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These are the named characters from the Star Fox series. Although some had fairly limited roles, they each had a part in shaping the storyline, and in some cases, the gameplay.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Team Star Fox[edit]

  • James McCloud: James is rarely seen in the games and is Fox's father as clarified in Star Fox 64. He was presumed killed by Andross, and this death is what motivates Fox during portions of the game. In the SNES comics, James was reported as KIA during the creation of a black hole by the premature detonation of a bomb which Andross made, while in Star Fox 64, James was betrayed by his teammate Pigma Dengar, resulting in his capture. He was then given to Andross who killed him. At the end of Star Fox 64, James' phantom guides Fox out of Andross's exploding base, thus saving him from certain death. He makes an appearance in Star Fox: Assault, with his voice being manipulated by the Aparoid Queen. He next appears as a playable character in "Star Fox Command" in the "Dash Makes A Choice" stage, which questions his actual "death." In the F-Zero series he appears... as a human and not as a "furry" character. Nintendo had said it was just a funny thing they wanted to do in F-Zero, and there's no connection between James (in F-Zero) or Fox (in Star Fox).
  • Fox McCloud: The main character in the series. Fox is the chief pilot of the mercenary group called Star Fox. He takes his father's death very personally and at times it drives him into irrational fits of rage. When he's not in such a fit, he is a highly skilled pilot and calls the shots for the team. During the events of Star Fox 64, it is implied that his biggest difficulty, at the age of 18, is to gain the trust of his comrades, but shows himself to be a competent and skilled leader whom gains respect from them all.
  • Falco Lombardi: A hotheaded blue falcon who was almost kicked out of the Cornerian Air Force. He's brash, cocky, and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. It is referenced several times in various comics and games that he was a member of a gang known as the Hot Rodders. He is also Fox's best friend and leaves the military to fly with him. He believes himself to be the best pilot in the system and often tries to one-up Fox, which sometimes backfires and lands him in trouble.
  • Slippy Toad: Slippy is the mechanic of the team, and also the most trouble-prone. His piloting skills are lacking and he gets enemies on his tail quite often because of his ineptitude at dog fighting- he makes up for this with his technological aptitude, enemy shield analysis during combat, and steadfast courage even when obviously fearful. Most incarnations of him make him appear whiny and irritating, a subject for the fans' occasional comments that he be thrown out an airlock and forgotten. At one point his gender was questioned and a VG Cats comic was released to make light of it. In Star Fox Assault however, he takes on a more masculine voice and becomes less whiny, a respite that was welcomed. Amusingly, he also tends to get his girl faster than Fox does.
  • Peppy Hare: A middle-aged hare which serves as the team's eldest and wisest member. He represents the common sense of the Star Fox team and tempers their skill and eagerness into something useful. After the events of Star Fox 64, he retires from flying to be a mapmaker and consultant to the team, giving advice to Fox and acting as a father figure throughout the series, not just in terms of battle and warfare, but additional wisdom in terms of trust, friendship and (in reference to Fox and Krystal) the importance of love. After the events of Star Fox: Assault, General Pepper steps down from his position as General, and Peppy takes up the reins, generally cited as a determined, wise and beneficial military figure.
  • Krystal: Originally the Damsel in Distress from Star Fox Adventures, she joined the team after her rescue and became a pilot. Her telepathic abilities were used as a plot device in Star Fox Assault and it was hinted through the cutscenes of Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault that she and Fox are attracted to each other in a romance, though it is only directly mentioned once in Assault in a cutscene where Tricky and Fox argue over it, much to Krystal's amusement. She tends to hold Fox in high regard, as both a friend and leader, and is a skilled enough pilot to hold her own in space combat. Throughout Assault, she is attacked less than the other members of the team. She is also not against taking the fight to the enemy on foot, and shows skill in close quarters combat with firearms. It is implied that she is skilled with her staff, as well. She does have personal flaws, however, and during the events leading to those of Command, she makes snap decisions that some endings have her regretting.
  • Miyu: Not much is known about this character except for being a lynx. She is also one of two female characters that joined the Star Fox team in the Star Fox 2 plot. Neither she nor Fay are seen in any other games aside from the SNES Star Fox 2.
  • Fay: Not much is known about this character except for being a poodle. She is also one of two female characters that joined the Star Fox team in the Star Fox 2 plot. Neither she nor Miyu are seen in any other games aside from the SNES Star Fox 2.

