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The following is a list of characters in the webcomic series Twokinds.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Main characters[edit]

The main characters, especially Trace and Flora, appear to be pawns in the games of the demi-gods who created the races. The fact that Trace and Flora have fallen in love seems to have put a crimp in some of their plans; others are to be determined.

Generally, Tom Fischbach considers many things and characters prior to Chapter 7 (beyond the original three regulars: Trace, Flora and Keith) to be non-canon, due to self-admitted poor writing.

Trace Legacy[edit]

Trace and Flora share a quiet moment

Trace Legacy is a twenty-four-year-old male Human. He grew up in the small village of Eversummer with a natural talent for using magic, leading him to become a Templar at the age of twelve. [1] He eventually married Saria au Gruhen, but while at their cabin near the Keidran border they were attacked by a Keidran thief. Saria was grazed by a poisoned arrow and died while Trace went after the thief.[2] In an attempt to resurrect her, he dabbled with black magic, and in the process destroyed his mind, becoming a hateful, ambitious young man who usurped the title of Grand Templar.[3] He attempted to wipe out Keidran, using them as a scapegoat in hopes of overtaking the world.

Machinations, set forth by Ephemural, led to his memory being stolen, and him awakening with total amnesia is the beginning of the series. He is a much kinder and somewhat naive person after his amnesia, and is currently trying to regain his memory and rediscover his skills with the aid of his old diary, but is truly somewhat fearful of his dark past in addition to his curiosity. Sometimes his past habits can reassert themselves, especially if Flora is being threatened or under danger.[4][5]


Flora of the Rainforest Tiger Tribe is an eleven-year-old female Tiger Keidran. Saved by Trace soon after he awakes without his memories, they become traveling companions, eventually falling in love despite their racial differences. Their relationship is one of the central focuses of the comic, as well as the barriers they must overcome to be together.

Flora's past is that of a tragic one. Her parents were killed when she was in her youth, and she was enslaved and brought to the care of a farmer. She was taught to speak the human language and eventually befriended the farmer's children. Before long she fell in love with the farmer's son, who left her due to human racial bigotry, claiming that it could never work out between them. Flora, with the help of her Keidran friend, Euchre, managed to escape from humans. Due to her expansive knowledge of the human world, she became an eminent political figure in the tiger tribe. This led to her betrothal to marry a Wolf Keidran, Sythe, in an arranged marriage uniting the two clans.

On her way to the wolf clan, her convoy was attacked and she was seemingly left to fend for herself in the forest. As part of his plot, Ephemural possessed a human and attempted to attack Flora while she was alone. Trace came to her rescue, however, when he woke up after his amnesia.[6] It is later revealed the Trace was meant to kill Flora and prevent the uniting of the two tribes, though Ephemural put a stop to Trace's plans. Flora, not wishing to be married to Sythe, followed her own path with Trace instead, despite Sythe's constant pleadings for her to kill Trace and return home.

It was recently confirmed in the story that she is pregnant, presumably with Trace Legacy's child. [7] However, Tom Fischbach has wrote a spoof comic of Flora giving birth to a Basitin child as opposed to Trace's child.[8] Flora's character also has a running joke about her breasts not being large enough.[9]

Keith Keiser[edit]

Keith Kaiser (front) and Natani.

Keith Keiser is a male, nineteen-year-old Eastern Basitin (but because Basitins are rarely seen outside the Basidian islands, he's often mistaken for a Keidran). He is an outcast from his people, having been accused of murdering his father, a revered Basitin General.[10] He washed ashore on the mainland, and was taken in by a Keidran tribe. Eventually he fell in love with Laura, a Fox Keidran, but she fled shortly before they were to be married, he left when he was told she had been sleeping with another Keidran (which was untrue). This led to him becoming suspicious of all female Keidran.

He originally recruited Trace and Flora to help him with a mission, and has since become their traveling companion as well. He is sometimes suspicious of Flora due to his past experiences with Laura. As it turns out, his mission was to capture Trace Legacy, the Grand Templar, in order to earn his way back home.[11] But the bargain ended up complicated since nobody expected him to succeed.[12]


Natani of the Border Forest Tribe is a female Wolf Keidran, but dresses and identifies as a male. She and her older brother, Zen, joined an assassin's guild in their tribe after their parents were murdered by Templars.[13] Natani had to disguise her gender in order to join. During the "brother's" first mission, her soul was shredded by a rogue Keidran mage using banned magic. Zen bonded his soul to Natani's, filling in the missing pieces to save her life. As a side-effect, however, she now identifies as male, though her female biology does assert itself occasionally.[14]

He joined the group after a failed attempt to kill Trace Legacy, an assassination ordered by his guild. The attempt led to Zen being gravely wounded. He eventually became part of the crew under a new mission to follow them pending future orders.[15] He has since developed a camaraderie with Keith, and has a crush on him.[16] Whether this is mutual is yet to be determined. But, when Zen gets magic bracelets on his leg (by Raines group) , and Natani reverts to his soulless vegetable state Keith gets very scared. He woke up after battling her inner demons.


