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The following is a list of characters in the webcomic Furfire.


Main Characters[edit]

Savrin Furfire
A human/firewolf furmential hybrid, Savrin is wary of revealing his furmential heritage. As his father was a human, he has no fur on his body and is without a tail.
Diane Mai'lar
A young feline faffur, Diane wishes only to become like her father, an accomplished thief. She has had various problems doing so, due to her limited skills.
Abbalion "Abbie" Mai'lar
Diane's adoptive older brother, he is much more skilled than Diane. However, the coyote faffur tends to act incompetent and stupid in order to boost his sister's self-esteem and confidence.
A cocky firewolf furmential, Zephyr looks down upon "normal" faffurs. Despite this attitude, he seems to have an infatuation with Diane.
She is the spirit that lives in Savrin's sword. While she has no form, she takes a canine faffur form out of respect for her companions.
Vai'ray Stareye
While she does share Zephyr's haughty attitude towards non-furmentials, this windhawk furmential healer has a soft spot for Diane.
Zephyr's brother and a skilled swordsman, Inavara's quest is to end his brother's life, though he has yet to succeed.
A spirit much like Kira, Yuumei is far more malicious than the friendly Kira. Like all spirits, he is formless, but he prefers to copy his "host" Savrin's form. He possesses Savrin from time to time.

Other Characters[edit]

Professor Fetch
Leader of the archaeological dig at the beginning of the comic, he also teaches at the nearby college.
Quvas Litefoot
Guardian of the sacred Time-water temple and member of the Wildtra High Guard, Quvas discovered Savrin, Diane, and Abbie soon after their arrival in the past.
Jaster Maivin
Cavecor’s second-in-command, Jaster carries out all of his orders..
Tyler Winchester
A human rogue working for Jaster, he also appears to be taking orders from a male feline.
Vandabar Micker
A member of the Twilight Magic team and the lone survivor after Cavecor’s betrayal, he found Savrin as a baby and raised him as his own son.
Cavecor Javrafar
A wanderer prior to joining the Twilight Magic Team, Cavecor had not finished his training before confronting the Shadow Dark, as a result it took control of him.
Taxwin Pacara
A former member of Vandabar's New Twilight Magic Team, he left shortly after his love Lilly died. He did not finish his training; as such his power over the earth element is limited.
Katina Shavara
The only current member of the New Twilight Magic Team, Katina spends much of her time caring for the heartbroken Taxwin. She commands the element of water.
Maxwell Freeman
More infamously known as the Fur Hunter, Maxwell hunts furs so he can take their tails and sell them for high profits.
The ruthless Queen of the Tai’far, Yuira killed her own mother in order to ascend to her current position.
Palen Blackfurr
The mute kangaroo who Cavecor had mind controlled, she becomes a killing machine at his command. It was Palen who had killed Lilly on the scouting mission.
A male fur with snow leopard markings, Fu is apparently Tyler’s second boss.
A traveling vixen, musician, and healer, she comes to Quvas and Savrin’s aid at the Inn of the Yellow Rose
An earthbear furmential, Gera is Zephyr’s godfather.
Tara Mioow
The daughter of the Wildtra chief, Tara is also Quvas’ “niece.” She was the only one who did not fall victim to the sleeping powder during the Tai’far raid.
Sable Flame
A wandering musteline faffur with an odd fascination with a certain firewolf feather.
Shadow Dark
An evil entity that took control of Cavecor years ago.
Time Guardian
A mysterious blind purple faffur, the Time Guardian (as the Shadow Dark referred to him) apparently has some power over time, as he is able to show people their futures. However, he acknowledges that what he knows is not set in stone.