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This page contains a list of characters from the stories of the Trinton Chronicles web novels.

Character Guide - Neo[edit]

Athero - A young raccoon from Lunar Island, not much known at this time.

Aurora - A mysterious red haired young female akita with a set of mysterious ties to the past and Dan, she was tossed into the future inadvertently in order to save her life and was sent farther into it then she was meant to go. Aurora is a little mentally unstable and its possibly due to her powers, which allow her to materialize objects, clones, and effect dreams via the Astral Plane.

Brandon - A young ermine genius (of sorts) due to his power of innate knowledge of any machine he physically touches, he is playful and carefree sometimes oblivious to the outside world or even what happens in his own home! As a side note he also generates portals and uses them to get around although he doesn't go very far away it seems.

Boris - A wise old badger who seems to have a lot of power in the Underground where all the freaks, criminals, and others live with no fear from the normals above.

Coatl - A young half angel/lizard with the power of healing hands, a rare ability in the world. She is soft spoken, quiet, and reserved.

Dan - The mystery person of the group sometimes, a raccoon who's past is shaded in lost history with seemingly no memories of it along with his powers. Despite not knowing anything at first Dan moved forward a great deal and eventually blended in to the life he awoke to and took up the mantle to be a hero, along with his strained partnership with Darkstar, the black scythe, he tends to make short work of foes if he actually tries. In a fight he normally just slows them down or speeds himself up to attack and defend and has demonstrated that ever since he obtained the dark and light powers he can truly wreck havoc if he was careless.

Elijia - A heroic-type of dragon who acts as an ambassador to Tritnon for the Dragon Clan who wishes to settled in the city. He is stoic, quiet, calm, and very hard to anger but quick to fight for honor and his own beliefs.

Frost - A middle aged arctic wolf detective with a dark past..

Jasmine - A female star agate lizard with a pension for trouble, she is power hungry on some level and has the most unique and rarest form of powers in the city (and the planet). She is best friends with Sabella and partial friends with Jay and Dan. She rarely forms close relationships but Sabella and her daughter are amongst them. Jasmine often goes on chaotic sprees with Aurora and Sara, all three of them cause a fair amount of damage and if not for the Relic Link Jasmine would be in a maximum security prison for her abilities alone.

Jay - A spunky young British cheetah with an attitude...

Kalinda - A strong willed white tigress who is a country girl at heart. She used the city as an 'escape' from her very sheltered life where she grew up. She has the hobby of marksmanship and has learned some basic magic spells; she joined the mysterious group known as the Relic Link earlier in her life where the took her in off the streets and basically trained her to be the equivalent of a knight.

'Rayte - A shy teenage skunk who got caught up in the deadly maze of ice from the fairy sisters creation, he joined the main heroes on their quest to escape the frozen hell. He later sacrificed himself in order to prove a point and take down more then half an army while protecting his friends.

Robert - The happy-go-lucky and easy going young male dingo who's main power consists of magnetic manipulation and control, happens to also be cursed with the power of summoning and often against his own will. Robert feels his summoning is a 'curse' as it forces him to venture into a forbidden structure and release a very ancient person when we first meet him. Robert's trained in robotics and has a field degree in it, this makes him one of the smarter members of the group. Eventually he gets over the whole curse feeling and embraces his summoning heritage, going as far as learning to summon a Jabberwocky and a Medicine Woman.

Sabella - A young female canine warrior from an island just east of the mainland, she grew up with swords and great skilled training as a warrior but was at one time totally unaware of her special powers (possibly to keep her safe from the Silence Cult finding her) of water control and electricity generation. Being an Indigo Child, one blessed with divine rights and protected by a goddess named Grala, she seems to have developed Empathy.

Sakura - A half-angel/canine Knight Templar who is a support of the church and against all false religious orders.

Sara - A half-demon/feline girl who has the powers over fire and her own body (mainly her bones) whos whole purpose in life seems to be following the path of chaos and enjoying it as a sport.

Solan - A mysterious young black wolf that no one knows much about...

Xiion - A tall, powerful, komodo dragon samurai trained in the arts of war, assassination, and flower arrangement for inner peace. His brooding stature and honor keep him at arms (and sometimes weapons) length from any allies but he is a loyal friend when needed.

