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The characters of Bristled are animals of varying species, living together in a society that mimics real life. Though the anthropomorphism is evident in every facet of the comic, some instinctive behaviors still control their lives.

Azraelle Wormser[edit]

Often going by shortened names such as Az or Azzy, Azraelle is a common raccoon. Her fur is medium grey with a darker band of fur across the face, as is characteristic of raccoons in general. She wears a light blue shirt and jeans, and a gold bracelet on each wrist. Despite never being able to see her eye color in the comic itself, her right eye is brown and her left eye is blue. Her hair is also a dark blue; it is generally considered to be dyed this color.

Azraelle is known to be somewhat flippant regarding the "real world," and will often ignore facts and logical discussion that she does not consider fun. She is approximately 28 years old, has held intermittent temporary positions in data entry, but does not hold any sort of degree or higher education. Azraelle is notorious for eating large quantities of food amazingly fast, often to the chagrin of her roommate. She claims to have invented several "sure-fire" money-making schemes; her most famous is the "Sock Experience" that supposedly lets customers feel what it is like to be laundry. Azraelle is also addicted to the high-speed Internet connection that was active in the apartment until Beth had it shut off in order to reduce the monthly bill overhead.

If ever needed, Azraelle chooses to arm herself against threats with a garden shovel.

Az is also a half-life fan. She even dressed up in a HEV suit that Gordon Freeman wears during a halloween party. She even sports his glasses. Due to the attention to detail, it is unknown how she made the suit or where she got it.

Bethany Annabelle Morrison[edit]

Usually seen relaxing in the apartment wearing her signature pink ringer midriff shirt and grey sweatshorts, Beth is a blonde albino rabbit with oversized front teeth. She also typically wears gold hoop earrings. Though never seen in the comic, her eyes are red. She almost always keeps her hair tied back in a ponytail. When at work, she is seen wearing a black turtleneck with three-quarter-length sleeves and brown khakis.

Beth is a vegetarian, enjoys meditating (presumably to relieve the stress that her roommate Az causes her), and currently works for the United States Post Office. Though being a very active exerciser, Beth will also sit and watch her favorite television shows when her roommate isn't bugging her. She also enjoys reading and considers herself well-versed in literary history. She usually puts up an intelligent defense against Azraelle's mindless rants and annoyances. In response to Azraelle's carefree view of life, she sometimes feels she must take on the role of the "responsible one." This leads her to often act similar to Az's mother.

Beth's general dispostion is rather bleak; according to Azraelle, Beth has been seen to smile only twice in the last year. Although she is usually in a pessimistic state of mind, she rarely ever lashes out. But when she gets really upset, she will make a choking gesture with her hands. Az refers to this as the "Force-choke," and has only ever seen her use it once.

Despite her fit and healthy physique, Beth was very obese during junior and senior high school, earning the degrading nickname "Behemoth" by her hip, trend-following peers. This obesity subsided slightly after school, but was still present when she married a few years later. Beth is currently divorced.

Ruac Lycia[edit]

The newest tenant in the apartment previously shared only between Azraelle and Bethany, Ruac (or simply Ru) responded to an ad placed on a telephone pole (presumably placed by Azraelle). At first, Ru was tricked by Az into thinking that they needed another roommate in order to relieve financial stress caused by having a loved one on life support. In reality, it was simply an attempt by Az to keep high-speed Internet access. Despite this, Ru has agreed to stay in the apartment.

Ruac is a cheetah with dark grey hair and blond highlights. Her eye color is red, seen once in a close-up. She has a few eccentricities in her speech, often saying "yush" instead of "yes". She has mentioned that she has a large sum of money at her disposal, though exactly how she obtained it has not been revealed. She is generally cheerful and happy at all times.

Though there are currently three tenants sharing the apartment, the apartment itself only had two bedrooms. Ruac currently sleeps in Azraelle's bedroom, whereas Azraelle has volunteered to sleep on the couch. Since the apartment is inhabited by all females, Ru often feels it unnecessary to cover herself up after showering or bathing. The first time Beth saw her, Ruac was wearing only a purple towel on her head.