Zen of the Border Forest Tribe is a male Wolf Keidran. He is the older brother of Natani. He and his sister, in means for survival, joined an assassin's guild so they could earn money and have allies to look after them after their tribe after their parents were murdered by Templars.[17] He is very protective of Natani and was mentally linked to her to repair her soul after exposure to banned magic. The two of them form the "Magi Brothers". He was grievously wounded by Keith in an assassination attempt on Trace Legacy. He is currently "captured" by Raine and her group, after recovering and going to capture Sythe.

Despite the Assassin Brother's skill and fierce reputation, almost all of the targets they're hired to kill end up dying through indirect means, often by accident or in ways not originally intended by the duo themselves. Somehow, their universal bad luck seems to rub off on others via proxy.


Sythe of the Border Forest Tribe is a male Wolf Keidran. He was a diplomat and nephew of a grand duke. He was originally intended to marry Flora to form an alliance between their tribes, although Flora's affections for Trace put a damper on that. Since she walked away from the arrangement, his tribe has been seeking to kill her in addition to Trace Legacy. Sythe, in character, attempts to be threatening but truly lacks in bravery and integrity. He abandoned Flora in the forest when her convoy was attacked, and worked in the shadows while Flora was around Trace. He tried to have Flora kill Trace by misguiding her with lies and deceit. He is also very easily subdued, as shown when Flora reprimanded him for his attempt to kill Trace himself.

Ranie Silverlock[edit]

Ranie Silverlock is a female Human/Wolf Keidran hybrid. She is the daughter of former Grand Templar Mary Silverlock and Master Templar Euchre of the Snow Wolf Keidran. She was born under unusual and unnatural circumstances, and as a result possesses unpredictable magical power. The wild nature of her magic causes her to experience physical transformations between Keidran and Human forms. These transformations are usually kept in check by artifacts enchanted to suppress her magic.

Throughout her life, Raine's mother has kept her Keidran form a secret from others in the Templar order, and even Raine herself. But as Raine matures, her bestial side becomes increasingly restless from years of suppression.

Other Characters[edit]

Lady Nora is an ancient, shape-shifting female Dragon that likes to meddle in the affairs of mortals, but is particularly fond of Trace and often helps him. She met Trace when he was an upcoming Templar in the academy, while the Templar was still a simple mage's guild. Lady Nora also attempted to help Trace win over Saria, and now is doing the same for him with Flora. She even goes so far as to point out the Orchard Valley, a place where humans and Keidran coexist in relative peace. Originally the relationship between Lady Nora and Trace was to be more of a sexual nature, but for sake of saving time Tom scrapped the idea.[18]

Eric Vaughan is a male Human slave trader. He deals in providing Keidran slaves to Humans.[19] He is a "polite pervert", and has an particularly strong appreciation for female Keidrans and Basitins. He also paints as a hobby, though his collection is mostly comprised of Keidrans nudes.[20] Eric's older brother is in the Templar, and often times disrespects his little brother and his property. Eric has three personal slaves that are shown in the comic.

  • Kathrin "Spots" Vaughan is a mixed-breed female Keidran. She was bred to be as visually appealing as possible, with the purpose of being a sex slave. Kathrin and Eric grew up together, Eric always treating her more as a partner than a slave, eventually buying her from his brother.[21] Although it is illegal, Eric refuses to use a control spell on Kathrin for fear that it will wreck her emotional sanity. [22] Eric also claims he never used her for her "designed" purpose.
  • Evals of the Dog Clan is a male Dog Keidran, and is one of Eric's servants. His primary job is to maintain Eric's ship. He has been friends with Mike since his youth, despite the constant turbulence between the dog and fox clans.[23]
  • Mike of the Coastal Fox Tribe is a male Fox Keidran, and is one of Eric's servants. During the 10th and 11th chapters, Nora created the illusion that Mike was female, leading to undue sexual tension between him and Evals, and fear of what Eric would do with a female Mike. After sleeping in the same bed with Evals and having a dream about kissing a vixen, Mike broke Nora's illusion and returns to being a male.[24]

The Master Templars are the five human henchmen Trace Legacy installed as the controllers of the Templar Order when he was Grand Templar. In his absence, they have run the Templar Order. However, they appear to each be working to separate gains. Some wish to bring Trace Legacy back. Some wish to destroy him and take power for themselves. Others merely wish to keep him out of the way. Each of the five Masters has a different specialization: Master Spy, Master Architect, Master Strategist, Master Seer and Master Mage.