Character Guide - Genesis[edit]

"This is the character guide created during the first three stories, which needs some clean-up, and may end up on a web page separate from Wikifur at the current status of the page" — Dan Hopkins

Amara - Twilight’s to-be heir of her power and duties, she was killed by the Twisted Sisters in order to stop Twilight’s freedom from being complete.

Amy - She was an on duty nurse during the time Solan attacked the hospital before being stopped by Lady Dawn.

Alex - Tonya’s lover in New Genesis. She was killed by X before the end of New Genesis.

Alex Claudine - Vampire who is also a college professor by night. He has an infatuation with Lady Dawn. He also has written several books and lives in a nice house on Sunset Lane. He mysteriously vanished after Dawn left Trinton.

Alpha - Robotic cat built by Lady Dawn as a companion to herself before Chloe existed. Alpha left with Lady Dawn.

Arthur Cain - New leader of Ghetto Busters who took over by defeating the original Boss.

Ashley Wolfe - 12 year old girl who is Peter Wolfe’s twin sister. They both appear in White Death as part of the group of children who were taking refuge in the Shinto’s wards.

Ashley Zoe - Assassin to Xanith during Xanith’s Reign. She was an orphan and taken in by Xanith to be his personal assassin. She hails from Russia but was given the power to speak all languages, much like Xanith could. She was killed by his sword when she found him speaking with Dawn.

Azrael - Angel of lost souls. He helped to spy on and kill Ebony and track Dan before his death at the hands of Xanith in the third arc.

Barbi - The sister to Darci, and the slightly smarter Bimbo of the two. She was killed by Alex Claudine in the first arc by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with her sister. Later in White Death, Nathaniel Black resurrects her but she is able to resist his power.

Brenda Snow - She owns a health spa in Trinton and also appeared briefly in White Death after stepping and tripping on Sabella’s fallen body. She seems coldhearted but in reality she is just very stern.

Bors - The younger twin to Tolbert in the dream world created when Jessica and Kimera’s combined mental powers, he used half a set of Tarot Cards to attack with. Bors was the ‘good’ twin and didn’t want to capture Dawn really. In reality Bors was really a young boy named Bradly.

Chance - Mysterious newcomer and nerdy thief in Arc 4. For some reason he lacks magical powers.

Cherie Verret - One of the children caught in the aftermath of the shock-wave during White Death. Cherie’s mother was hurt badly and was placed under a healing sleep by Lady Dawn. Her bigger brother is David Verret. Cherie is sweet and playful and likes stories being told to her.

Chloe - A ‘Twin’ created by the god Ares. It is assumed that a fusion stone was used to split Dawn into two halves but this wasn’t what Aries had expected happening and he was unable to undo his mess. Chloe left with Lady Dawn after Forgotten World of Eternity.

Dan - The main character of the first and third arcs. Dan is a half-angel and half-demon child who has incredible powers but one wonders at what cost to him. He was captured by Luxen 80 years before the start of New Genesis and then later freed by Kimera in the guise of a woman named Ashley Berret who worked for the company.

Darci - The dumber twin of the Bimbos. She was killed by Alex Claudain with her sister and later brought back to life in White Death. She went with Nate Black and became his personal bitch.

Darieus / Darwin - A young red fox with two personalities inside of his mind, Darwin and Dareius. When Forgotten World of Eternity ended, it turns out Darwin was really just a shadow of Chole in the dream world.

D. Summons - Slave to Una.

David Verret - Another of the children left in the care of the Shinto shrine. David seems a bit spunky at times and very out going. His younger sister is Cherie Verret.

David Wells - Main business contact for Dawn in the Phoenix Foundation in Canada and long time friend of Dawn’s. David doesn’t make any big appearances in the first season.

Dawn - Also called Dawn Ferguson or Lady Dawn. She is the secondary character till White Death. She is kind hearted and very much into being a shrine maiden at a local Shinto Shrine. After Forgotten World of Eternity however, Lady Dawn was called away to another city and left Trinton forever.

Death - The female spirit who guides the dead souls to her realm. Nathaniel Black used the Necronomicon to take over her realm for a bit but failed in the end and was killed when he got shoved over the edge of a cliff and into the mysterious Void. Death regained control of her realm shortly afterwards and sealed off the Dead Realm from the living so that nothing like the White Death could happen again. Only souls can now enter her realm.