Friendly characters[edit]

  • General Pepper: The head of the Cornerian Defense Force. He's a hound dog with a good many years in his name and wisdom to go with it. In some comics he was James McCloud's friend and had to be the bearer of bad news. In Assault, he becomes a victim of the game's main enemy and is used as a literal weapon against Star Fox. Later, he retires from his position as General due to undetailed circumstances, presumably illness.
  • Beltino Toad: Slippy's father and the major designer of the Arwing, Star Fox's primary vehicle. He is the head CEO of Aerospace Dynamics (sometimes called Arspace Dynamics) and made his appearance as an adviser briefly in Star Fox Assault; he personally ran the Orbital Gate jump gate facility. He was the designer of the destruct virus Star Fox used to vanquish the Aparoid Queen on its home world.
  • Bill Grey: One of Fox's friends in Star Fox 64. Bill Grey is a gray dog believed to be either a greyhound or husky and an elite pilot of the Cornerian Air Force. He was assigned as the captain of the Katina Defense Force and crosses paths with Fox on Katina during the attack on Katina, and again during the Solar mission or alternatively during the Sector X mission, depending on the path the player takes. At first, he has a surfer-like attitude and accent, but in Star Fox Command, that was changed to that of a stereotypical cowboy.
  • Katt Monroe: Katt Monroe is a pink feline that has a crush on Falco Lombardi up until Star Fox Command, a crush that Falco was not fond of and finally put an end to before the events of Star Fox Command. Seen only in Star Fox 64 and a focal point in a comic concerning Star Fox, she assists the team on Zoness in her own customized stolen Invader III space fighter, Sector Z, and alternatively on Macbeth depending on the path the player takes. Sometime between the events of Star Fox 64 and Command, her fur is changed to dark brown, in an orange flightsuit, and her demeanor has changed from flirty to outgoing and brash.
  • Tricky: Tricky is the dinosaur prince from Star Fox Adventures. Fox is convinced early on to bring him along for much of the game, though there are several areas where Tricky cannot follow. He proves to be a rather useful assistant- he later succeeds his father's position as ruler of Sauria, and is considered by Fox, at least, to be an honorary member of the team.
  • Amanda: Amanda is Slippy's fiancee, who makes her debut in Star Fox: Command. She pilots a fighter called the "Tadpole", and tends to worry about Slippy, at some points coming to help him out. One of the endings in Command shows Amanda joining Star Fox as a member, however it has been stated that none of the endings in Command are canon, making it unclear whether Amanda even exists or not.
  • Lucy Hare: Lucy Hare is Peppy's daughter who makes her debut in Star Fox: Command. She is a physics teacher who teaches on the planet Fichina, which is where she is found in the game. She pilots a fighter called the "Sky Bunny" and at one point Command you can choose to go to Corneria as Lucy, eventually saving Corneria from an Anglarian sneak attack (with help from Krystal, Katt, and Amanda).
  • Dash Bowman: Dash is a young ape in the Cornerian Air Force and a child prodigy who makes his debut in Star Fox: Command. He pilots a fighter called the "Monkey Arrow" and shows up in the story of Command at different points. It is revealed that Dash is in fact the grandson of Andross and he wishes to continue where his grandfather left off, but this time for good (or so he says). One ending has Dash restoring Venom and being at peace with Corneria. Another has him turning to the path of conquest of Lylat, taking up his grandfather's place and using their new resources to begin constructing an army; another has him joining Falco Lombardi's Star Falcon unit.
  • Fara Pheonix: Fara is Fox McCloud's girlfriend in the original Star Fox comic. However, Andross had mistaken her for Vixy Reinard, Fox's mother, due to wearing the wedding dress Vixy used to own. This led to a kind of confessional that enraged Fox and resulted in the discreet retreat of Andross from the battlefield.
  • Vixy Reinard: Fox's mother in the original comic and even then only seen in a photograph in Fox's room. Andross had affections for her, and he despised the fact that she was married to James. In an effort to correct that problem, Andross planted a bomb in James' car in an effort to get rid of him. The plan went horribly wrong when Vixy got into the car instead of James, setting off the bomb and killing her.