  • Euchre is the childhood friend of Flora as well as the Templar's Master Strategist.[25] He is an old white wolf Keidran who seems to have the ability to hide as a human, or vice versa in that he may be a human hiding as a Keidran. Euchre took part in raising Flora while she was a slave during her youth, eventually helping Flora escape from her enslavement. Euchre enters the comic in a slave caravan, wherein he is apathetic to his situation.[26] Trace manages to have him freed and, for a short while, Euchre joins their group. Euchre is shown to be like a big brother for Flora[27], especially when he warns Trace never to hurt her, and even "breaks the rules" by interfering in the fight between Trace and Ephemural when Flora had been possessed. Otherwise, he is very laid back and it seems that very few (rather serious) matters phase him. Euchre appears in the comic at random intervals taking part in rather shady seeming business, one such time being when Euchre visited his old master wearing Templar robes and discussed the completion of the final Templar tower. It has also been theorized the Euchre is one of the Masks due to the strange set of rules he seems to follow and his abilities that seem to surpass even that of Trace.
  • Edmund Sirus Templar VIII is the Master Spy of Trace's congregation. He has appeared several times during the comic taking up various roles. He hid himself as the jeweler in the first town of the comic where he gave Trace a subtleseed pendant[28], which bound Flora and Trace together. He has disguised himself as an innkeeper twice, one time disguised as a Basitin.[29][30] He also appears when Trace first visited the Templar academy, as the carriage driver for Trace and Saria on the day that Saria was killed, and as an underling to a guild leader during the Festival of the Beasts.[31][32][33] His ability to disguise himself as a Basitin and his closeness to Euchre seem to indicate that the two share a similar goal as Master Templars.
  • Randal is the Templar's Master Architect. Not much is known about him other than he seems to have designed the Templar's towers and believes his technology to be infallible.[34] He mentors young, upcoming Templar students.[35] His objective is to take back Trace into the Templar. However, when his invention to detain Trace fails, a mana crazed Trace emerges and kills him along with his many students.[36]

Nickolai Alaric is a childhood friend of Keith's, a male Basitin. He is now the master general of the Basitin army, and is scheming with the Templars to capture Trace Legacy for political purposes.[37] As a character, he has much regard for the Basitin law, but at the same time spends a great deal of time trying to find loopholes in the laws of his society. His sexuality remains to be seen during the comic, although he seems to continually hit on Keith, as well as model a nude statue after his old friend.[38] When Keith is working to save the Basitin from the Templar, he fights with Alaric in order to cross the bridge to the King's palace. Eventually Keith cracks the bridge so Alaric is separated from him, but Alaric attempts to jump the gap. Keith grabs hold of him, but cannot support his weight, and thus Alaric falls. Just befor he dies he says he made one final practical joke on those responsible for "six years ago". [39][40]

Laura of the Coastal Fox Tribe is a vixen Keidran. She was, at one time, Keith's fiance, but fled for fear of persecution from her fellow tribe as well as fear that Keith may not be a fitting husband. This forced Keith to abandon the Keidran tribe that took him in after his banishment. Eventually she went looking for him, leading her to the Northern Basitin island where Keith came from.[41] She is very shy and cowardly, bursting into tears when Keith was angered by having been abandoned by her, as well as hiding when the Intelligence General faces off with Eric.

Saria au Gruhen Trace's deceased wife, her death was the catalyst that lead Trace to take over the Templar and declare war on all Keidran. Saria is soft-spoken and gentle, unless angered, in which case she tends to voice her disagreement quite clearly and loudly. She appears to be fond of Keidran.[42] When Trace attempted to bring a Keidran slave home for them, she made it clear that she wouldn't tolerate it.[43] Saria is brought back from the dead temporarily through the powers of Ephemural.[44]

Ephemural is one of the demi-gods, The Masks, that oversees the world. During a fight against Trace Legacy, he stole Trace's memory as part of his scheme to create neutrality. In chapter six, Ephemural possesses Flora in hopes to use her to kill Trace and continue her "chess game" between the three races. This ultimately fails, however, when Euchre intervenes and guides Trace in defeating Ephemural. Ephemural, having been beaten, is forced to return to the dimension where the Masks reside, unable to muster the strength to return to human realm.[45]

Maren Taverndatter runs a small tavern together with her younger sister. She tends to be bossy, controlling, and rather violent. She was Trace's girlfriend before he lost his memory, and is first pictured in the comic when she slaps Trace for disappearing. Later, when she discovers what has become of Trace's memory, she, along with her younger sister and red-haired friend pursue Trace in hopes of restoring his memory.

Karen Taverndatter is much more cheerful than her older sister. She's apathetic to race and only likes things she finds that are interesting. She has a pair of cat ears on her head, a curse given to her by Trace, but what Trace hadn't expected is that she adores them and finds them cute. She prefers Trace's new personality and seems to have no hostility for anyone no matter what race.

A red-haired swordsman follows the Taverndatter sisters, named [database error] on the cast page, as every time just before his name is mentioned, something will happen to prevent it to be revealed. [database error] is brazen and tends to respond without fully understanding the situation. He was Trace's friend at the Templar academy, and since then they remained friends, both sharing their dislike of keidran or anything non-human. It is [database error] who calls off the pursuit of Trace Legacy, allowing Trace to push forward to the Basidian Islands with Flora and Keith.