Derick - A bisexual summoner with a fling for anything with two legs and a tail. He falls in love with Dan instantly in New Genesis and even switches sides to be with him. His attitude is very blunt at times and even more picky then Dan’s. He was almost killed by a demon that inhabited Jay’s body for a time but luckily he lived. So far all he has accomplished is making Dan more leery of him.

Destiny - The ex-head of the Luxen Corp in Trinton. She had a double identity as Vincent and used a Gender Gem to change between forms. It was later learned she was Jade’s sister. She was also the reincarnation of Luxian.

Duma Crowley - Mysterious albino fox with a strange pastime as gun for hire and a hacker. Not much known about him just yet.

Ebony - The angel of darkness and a once higher angel then Xanith. After the great wars he fled to the Abyss and was thus forever sealed there till Xanith made a pact with him and turned him into one of his own. Of course Ebony didn’t care much for Xanith’s ways and was later killed for betraying him.

Elisabeth - Arthur Cain’s personal assistant.

Frederick - The head priest and owner of the Shinto Shrine Dawn works at. He has the power to summon Tien Kou, the god-like guardian of all things holy. Frederick also helped keep people safe in White Death with his wards.

Fry - Jay’s elemental buddy of fire. Fry has a snappy personality and also a thing for being almost exactly like Jay.

Frost - The big dumb muscle dude who is also Rychyld’s companion. He is totally against cults and also a lot smarter then he acts like. He has fallen for Dan’s smashing good looks and attitude. The bad thing is Frost can’t seem to get Dan’s attention. On a side note, Frost is under some kind of ethereal protection from the goddess Freya for unknown reasons.

Ginna - Freelance herbalist and witch-like old woman who is well beyond her 200th birthday. She supplies anyone who can pay her prices with potions, pills, medication, remedies, spells, items of magical interest, etc. Until recently she worked for the Ghetto Busters.

Halley - She works with Fredrick at the Shinto Shrine and also helped to take care of the injured during White Death. She is the one who hired Dawn to work at the shrine.

Isis - The reincarnation of the goddess of Egypt, she is Jay’s first victim to be seen in New Genesis and later on she becomes a friend. Of course something happens to her and she gets lost in Limbo. Jay is still searching for her.

Jade - The Messiah of Death, this woman is Destiny’s sister and Jessica’s cousin. She is reborn to kill Luxian but doesn’t want to die any more so instead she turned to her own personal goals. During the end of Xanith’s Reign she and Luxian were fused into one being where they were finally released from their horrible fates.

Jay - The living element of fire, a persona he lives up to. He can be both a jerk and a sweetheart. He is a thief by trade and a cool guy by nature. He was nearly killed by Nate and later enchanted by Midnight. Jay hasn’t been seen since White Death.

Jessica - A Wiccan and spell caster by trade, she is related to Jade and Destiny as a cousin. Her mother was Sonya, the owner of the Luxen Corp. As of yet no one knows what Jessica is really up to. She was part of the cause for the Forgotten World of Eternity episode when her and Kimera’s mind powers mixed by mistake.

Jinx - Chance’s girl. She is a klutzy blonde thief and seductress. For some reason she has no powers.

Jonathan - Sabella’s best friend and perhaps lover. He is strong willed and very keen with a sword. However he seems to be troubled by something deep down that not even Sabella knows.

Jonathan Ferguson - Zoe’s father who was raised from the dead with the magical Phoenix Tear flower by Dawn. He only appeared briefly during the start of White Death, and then only as a side plot.

Kalli - Mysterious biological weapon created by Luxen and is believed to be the prototype of X. Kalli has feelings and much sadness till she is taken under Alex Claudain’s wing. She became a vampire soon after but eventually tracked down the Cup of Jira, in the Gobi Desert, and found the cure to her vampirism. Soon after she went on to lead her own ‘normal’ life.

Kimera - Sister to Destiny and Jade, she is the one who kept attempting to spoil the company’s plans of world domination. She helped to relocate the Relic Link HQ and was keeping track of Tonya’s killing spree in Europe. She was almost killed by Felicia for the Twisted Sister’s own whims but her mind power was mixed with Jessica’s and instead they together created the dream known as Forgotten World of Eternity.

Kojiro - Sakura’s rival and her father’s murder. Kojiro has this power lust thing going for him. He attempted to do strike a deal with Luxen Inc. and the Ghetto Busters but failed both times. So far all that is known about him is that he is in hiding from Sakura.