Team Star Wolf[edit]

  • Wolf O'Donnell: The lead pilot of the Star Wolf mercenary team. In almost every regard, he is essentially Fox's rival. This is not to say, however, that Wolf represents evil - indeed, several times throughout the storyline Wolf instead aids Fox and the Lylat system, though his motives seem to be financial or challenge-based in nature. Fan fiction stories mostly set the stage for this rivalry by describing that he may have been Fox's friend in the Cornerian Flight Academy, a friendship that somehow grew strained and eventually broke as they became rivals and Wolf left the academy for various reasons - fanon often has Fox responsible for Wolf's missing eye, which may also be a reason for this rivalry. He is hired by Andross to be a countermeasure to the Star Fox team and given the Wolfen star fighter, which was meant to be superior to Star Fox's Arwing - later, after defeat at their hands, Andross commissions several successors to the Wolfen in the form of the Wolfen II starfighter, technologically superior to the Arwing, making their second defeat that much more bitter. Out of all the Star Wolf members he is worth the most money on the wanted poster, implying he is the best pilot of Star Wolf.

In Star Fox Assault, Wolf joins forces with Fox to defeat the aparoids. They are supposedly killed when distracting almost-unbeatable aparoids so Fox can fight the aparoid queen, however, at the end Fox reveals Wolf and his team survived. This is believed to be his last canon appearance to date, as Star Fox Command is suggested to be non-canon, given its various endings.

  • Leon Powalski: A chameleon with a grudge. He is often described as Falco's counterpart, if only for his soft-spoken, yet cold and chilling, demeanor. Fanon often has him described as violent and cruel to a degree that even puts Wolf on the back foot. It is implied that he may also work as an assassin and torturer, and may have a long history with Falco from his Hot Rodder days. His ship in Command is a modified Wolfen whose unique cannon charges and tracks enemies to a rather annoying degree. Out of the Star Wolf members, his bounty is worth the least cash on the wanted poster, which is surprising, if only for the fact that he has been a member since Wolf formed the team.
  • Panther Caroso: Pigma's replacement after he had been kicked out of Star Wolf. Panther is naturally a Panther, not to mention a ladies' man who tends to target Krystal with little to no effect. His first appearance is in Star Fox Assault as a skilled pilot who would apparently do better if not for his flagrant habit of wooing females in general. He was quoted saying that "All who see my rose meet death", implying that he uses a rose as his calling card upon victory over another. During Command, he tends to show flagrant self-absorption that leads him to speak in 3rd person, and pilots a modified Wolfen with a powerful, if slow, single-shot laser cannon. Out of the Star Wolf members he is worth the second most on the wanted poster, implying he is the second best pilot in Team Star Wolf, and somehow more dangerous than even Leon. He seeks a romantic relationship with Krystal, with one non-canonical ending of Star Fox Command leading to this outcome.

Enemy characters[edit]

