List of characters in The Pride of Life

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Kedamono as a normal vulfpacht (left) and as a superbeast (right).

The following is a list of characters in the webcomic The Pride of Life.


  • Kedamono - A young male vulfpacht, age 16. After trying unsuccessfully for seven years to climb the World Tree, thwarted at every pass by its guardian, Gaur, he is able to finally acquire and eat the fruit after taking advantage of a conflict between Gaur and Adolfo. Although a bit of a coward and occasionally a maker of poorly though-out choices, he can be tenacious and is generally a kind-hearted boy and dislikes seeing people treated unfairly.
Panel taken from Episode 03.
  • Gaur - A minotaur superbeast of the bison variety and the guardian of the World Tree. Gaur is dedicated to protecting Yggdrasil from those who would try to steal its fruit (including Kedamono). Though sworn to guard the great tree, he himself partook of the fruit in order to become a superbeast. Gaur has a sort-of skewed, father-son/mentor-student relationship with Kedamono, which often ends up more in frustration that anything else. Gaur's attacks (hereby referred to as 'Talents') are earth-based and so far include the "Stampede Fist," in which forced rocky upcroppings appear when punches the ground. This attack was first shown in Episode 02.
  • Chieftain Hyde - The unquestionably handsome leader of the Vulfpachts. Hyde became chieftain after the untimely death of his father one season ago (in the Vulfpacht system of government, the chieftain is determined by succession, regardless of gender). His zero-tolerance policy of threats to his village has made him a widely respected man across the Central region of the Forested Continent. He first appears in Episode 03.


Depiction of Adolfo
  • Adolfo - Despite his appearance, Adolfo is a rodentian superbeast of the bearded squirrel variety and the self-proclaimed strongest of the Forested Continent. Though somewhat forgetful and easily sidetracked, he seems to enjoy making pitiful specimens of his opponents/victims just before killing them. A servant of Othello, his claiming natural monuments, such as Yggdrasil (his current assignment), though his loyalty is tentative, at best. He only allows himself to be used in the hope that Othello will remove his Chaos Hump, an internal strength suppressant for all superbeasts created with Othello's power. Adolfo's Talents are grounded in body modification. His first, "The Deadly Claw", his fingers extend to essentially become knives, which he uses to pierce his opponents. The second, "The Deadly Jack-knife", is an extension of "The Deadly Claw", in which he extends both his toes and fingers to become knives, then executes a jack-knife dive straight into his victim.
  • Othello - The self-proclaimed ruler of the Forested Continent. Although he resembles a giant bat, Othello is actually a vampire, but transforms to a bat-like form at night. Othello is the authority over Adolfo and has control over several other superbeasts across the continent. He is able to keep the destructive Adolfo in check with the promise of removing the Chaos Hump from his body, an internal limiter for all superbeasts created with Othello's power. His current aim is to acquire natural monuments such as the World Tree, but the purpose of this has yet to be revealed.
Left to right: "Daddy" Valdez, Nickles, Youngsilver, Iron Keith, Rin Tin Dennis, Familiar #1, Familiar #2.
  • The Zapatos Gang - The gryphon organized crime association, headed by "Daddy" Valdez, with lesser duties delegated to the night managers, Nickles (customer service), Rin Tin Dennis (loss prevention), Youngsilver (gryphon resources), and Iron Keith (shipping and receiving). The Zapatos' base of operations is behind Gargamel Falls, on which the city of avians, Sasamel, rests. Although primarily a protection racket, they also partake in trapping and poaching, explosives, the slave trade, and strangely, real estate.