List of characters in Omaha The Cat Dancer

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The following is a list of characters in the comic series Omaha The Cat Dancer (1978-2004).


This section may be incomplete or out of date.
  • Omaha is the stage name of Susan "Susie" Jensen (though very few of the other characters know her real name), an anthropomorphic feline exotic dancer. She has a pet ferret named Squeak. She was previously married years before meeting Charles Jr., but a divorce was later amicably arranged with her separated husband.
  • Charles "Chuck" Tabey, Jr. AKA Chuck Katt, who turns out to be the heir to Charles Tabey, Sr. and lover to Omaha.
  • Charles Tabey, Sr., a powerful, yet mentally ill business tycoon.
  • Shelly Hine, a bisexual exotic dancer and Omaha's best friend. She was caught in the line of fire and gunned down by a man named "Andre DeRoc" and is now in a wheelchair. Shelly was Charles Tabey, Sr.'s lover and confidante. In the very early comics that appeared in Vootie magazine, she and Omaha were lovers.
  • JoAnne Follett, a bisexual prostitute.
  • Kurt Huddle, Shelly's nurse and later lover. Huddle was the personal assistant and valet to Tabey, Sr.
  • Rob Shaw, a gay photographer.
  • Maria Elandos Tabey, Chuck Tabey's mother, whom he has not seen for years. She was blackmailed into leaving by Calvin Bonner over her gay brother. She also bears a very striking resemblance to Omaha.
  • Senator Calvin Bonner, a state senator and business tycoon. A vocal public morality crusader and a complete hypocrite since he is one of Joanne's regular, and more abusive, customers. Was murdered by an unknown assassin during a session set up by Joanne to compromise him by having Rob Shaw take incriminating photos of him.
  • George, owner of the "Kitty Korner Klub", Omaha and Shelly worked at.
  • Ceecee and Angie two lesbian exotic dancers who work at Mr. Pip's Nite Club.