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This is a list of characters in the comic Gold Digger.

The Diggers family[edit]

  • Brittany Diggers
  • Gina Diggers
  • Brianna Diggers, a clone-fusion of Gina and Britanny, now their 'sister'. She has a liking of technology and the physical, leading her to making battle armors, power-blasters, smart bombs, and the Lazy-boy-o-doom.
  • Theodore Diggers, archmage, father of Gina and stepfather of Britanny
  • Julia Diggers, martial artist/swordmistress, who was temporarily de-aged twenty years by a mysterious chi technique
  • Stryyp'Gia (Stripe), a member of the alien Kryn species, Britanny's husband, ruler of the mythical city of El Dorado
  • Jonathan Diggers, Gina's grandfather, known as the Lich King, turned into a lich by an experimental spell, now one of the comic's "Rogues' Gallery". He passed on to his final reward in a recent issue, after a failed attempt to regain his power by kidnapping Britanny's infant daughter.
  • Seance, Theodore Digger's protegé, and his girlfriend Genn, a Rakshasa

Other characters[edit]

  • Garfield "Gar" Silvear - A werejaguar and Julia's most advanced student, Gar is also a member of the Northern Edge Guard, a peace-keeping force in Julia's native realm of Jade. His primary weapon is a lightning Spear known as Thunder Edge. While Julia initially tried to set Gar up with her daughter, Brittany, Gar only worked up the nerve to approach Brit after she had begun her relationship with Stripe. Realizing that Brittany truly loved Stripe, Gar abandoned his pursuit of her, though the attraction remained even after he began to fall in love with Luan, one of Julia's other students. Currently Gar is recuperating after nearly dying during an infiltration into the wererat capitol of Dark Home.
  • Luan and Carla, war scouts (the Jade equivalent of ninja) and Julia's two other Shun-Leep students, Luan and Carla originally were viciously antagonistic towards Julia due to her apparent dishonoring of the Shun-Leep school thanks to G'nolga's treachery. When Master Leep corrected them on this matter, their attitudes rapidly reversed and Julia took them on as her new students after Master Leep conferred her master status upon her. Luan (an orphan due to the execution of her parents by the knight-spectre, Rook) is currently Julia's second-most advanced student, due in part to her desire to accompany Gar (whom she has a budding relationship with) on his adept's pilgrimage to the Proving Grounds. Carla, on the other hand, is currently testing her skills in Earth's Universal Fighter Federation (UFF) circuit alongside Ayane "Mistress" Anno, under the circuit alias of "Desire". She is also illiterate.
  • Penny Pinser, fellow archaeologist and formerly Gina's bitter arch-rival in the field, Penny and Gina reconciled their differences when Penny generated a substantial amount of income to help Gina out of an advanced debt that had piled up due to the effects of the bad luck curse. Currently seeing Kevin "Ace" Koss, Penny's yet to get him to commit to something more serious. Recently she and Gina have agreed to follow up different leads on two races that influenced Earth in the past, with Gina taking the history of the Dragon race on Earth, while Penny investigates the ancient Amonians who ruled Earth and constructed the pyramids as a massive spaceport during the time of Ancient Egypt.
  • Kevin "Ace" Koss, pilot, Penny's boyfriend and good friend of Gina's. He's typically seen when the Diggers sisters need a lift somewhere. He has a long-standing rivalry with rival piloting group "Night Flight".
  • Charlotte, a Harpie that was originally a bioengineered weapon produced by the canine rulers of an alternate timeline, Charlotte was used by Alfred Peachbody in an attempt to dispose of Gina, Penny, and their escorts. However, a high-frequency sound similar to a dog-whistle severed the dog's empathic link with Charlotte, who was turned from bloodthirsty monster to a very young and confused harpy in an adult body. Penny adopted her to train as a bodyguard similar to Gina's sister Brittany, and the two have become best friends, with Penny eventually slipping into a surrogate mother role for Charlotte. Charlotte proved her worth later on when she figured out the malicious intent of the awakened Saurian Befadoc in the prehistoric city of Civ-Alpha, and a recent adventure revealed two alternate histories branching off from that event, with Charlotte's alternates helping to prevent the alternate Befadocs from both histories from wreaking havoc in the primary timeline. Currently Charlotte has progressed from being the equivalent of a ten year old something more akin to a thirteen year old child. However, her abilities as a bodyguard are considerably more advanced due to her training under Britanny. She has a high amount of curiosity about things in life, as well as an unnatural obsession with peanuts. (One time, she ate an entire plane's stock of peanuts and ended up in need of an emergency stomach pump.) Also, she has a fixation on wanting to have a baby.
  • Jetta, leader of the Werewolf clan, friend, advisor and former rival of Britanny Diggers
  • Thabian, Jetta's husband
