List of characters in Poisoned Minds

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The following is a list of characters in the comic Poisoned Minds.


Major Characters[edit]

  • Norman Gates – A male rabbit, who is incredibly violent, an anarchist and possesses a pair of oversized teeth. He causes trouble for his fellow housemates by causing so much destruction. If he is not blowing something up, he is trying to kill something. He often plans to blow something big up on Bonfire Night. He will later become the First Advisor to The Collective of Anarchist States (CAS). His name probably comes from the character Norman Bates from the film Psycho.
  • Richard Edwards – A male fox who lives with Norman. Richard spends most of his time at home, waiting for Anne to come home. Once she has, they are straight to bed. Richard and Anne have indulged in several sexual practices, including bondage. When he was 18, he lived with a lesbian couple, Red and Crystal. After having a threesome, Red fell in love with Richard, but the argument lead to them leaving each other.
  • Anne Winters – A female fox and Richard’s girlfriend. Anne is known for her sexual relationship with Richard. She is also known amongst her housemates for her drinking lots of vodka and being terrible at cooking. She works for Cook Enterprises in HR, unaware that they are involved in the plot to stop Norman.
  • Kingston – A male hare that spends nearly all of his time being stoned. He gets his drugs from a cat, Stretch, then spends the rest of time in the house hallucinating. First name may be Neil.
  • Tessa Edwards – A female fox and a probable descendant of Richard and Anne. She was forced into the Core army. She once ended up as a POW, but Tin-Head helped her escape, and was later moved to Space Station E11 which orbited around Uranus. She has been subject to medical experiments, thus making her perfect for most of the work ordered by Cook Enterprises to stop Norman. She has a sexual relationship with her boyfriend and robot Sticks. She is also haunted by dreams of a man with a clipboard, which is most likely to be Chris Reed.
  • Sticks – A robotic male canine that Tessa won in a poker game. He is most likely won from Maytec board member Julie Waterman, and is a ST1-X. Although he was at first boring, Tessa removed certain blocks in his memory to make him more interesting. They now have a strong, sexual relationship, with Sticks claiming that he has 25 different attachments and knows 285 different positions. He often comes to help Tessa in her missions.
  • Tin-Head – A robotic male rabbit working on the Space Station E11, and later for Cook Enterprises. He was built by a sister company to Maytec, used by the anarchists, but defected to the Core after rescuing Tessa from a POW camp. Although he is designed for loading things, his technology is considered useful by the others.
  • Dr. Jeremiah Cook – A male French-Canadian raccoon and the head of Cook Enterprises. He is a former Maytec board member and head of development. He is the man behind the design of the time travel machine "The Wildfire" also known as the "Philadelphia Project" that let him and the others to come back and stop Norman. He has set up Cook Enterprises as both a cover, and also to make a fortune by inventing things from their time which do not exist yet. Tessa considers him to becoming "More like a Bond villain everyday."
  • Commander Adams aka Commander Smith – A male cat and the former commander of the Space Station E11. Since it was destroyed by Norman, he has found himself working for Cook Enterprises, often doubting Dr. Cook’s abilities.
  • Michael Tucker – A male cat, Michael is an expert in 21st century technology. He is hired by Cook for his experience, preventing anyone from outside knowing that they are from the future.
  • The Oracle – An Artificial Intelligence created by Chris Reed of Bishop International, which is now controlling almost everything in the CAS. Norman often talks to him to plan their new move, but he really pulls the strings. He is powered by dead spirit of Chris. It was designed to predict the future and to protect itself.
  • Chris Reed - A male rat and former employee of Bishop International who learned a lot about The Oracle. He was run over, and his ashes later became the AI behind The Oracle. He often shows up in Teesa's dreams, holding a clipboard.
  • Gary Heart - A male weasel who forced to become a solicitor by his father, he has a deep loathing of him. Due to his father's liking golf, he likes to blow up golf courses. He is also an anarchist, and Norman's solicitor.
  • Captain Jack Heart – A male weasel, probable descendant of Gary Heart and the second-in-command of The Inglorious. He is also a great solider, having a bronze statue erected of himself in Trafalgar Square. Norman is his godfather.
  • The Governor – A male fox who works for British intelligence heading the project that developed the Oracle, name unknown. He is rather mean, and wants to control everything in his business, and wants to see Naps out. He also has an uncanny resemblance to Richard. He has stated that Richard is his son.
  • Kevin – A male rat. His decision to keep Naps working at the company was unpopular with the Governor, and he has long wanted to take the ashes of Chris out of the office.
  • Nathan “Naps” Goodwin – A male cat and employee of Bishop International, who’s attempts to understand more about the Oracle lead him both into trouble with Ed, but also into the paws of Red who she meets at the hospital.
  • Dr. Ruby “Red” Scarlet – A female fox, Red is a bisexual who had a threesome with her girlfriend Crystal and with Richard. After it ended badly, she split up from both of them. She is now having a relationship with Naps.
  • Julian - A male wolf, Julian was one of the first members of the Core Tessa met. He was her roommate, and a fellow subject to scientific tests. From Tessa's flashbacks, it is known that Julian died in a horrible accident.
  • Lee - A male dog, Lee was one of the first members of the Core Tessa met. He was cloned from a stolen CAS cloning vat by the Core and was brought up as one of them. He has only recently managed to feel pain, thus he often wants to hurt himself.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Stretch – A male cat and drug dealer who supplies Kingston with his many drugs.
  • Sgt. Vic Simons – A male police dog who often ends up arresting Norman.
  • Crystal – A female fox and Red’s former girlfriend, but they fell out of love after they had a threesome with Richard.
  • Julie Waterman - A female cat, Maytec board member and wife of CEO Henry. She is the most sympathetic to the CAS. She at least 56 years old, but life prolonging implants make her look like she is in her 20's.
  • Dwight Garner A male rat and Maytec board member. Has not yet appeared in the strip, but is mentioned by both Maytec and CAS members. He once described as coming "a Texan, a far-right Christian and a complete arsehole." Hates the CAS, and is hated by the other Maytec board members. 56 years old, but life prolonging implants make him look like he is in his 20's.