Laura Kirsha - Wife to the original Boss of the Ghetto Busters. She is secretly a Major-Level Djinn.

Lilly - Presumed to be the next livening element, she has control over water and the uncanny ability to find it in any given situation. She was orphaned during the shock-wave that destroyed the city during White Death. She is a sweet young girl and really took a likening to Michael’s stories.

Luxian - The demon that has forever been trying to take over some part of Tan’arn for his own use. He and Jade fought two times before in the past but this time he was reborn as Destiny and something new changed in him. Something he never knew....and something that helped to change his fate forever because during the end of Xanith’s Reign he and Jade were fused into one being where Jessica helped them sort out their realities and thus set them free from their horrible fate.

Mark Parker - His brother is Matt Parker, he was one of the children who were left in the care of the Shinto Shrine. He and Matt are pro pranksters and military brats so at first they didn’t get along to well with the other children.

Matt Parker - His brother is Mark Parker, he was also one of the children who were left in the care of the Shinto Shrine. He and Mark are pro pranksters and military brats so they didn’t really get along with the other children at first.

Michael - A kitsune from the Crowned Realm who was banished for playing a very nasty practical joke during New Years Eve. He has a thing for bad pranks and big time jokes but also for Dawn. As of now his whereabouts are unknown.

Midnight - Mysterious enchantress from White Death. As of yet no one knows who she is.

Naurien - CEO of Walton Advertisement Corporation. Laura very quickly defeated her before her evil plot could occur.

Nate - He was the main villain of White Death. His goal was to take over the Dead Realm and then the mortal realm and become king of both. He failed however when he was shoved off a cliff into the mysterious Void.

Neo-Jay - A robotic clone of Jay who appeared in the end of White Death. His creator placed a spell onto the robot so that when ever the robot came with in 2 miles of people who knew the real Jay, they would suddenly forgot the real Jay and not know him nor recognize him.

Parody - A small prankster elf/gnome from the Crowned Realm who was under the control of the Twisted Sisters. He caused a distraction for a while to unwontedly help Xanith escape. When he died he told Rychyld to seek vengeance for him.

Peter Wolfe - One of the children who were under the protection of the Shinto Shrine during White Death. His twin sister is Ashley Wolfe. He seems to have a great sense of humor but beyond that he is also a very caring person.

Rhian - A mechanical and technical wizard, Rhian is Sakura’s best friend and closest alley before meeting everyone else. Rhian is a bit witty and smart mouthed but she is a good person all around. She wasn’t seen again until Forgotten World of Eternity storywise.

Rictor - A bodyguard for hire, he was hired by Derick to protect Dan while Derick was away for a time taking care of some business in the dream world of Forgotten World of Eternity, however in reality it was Derick’s dream self.

Russell - A Mixer-Mage who comes to Trinton in Arc 4 and also an employee of Walton Advertisement Corp.

Rychyld - The archaeologist who discovered the Sword of Justice by mistake and became an unwanted host for its powers and its spirit. She appears like a man to most people, in fact the only people who know are Sasha, her father, Sakura, Dan, Dawn, Sabella, Jonathan, Derick, and her mentor. Rychyld’s personality is very outgoing, cheerful, and bawdy but when Sasha takes over, it's a whole different story.

Sabella - The castaway in the start of White Death. She is a swordswoman of great skill and even greater prowess. Her only weakness is the feeling of being alone at times. Michael was the one who rescued her from the freezing cold and nursed her back to health. For that she will always be thankful.

Sakura - Empress of Japan and great summoner, she lacks one thing and that’s being calm in strange situations. The two sword techniques that she knows are exclusive to her family of swordsmen alone. She left Trinton at the end of Forgotten World of Eternity to reclaim her princesses title.

Sasha - Once the Angel of Hope and mother of Dan, she is now no more then a spirit inside of the Sword of Justice who ‘helps’ Rychyld along now and again. She is very happy to be near her son and only wishes to have a body to show her love to him. She does get her way with Rychyld’s body from time to time.

Silverstone - A dream villain created by Kimera with a bit of help from Lady Dawn’s own wants and fears. It turns out he was merely a shadow of the dream world modeled after Dawn’s wish for Solan and nothing based on an actual being or person.

Siros - Blind martial artist who comes to Trinton in Arc 4. Not much else is known at this time.

Sizer - In the dream world, she was a general of great power and had a cool scythe/harp weapon called Tranquil Edge. In reality however she was a professional singer and harpist named Sarah.

