance of Zeus. He can be romantic when he falls in love and is sentimental, but does not allow that to get in the way of his judgement. He's hard and a proven warrior.

Initial Spell: used once no incantation Silencing Updraft: Using his power he could create a powerful field of air around him which threw outward to all surrounding enemies.

Talisman: Dragon Stone: A stone of pure silver light which grants Shard both his weapon and his powers over the hidden Light Element.

Weapon: Lance of Zeus: Formed from the heavens and infused with the force of light and air, this lance is the most powerful weapon ever created.

Weapon Spell: never used Raining Thunderbolts: Raising the staff high into the air summons hundreds of thunderbolt strikes down upon a field of enemies.


Abysno The hidden antagonist of the story, first introduced solidly in "The Way of Things" story. Found to have corrupted Shroud, the original Guardian of Shadow by using his powers and twisting it to darkness, Abysno is responsible for the black diamonds. It is said that his body is made up of these gems, they are both his greatest strength and greatest weakness. He was imprisoned by Shard when he obtained the Lance of Zeus. He is vile, slick and cunning and always finds a way to escape from such confinements.

Shroud Shard's biological father, Shroud had been buried with the black diamonds for centuries before the human reincarnations of his five Generals (including his son) brought him back to life. Shroud is cruel, cold and emotionless, and to the very end he follows all of his master Abysno's commands. He was once the Guardian of Shadow, but betrayed his comrades and turned to darkness. He was killed when Shard caught Abysno

Talos A gryphon sorcerer who could control who the black diamonds could infect. He gained a serious level of power, but was destroyed when Grifter obtained his Poseidon's trident and hit him with the Spinning Typhoon spell. He connived against Shroud constantly, always intending to take over the dark kingdom that he had built.

Mena Older than her sister Mever by two minutes, Mena was the first General to be truly destroyed when Painless hit her with his Leaf Bomb. She was vicious and constantly plotting over her sister to destroy the Guardians, Mever tended to serve as a leash to keep her sister's cruelness from taking them to the grave.

Mever She had been the more sensitive than her sister, she was most likely to turn to the side of good, but seeing her sister destroyed pushed her mind over the edge, making her prone to hallucinations and paranoia. She was finally defeated when she went in an all out attack against all the Guardians at once.

Toxic Originally a vicious and nasty drooling werewolf with poisonous blood that attacked Painless full on the night Shroud awakened. He was destroyed by the black wolf, but his spirit lingered on, eventually finding the corrupted, decaying soul of Grifter's ex, Hunter merging into something more insane, more sentient and a lot more deadly. The only one of the villains who did not meet his demise, Grifter and him fought in the future and upon his defeat, he was left there to rot for an eternity in an insane asylum.