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The following, is a list of the characters introduced in all versions of the game High Tail Hall.

Introduced in High Tail Hall 1.0[edit]

  • Zoe Mallari: A female cheetah. Zoe is one of the HTH strippers. She is voiced by WulfGecko[1].
  • Tanya Winters: A female zebra. Tanya was introduced as a barmaid in High Tail Hall Classic, in the latest version, her bio states that she's a model/actress[2]. Tanya also makes an appearance in Red Light District.
  • Boris: An old male crow. Boris is from Russia and is one of Maxwell's regular customers.
  • Maxwell Moore: A black male tomcat. Maxwell is the owner and manager of HTH and serves guests as a bartender. He's also the owner of the House of Max, a strip bar located within HTH.
  • Jade Felicia Lanely: A female blue fox, she was introduced in version 1.7 but had incomplete full interaction. Right-clicking "play" on the character shows some of the intended interaction, before the sequence abruptly ends. Jade only appears in version 1.7.

Introduced in High Tail Hall 2[edit]

  • Bella Ferrari: A polar bear. Bella was one of the few characters to be voiced in High Tail High 2. She was voiced by Amaracol Canis[3].
  • Felicity: A lab rat, she was the first character to have a voice in the most recent build of the game. She also has a barcode tattoo on her neck.In HTH,she is naked. Her voice actress is Kat Von Tease and she stands at 5'4" [4].
  • Ginger: A tabby hermaphrodite cat with German heritage. She also appears in Red Light District.
  • Jezzel: A husky with a piercing under her lower lip.
  • Shelly: A collie, before arriving of the island, she attended a private christian school[5].
  • Shemyay An Anubian Jackal. While not above doing an occasional Egyptian themed photo shoot, she has been known to be snarky when the idea is brought up for Halloween, usually in favor of a Princess Leia slave outfit. She is friends with Mercedes. Shemyay also appears in Red Light District[6].
  • Cindy: A hare, she claims that Lola Bunny was a huge influence on how she wanted to be when she grew older.[7].
  • Kristy: A cat. She was the first character since High Tail Hall 2 to have interactive dialogue[8].In HTH,she wears a white/red stripped bikini.

Introduced in High Tail Hall: New Cyana[edit]

  • Anne: Anne is a Belgian draft horse from Toronto. She was the first girl to incorporate the Dress to Trill feature. She also appears in Red Light District.[10]
  • Ari: A bisexual male rabbit with blue hair. He prefers to act submissive and feminine. Ari makes an appearence in Red Light District[11].
  • Candy: A unicorn stripper. She's often mistaken for being a horse, but that is not the case[12].
  • Carmen: A red fox. Gold subscribed players are able to have access to a threesome scene with her and Cindy[13].In HTH,she is topless,wears a red bottom bikini.
  • Denise: A poison dart frog and native to the New Cianna Islands, the setting of High Tail Hall's current version. She can produce a chemical from her skin that induces hallucinations and increased sex drive[14].
  • Gianna: A cow and mother. She lactates in her interactive scene when the player gropes her breasts.character[15].
  • Jaymee Benz: A hare. Her interactive spooning scene was the first third person scene since HTH Classic[16].
  • Kira: Is a blond haired river otter. She is also voiced by Amaracol Canis[17].
  • Mercedes: An abyssinian cat. She is good friends with Shemyay and was the first character to have picture-in-picture camera angles for her character scenes.[18]
  • Valeriya: A kodiak bear.
  • Ava: Is a teenaged calico cat. Her scene type coined the phrase "kitty style"[22].
  • Britteny: A gold exclusive blond zebra.
  • Charity: A female turkey. She first appeared around late November in 2015. Although plenty of puns have been directed at her, she keeps a high spirit and enjoys some herself[23].
  • Charlotte: A labrador/collie mix. She is also voiced by Tyvara Panther[24].
  • Erin: An iguana/chameleon mix. She maintains a rivalry with Rio Davis to the point of dividing the islands into two cliques[26].
  • Eve: Is a hermaphrodite dragoness, and the tallest character in the game. She is also the owner of the House of Eve, a strip club located in the Tower[27].
  • Francesca: A horse. Francesca is the game's first transgender character, in his case being a pre-op male-to-female. Francesca made her debut in Red Light District before High Tail Hall[28].
  • Jeanette: A horse. She was the first character to be interactive with the female player model. She appears in Red Light District and is also voiced by Sasha Darkcloud[31].
  • Jessica: A skunk with reddish brown hair.
  • Kendra: A wolf. She is fond of working out and 80's clothing[33]
  • Kristen: A gold exclusive border collie. Her sister Michelle is also an interactive character.
  • Kylie: This chinchilla also started off as an NPC before users requested interactive scenes.In HTH,she is topless and wears a blue bottom bikini.[34]
  • Lucky: A horse. She hails from Ireland and was in earlier versions of the game, notably on St. Patrick's Day.[35]
  • Marcus: A bisexual doberman with a female preference, Marcus was the first male character to have a female player scene.[36]
  • Michelle: A border collie and Kristen's twin sister.
  • Omar: A sea otter, he is seen having sex with Rebecca in the House of Eve. He will be voiced by Crowchild[37].
  • Raquel: A smilodon, she also appears in Red Light District[38].
  • Rebecca: A red squirrel. She's a dancer at the house of Eve. She's frequently seen with Omar and both share a gold interactive scene together[39].
  • Rose: A lioness. Rose originally appeared in a standalone Halloween game before appearing in HTH[40].
  • Ruby: A red dragoness with a liking for gold jewelry. She is friends with Goldie[41].
  • Samantha: A bald eagle with a penchant for dressing up in patriotic American clothing[42].
  • Sasha: Is a black cat dancer in the House of Eve.
  • Savannah: A tiger shark. Savannah was the first aquatic character to be featured on HTH. She was originally hired to be a lifeguard, eventually ending up modeling[43].
  • Star: A horse. Her appearance history in the game mimics her twin sister Lucky[44]
  • Vira: A poison dart frog. She works at the Pussy Palace Brothel[45].
  • Vixxxen Blitzen: A reindeer model and dancer. She originally appeared in an HTH Christmas minigame. Her antlers grow over time, becoming full in late winter and falling out in spring[46].
  • ZigZag: (See main article: Zig Zag).

Introduced in Red Light District[edit]

  • Crissy: A Fox/Husky hybrid who boasts the lowest price on her street. This is due to the fact that getting paid is an afterthought for her actions.
  • Hope: A female raccoon. Secretive and paranoid she moves around the area a lot and has numerous small hideouts and caches.
  • Megan: A hermaphrodite hyena.
  • Traci: A female giraffe. She is the tallest girl in RLD.
  • Vivian: A female white poodle dog. She is the small but energetic.


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