List of characters in K9 Corps

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The following is a list of characters in the toy line K9 Corps.


Main characters[edit]

  • Dr. Davis Elliot: A brilliant scientist, specializing in genetics, he is called into service by the military to create specialized human-dog hybrids as the ultimate soldiers. However, when his initial experiment suffers a glitch that results in the villainous Malice, he becomes dedicated to eliminating the glitch that caused Malice to turn rogue and, after doing so, becomes a mentor to his subsequent creations, working with them to undo the mistake his initial experiment had wrought.
  • Magnum: Second-born of Dr. Elliot's creations, and leader of the K9 Corps. The perfect blending of German Shepherd and tactical commander, he leads his troops masterfully into battle with acute instinct, blended with the skill of a military tactician, and is renown for many successful new battle stratagems, including the famous Flea Dip Defense. Despite being partially genetically linked with his arch-enemy, Malice (which would make the two, technically, half-brothers), Magnum is very level-headed, and only unleashes the true extent of his military genius with his troops. His achievements include the Purple Bone and Order of the Golden Leash, and his favored weapon is a pair of .50 caliber "Muzzle Magnum" machine gun pistols.
  • General Taurus: If Dr. Elliot is the heart of the Corps, and Magnum its mind, then Taurus would be its soul. The Corps' Bulldog Ops commander, lauded by his comrades for his direct involvement in the war against Malice and his Marauders, takes pains to never give an order that he wasn't prepared to carry out himself. His respect for all under his command makes him all the more well-liked among Corps personnel. With a military mind that could rival that of Magnum, the two dogs work closely together against Malice's menace. He is a charter member of B.A.R.K., and his achievements include the Collar of Valor. His favored weapon is a K9 semi-automatic Penetrator pistol.
  • Eclipse: Not much is known about the Corps' Covert Ops specialist, the Rottweiler keeping a very guarded approach to his past. However, his loyalty is unquestionable, as is his dedication to taking down Malice. So little has been revealed about him, that even his achievements are considered Top Secret. Although proficient with a variety of weapons, he is also a skilled "paw-to-paw combat" expert, and prefers to dispatch his foes with his bare hands.
  • Rabid Fang: Much like Snake-Eyes to G.I. Joe, Rabid Fang is the Corps' resident ninja, though the bull terrier acts more like Marvel Comics' Deadpool. A member of the Koga ninja clan, his dry sense of humor, while funny to his comrades, pops up in even the bleakest of situations. His achievements include the Legion of the Meritorious Mutts. His favored weapons are a pair of serrated sai and a bow and arrows.
  • Bull Dozer: Bull Dozer is your standard "muscle-bound" action-hero style solder, which fits him perfectly in his role as the Corps' weapons specialist. Rough in demeanor with a 'run and gun' attitude towards missions, he doesn't let anything stand in the way of completing his duty. He shares achievements with Rabid Fang, and his favored weapon is a handheld Howlitzer machine gun cannon.


  • Malice: Ruthless, conniving, greedy, power-mad, vengeful. Those words fit Malice to a tee. No one knows what went wrong with the experiment that created the diabolical Doberman that turned him psychopathically unstable, but it proved his downfall as a member of the Corps (his official record lists him as being dishonorably discharged). Incredibly egotistical, he became jealously offended when he was passed over as Corps leader for Magnum, and when he tried to protest, he was locked away in the brig. Furious, he chewed off his left hand to free himself (which he later replaced with an experimental biomechanical prosthetic), and escaped with his 'father' Dr. Elliot's research, determined to dominate and replace the 'inferior' human race who betrayed him with his own brand of canids. Armed with raw instinct and the call of the wild, as well as the morality of a unbridled beast, Malice plans to cage all mankind. As he was dishonorably discharged, he has no achievements to state. His favored weapon is a modified rapid-fire sniper's pistol.
  • Greyslash: The villainous "Muzzle" of the Corps world, Greyslash is a Husky/Wolf mix that is so feral and vicious, his intelligence is unable to be calculated. Even his physiology is more animal-like than the other canids in the war. A berserker, he continues to fight on, even when it's clear that his team is on the verge of defeat. One interesting, and disturbing, personality quirk of his is that he collects the medals of his fallen opponents as trophies to his success. He has no achievements, except for the dubious one of a warrant out for his arrest for war crimes, and his favored weapon, appropriately, is an anchor chain.