  • Pojo and Alera, Jetta and Thabian's children
  • Lydia McKracken, Moisha Riche, and Romeo Ellis, three Wererat teenagers that were raised with the sole purpose of assassinating Britanny Elin Diggers. They seem incompetent most of the time and would rather be at the beach or mall (thus earning them the nick-name "Mall Rats" by fans) than in training with their sensei, a Ninja named Zero.
  • Gothwrain (now deceased), former High-Elder in the Wererat clan. He is a powerful mage that has an affinity for cigars. He has powerful shapeshifting abilities that other mages cannot see through. (Ironically, in a few of his shapeshifted forms, he tends to take on the form of a woman. Case in point, the witch of the Oompa Loompas and Dyranna of Atlantis.) Jonathan Diggers' transformation into a lich can be directly linked to Gothwrain. In recent issues, it was learned that Gothwrain is Lydia's father.
  • Tanya'Rey, former high priestess of El Dorado. She has a long-standing crush on Stryyp and has more than once tried to kill off Britanny Diggers. She was shrunk and served as Pojo's play toy for a long while.
  • Raphiel'Rey, a Werecheetah that was a golem creation of Tanya's. Originally, he was meant to come in-between Britanny and Stryyp so that they would not get married. However, he was too kind to do such a thing to them and sought another solution. Currently he is training under Sheila to become a member of the Edge Guard, an elite police unit on the planet Jade.
  • Sheila Silvear, a Werejaguar, Gar's sister, member of the Northern Edge Guard. Currently is the teacher of Raphiel'Rey and Calandra, a Werelioness. Her signature weapon is a scimitar called the Ice Fang. (It has Ice properties.) Born with a rare birth defect, her hybrid form is rather small and petite, making her look like a young teenager, causing her some serious discomfort in situations where she would rather be treated as an adult (as she is in her early-to-mid-twenties). She does, however, use words like "Ka-Powie" in her sentences when she talks about beating someone up. (One of her attacks is called "Ice Ka-Powie".) Her human form has all the strength, size, bust and beauty that her hybrid form should have, which adds another level of her discomfort about her hybrid form. (In one adventure, she was being forced into running in a swimsuit that wasn't designed to run in, causing it to rip off of her. She made a comment that either the swim-suit tears for not being designed for heavy-duty running, or to shift to her hybrid form where her size 18 bikini would fall right off her size 6 frame.)
  • Calandra, a Werelioness, student of Sheila's. She's an archer that has a tendency to go for as much money as possible, mostly due to the fact that she's deeply in debt (around 10 million gold in debt, actually.).
  • Leep, the best (and most perverted) martial arts teacher on Jade. Grandmaster of the Shun Leep style of fighting. He taught Julia, Luan and Carla at various times. He only teaches women. His outfits are very skimpy, designed in such a way that if the woman in question tries to cover her breasts, the bottom of the outfit pulls up, and if they try to pull the bottom down, their breasts get more exposed. In addition, he trains in the mountains, where it is very cold and drafty. While many dislike his teaching methods, no one says anything about the effectiveness.
  • G'nolga, former Armsmaster and Weaponsmaster of Jade, and Julia's biggest rival, who happens to be the only person that G'nolga cannot defeat in battle. Known as the "giant killer" for being able to defeat anyone significantly larger than her (which isn't hard, considering that she is a dwarf.). Her primary weapon of choice is a three-segmented staff with dwarven cold iron tips. As a dwarf, she has the advantage of being highly resistant to magic, which is really useful when she has to combat mages.
  • Peebos, various smart bombs that Brianna has created. Most of them are fairly simple, going "boom" on whatever is bothering their creator. However, a few of them actually have personalities and an attachment to and from Brianna.
    • Peebochu - the first Peebo that Brianna made that she grew attached to. The design is an obvious parody of Pikachu from Pokémon. (When Peebochu is first introduced, it's in a "Pokéball" of sorts and Brianna yells "Peebochu, I choose you.")
    • PeeBri - A "Peebo Scout" that was designed in the likeness of Brianna, has a big blaster on its back. It tends to get into lots of mischief and trouble, particularily when it comes to computers. PeeBri also has a severe dislike of birds.
    • PeeGi - Another "Peebo Scout" that was designed to be similar to Gina. Far more cautious than PeeBri, it still causes problems and has a working relationship with Gina's computer.
    • PeeBrit - The last of the original "Peebo Scouts" that Brianna made, this one in the likeness of Britanny. It tends to go well over the speed limit both inside and outside, and has a fascination for Tuna cans. Brianna originally created the three of them so that she could see what it would have been like if she could have grown up along side her sisters normally.

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