Ruac has a trans-dimensional shape-shifting specter, known only as "The Shadow," as a pet. She can communicate directly with it in person, and long-distance through a series of crystals.

The Shadow[edit]

Not much is known about the Shadow, other than it is a trans-dimensional shape-shifting specter, and that it belongs to and obeys commands from Ruac. Usually prefering to appear as a vaguely humanoid cloud with red eyes, it is capable of taking on many different forms, from simple objects to people. While in its cloudy form, it seems to only be able to communicate through grunts, slobbers, whines, and other similar sounds. However when it takes the form of another person, it can apparently adopt their speech patterns as well.

The Shadow can communicate with Ruac long-distance via a series of crystals that Ruac can set out. While Ruac speaks out loud during this process, the Shadow can simply relay his thoughts directly to Ruac. He is also apparently capable of direct-thought communication with anyone he chooses to touch (as seen in the dual-action episode "All Events Are In Real-Time," wherein he surrounded Beth with cloudy tendrils in order to give her pertinent information about what had been happening around her). At one point he even demonstrated the ability to temporarily override Ruac's body through her proximity to the crystals in order to inform Azraelle of information she was looking for.

Other characters[edit]

Mr. Wallace[edit]

Mr. Wallace is Azraelle's boss, a short, fair-tempered koala.

Doug Duncan[edit]

Doug is one of Azraelle's co-workers, a Golden Retriever who has a penchant for telling really bad jokes. Meeting him for the first time, Doug introduces himself to Az by using a gag hand. This prompts Azraelle to invent a linear scale by which to rank "lame" jokes, and naming the scale after Doug. (The false-hand gag was initially rated a 23, which she almost immediately raised to 24.5 after it was found that the gag hand wouldn't let go.)

Rodney Poole[edit]

Rodney, a dark-haired squirrel, works with Beth at the Post Office, and secretly has a crush on her. He usually sits by himself at lunch time, but not out of loneliness, but rather seemingly out of respect for the "natural order of lunch" that he observes in his co-workers; a sort of peaceful, zen-like state that everyone supposedly reaches. Of course, to his co-workers, he is simply a loner.

Craig Moyer[edit]

Craig is a trouble-making domestic cat who works with Beth at the Post Office. He relates everything in his life to role-playing terms and concepts, and uses his lunch time to play tabletop role-playing games with his friends. He is quick to suspect his co-workers of schemes and keeping secrets, and generally doesn't seem to trust many people.

Artemis Sweeney[edit]

One of Craig's few close friends, Artemis is a bird, although the exact species is unknown. He is only ever seen wearing dark sunglasses and a black beret. His headfeathers are tucked back under the beret, and appear to be dredlocked. Though less suspecting than Craig, he will go along with Craig's ideas when there's a chance he might be right.

Crystal Lewis[edit]

Another of Beth's co-workers, Crystal is a short ferret species with curly black hair, usually pulled back in a pony tail. She is usually very on-edge while at work, worrying about meeting her quota so she won't be fired.

The Suit[edit]

Bethany's interviewer and seemingly the Human Resources manager at the Post Office, The Suit is a dull-reddish fox in a grey business suit and sunglasses, bearing a striking similarity to Agent Smith in the Matrix films. So far no name has been mentioned, but everyone at the Post Office seems to recognize him, and somewhat fear him. This may be due to the fact that he is known to dish out "sucker punches" at random.

Frank Thomas[edit]

Seen during a flashback story arc, Frank is Beth's ex-husband. He is a tall albino rabbit like Beth, but has dark hair and whiskers. His family owned a weight loss clinic that he was hoping to inherit. In order to do so, he wanted to find a sure-fire product that the clinic could sell, thus bringing the company out of debt.


On occasion, the author herself will appear in the comic to explain some information and generally just to break the fourth wall when needed. She appears as a brown raccoon, as opposed to Azraelle, who is grey. She is sometimes seen wearing glasses (as the author also will do), and changes outfits and hair style in every appearance. This is the only way the author will show herself in the comic. In the Bristled FAQ, she jokingly states that she cannot show photos of herself due to the claim that in order to make the comic successful she had to sell her soul. Thus, she will not actually photograph. She mentions that it's tough enough for people around her, because the only way to even see her in person is through reflections.