Solan - Eternal evil, or so we thought, who roamed Trinton under a curse of the gods. He isn’t a nice person per se but definitely has a romantic air about him. He was supposedly killed while protecting Dawn from Nate Black’s attacks but during Sealed Fate he was brought back and it was learned that he was merely trapped before he died inside the stone that Laura had created.

Sonya - Mother to Jessica and aunt to Jade and Destiny. She was a powerful person in her time but after switching bodies with her daughter and then being forced to swap again she was killed by Jade in Russia.

Star - Female support at the Shinto shrine from time to time and the carrier of the most odd powers ever. She helps Derick see the error of his thinking in White Death and also takes care of many wounded people.

Synth - In the dream world he was also a general and carried a guitar/ax combination weapon called Acoustic Venom. In reality however he was a simple guitarist named Sean.

Teral - Old wizard who originally played Abyss Guardian. He followed Xanith’s orders and forced Jon to do his bidding for a time. Later he actually fused Luxian and Jade together. He vanished shortly before the end of Xanith’s Reign but it is believed that he and Xanith were really one being but that was as of yet unproven.

Thea - A master puzzle expert and clairvoyant who was separated from her family during White Death and taken in by the Shinto Shrine. She was the youngest of the children and liked to laugh at everything even remotely funny.

Tolbert - In Forgotten World of Eternity, he was Bors’ older brother and had the better half of the Tarot deck they shared. In reality he was a young boy named Terrie who liked to earn easy money by giving card readings to passers-by.

Tonya - Assassin for the Luxen Corp till she was taken over by Jade’s influence. During New Genesis she and her girlfriend attempted to track Dan and re-capture him but during a holiday she revealed to him that she didn’t much care for her job and wanted to have nothing to do with Vincent any longer. She accidentally got caught up in the fight with Luxian and Jade and was later mind warped into being Jade’s puppet. She was sent on a killing spree in Europe where she killed off all the men she could find. After Jade was destroyed it is assumed her mind was set free.

Tracey - She is the waitress at the Mystical Pizza Dinner who serves everyone at one time or another. Not much is known about her and she also made a guest appearance in White Death.

Trisha - Angel of war and all around bitch, she wasted her whole life in the Abyss she feels and wants Xanith to free her in a hurry during the start of Xanith’s Reign. She was killed by the three sisters for interfering with their plans and this is the reason Xanith later fell, because Trisha had changed fate’s course. Trisha’s body was buried by the sea towards the end of Xanith’s Reign.

Twilight - Another enigma to add to the platter of such, she is from a place between the worlds. Known as the guardian angel of children she is the antique shop owner and her heir was killed by the Twisted Sisters in order to stop her from becoming free of the limbo curse.

Twisted Sisters - The three sisters are both strange and very creepy at times. They sing and rhyme together as if not three people but one being. They are thought to be Obron’s daughters and the ones who attempt to change fate.

Una - Strange cosmic goddess…

Vincent - The other form Destiny used to help take over and run the Luxen Corporation. In the form of Vincent she was stronger and more evil hearted. This is the form Luxian’s dormant soul used to free himself of the new life and be reborn as his old demonic self.

Vissa - Computer expert who got caught up in the plot to over throw Luxen Corp by mistake. She helped Kimera fool with the computer systems a bit but was later taken in and hidden by the Relic Link just in case anyone tried to kill her. Current status unknown.

Wesley - Yet another of the children in the Shrine’s care. His father is the mayor of Trinton and he seems a bit ‘creepy’ at times. He was the leader of the other children and he got along well with everyone.

X - Cyborg who killed Tonya’s girlfriend and almost killed Dan. She seems to be a puppet with no feelings and no real personality. She seems to look like Tonya when her disguise is removed.

Xanith - Main villain of Xanith’s Reign. He is also the ‘father’ to Dan and his ambition was to become a god. He was defeated by everyone working together after Rychyld and he fought sword to sword. Xanith is currently stuck in the Abyss again but some say he was killed during the battle.

Zed - Mechanic who works for the military base outside of Trinton. He made a brief appearance during White Death.

Zex - Una’s personal assistant who is also a cyborg.

Zoe - A little girl with the power of Ultimate Materialization. She summoned Dawn to herself when her father was attacked and killed. She was given the Mystica Mera to help guide her powers to be more easy to control.