  • Andross: The major final boss for most of the Star Fox titles. He is an ape that was kicked out of the Cornerian Defense Force's Research and Development division when his experiments turned monstrous and dangerous - it is also implied in comics that it is he who was responsible for the death of Fox's mother, by way of a car bomb originally meant for James McCloud. His sanity was questioned and when he finally snapped, they banished him to the barren planet named Venom, where he raised an army and attempted to take over the Lylat System. Fox McCloud and Star Fox were hired by General Pepper in the first two released games to take him down, and in Star Fox Adventures, Fox ran into Andross again when he revealed himself to the younger pilot atop the Krazoa Palace. In spirit form, Andross trapped Krystal inside a crystal and used her energy to use the Krazoa spirits to revive himself, but was destroyed by Fox with help from Falco. In Star Fox Command, Andross is approached with a different light, starting with the fact that it is implied that he died of natural causes AFTER the events of Star Fox 64, rather than being killed by Fox; the encounter with him on Sauria is entirely disregarded. However, Command is implied to be non-canon as it has different endings to it. It is revealed that the experiment Andross was banished for was a device to purify Venom, and after his defeat on the same planet, he finished the device and left it on Titania. This is revealed to Fox and company through Krystal, Peppy, or Beltino, depending on which path is taken. While the last two provide a more neutral-to-negative stance on Andross, Krystal appears sympathetic to him and considers his banishment unjust; it is unknown where she got her information, however. Andross is also implied to have a sister and a daughter, taking into account the existence of Dash and Andrew. These relatives are not mentioned, however, nor is Andross' first name (he is reffered to as Dr. Andross in the earlier games, making "Andross" his LAST name)
  • Pigma Dengar: Pigma is Peppy's own personal nemesis. He used to be a wing mate in the Star Fox team until Pigma sold them out to Andross, allowing James and Peppy to be captured in the Star Fox 64 storyline. He is a very greedy swine whose love of money is exceeded only in his care for his own life. In short, his greed and selfishness make him unreliable - a characteristic that lead to Wolf severing connections between him and the team (though in "Star Fox Command", he still considers them his friend, enough to spare their lives during their boss battle with him). In Star Fox Assault Pigma is a storyline plot device used to progress the story until he is turned into a boss and is apparently killed by Star Fox in an asteroid belt. During the events of Command, it is discovered that he was NOT killed, as was originally thought, until Falco Lombardi finally eradicated the Aparoid-infected threat. However, it is implied that Command is non-canon.
  • Andrew Oikonny: Andrew is Slippy's counterpart, weak and simple-minded. His comments have more bark than his lasers have bite. He also appears to be somewhat over-sensitive, as although he is normally fairly eccentric, he almost "freaks out" whenever he or Andross is insulted by Fox and company. While he may not be nearly as whiny or weak as Slippy used to be, he is still a pushover in most respects, and unlike Slippy, his demeanor becomes no less annoying or different as the series progress. In Star Fox Assault, he manages to gain control of the remnants of Andross's army and names himself Emperor of the Lylat System just before his ship is destroyed by a plasma beam from an unknown alien from above. Later, during Command, he becomes a cronie for the Anglar forces, and considers himself to be superior to all opposition, despite the fact that he fights as an underling. Command is often viewed as non-canon, making it possible that he was killed by the aparoid in Assault. His relationship with his second cousin, Dash Bowman, is unknown, though he refers to himself as "the one true heir" to Andross' throne, implying he doesn't even know of his existence (taken into account, however, that was said in Assault, and Dash was not created until Command). It is interesting to note that both Andrew and Dash appear to be wearing yellow scarves around their necks, though any symbolism this may have is possibly accidental.
  • General Scales: The main villain of Star Fox Adventures. He was manipulated by Andross at one point to give Fox the Krazoa spirit he held. Before that point though, he was the unquestioned tyrant who sought to rule Dinosaur Planet with fear and his literal iron claw. He even meets Fox a few times and interferes with Fox's attempts to restore the planet to its whole form. Although the needed stones were put in place, the Krazoa spirits were needed to put the planet back together; this is where Scales interfered by capturing a spirit, which resulted in Andross's intervention and lead to his uneventful and unceremonious death.
  • Emperor Anglar: The main villain of Star Fox: Command. Spawned from the seas of Venom, his intentions are a lot like that of Andross: rule the Lylat System by attacking all of the planets with his army. The fight against his usually consists of 2 parts: first destroying his attack ship (Arrowhead) and then attacking him directly by first destroying his protective orbs and then attacking his red glowing "lantern" on his head.
  • Captain Shears: A villain that appeared in the Star Fox comic that took place between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox: Adventures. Shears was in command of a Research base on Titania, which discovered a genetic remnant of Andross. The captain went mad, hatching a plan to revive Andross. However, Katt Monroe and her team discovered this plan, and tried to stop him. She even managed to contact Falco for assistance. At this time, Star Fox was called by Shears about Katt and the others, misleading them by saying they were servants of Andross. His deception led to a dogfight between Fox and Falco, while Andross' revival was underway. After some explaining, Fox entered the base in a attempt to stop Shears; but it was too late. Andross had awoken, killed the captain, and attempted to kill Fox. Luckily, they managed to escape and destroy the base. After they left, Andrew Oikonny arrived to save his dying uncle, and instructed him to take him to Sauria.