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This is a list of characters who appear in the furry webcomic Las Lindas and its associated bonus comics.

Mora Linda, a cow. At the start of the comic, Mora is the owner and sole occupant of Las Lindas, the family farm. Frustrated with her imability to keep up with work, she goes into town in search of workers, thus beginning the story.

Miles Lionheart, a cat. Mora meets Miles in a bar, and he agrees to work for her, believing she runs a brothel or something similar. But Miles discovers soon enough that he had been hired for farm labor, while Mora discovers that Miles tends toward laziness if not properly motivated.

Minos, a bull. Minos has a mysterious background and doesn't talk much. He is incredibly strong but also calm at heart.

Ria "Taffy" Rudiger, a cocktail waitress bunny whom he had met previously. Still unable to run the farm on her own, Mora tries to patch things up with Minos, but he is only willing to return if she rehires Miles as well, who in turn asks that she hire Taffy. Mora agrees, and Taffy soon establishes herself as the peacemaker of the group.

Idward Focks, an Arctic fox whom Mora had dated previously. Idward still holds a candle for Mora but she can't stand him, and Miles becomes annoyed when it looks as though he also has his sights on Taffy. United by a common enemy, Mora and Miles work together to hatch and pull off a plot to get rid of Idward by mailing him to Aruba.

Alejandra Coldthorn (sometimes "Alej" for short), a cow who was childhood friends with Mora. Alej, the archetypal corporate bully, is now is a shrewd business executive and runs a much larger and more modern farm near Gossamer. She tells Mora she is interested in buying Las Lindas. It is unclear what Alej's motives are, but Mora finds out that the thugs who harassed her earlier are employees of Alejandra. A fight ensues, and Minos convinces Mora to leave before the situation escalates further.

Sarah Silkie and Rachael Saleigh, both cats, are runaway orphans who arrive at the farm. The energetic, child-like Sarah, and the more serious big-sister figure Rachael had been living by their wits for some time before arriving at Las Lindas. After a couple of failed attempts to improve their lot at the expense of the farm, the two of them agree to play it straight and stay on board.

Ambar is the High Prime of Neo Earth. She first appears before the Harvest Festival to break up another fight between Alej and Mora, at the request of Minos. Afterwards, she sits down with Sarah and tells the background story of Neo Earth. She gives Mora a golden arm band and leaves without explaining it. She reappears at the Harvest Festival as the host, but has not appeared in Las Lindas itself since then, though she is in some of the side comics.

Digit is the Resident Spirit of the Las Lindas farm. She appeared when Mora activated the armband. In the beginning she had a lot of trouble fitting in. It seemed whenever she tried to help someone, she hurt them. After gaining trust from and bonding with Mora, she received her "Interphase Terminals" which helped better apologize for her accidents.

Alejanda “Patches” Coldthorn In Building an Empire, Alej was an eager intern gleefully anticipating her acceptance into senior management at Alexandria Machines until the vice president selected his daughter over her. With no other options left, she reluctantly accepted the management position over the Research and Development. Despite her serious demeanor, she’s opened enough to invite Tootsie in as her new friend. Her design for revenge against the company reaches its pinnacle during a presentation with Scarlet in which she was openly criticized for only achieving the minimum requirements. Her callous nature is shown when she received the news of Javier’s, her father, passing. Raised in poverty due in part to her father’s cautions nature, she learned to appreciate wealth and respected those individuals as entrepreneurs. She refused the offer to sell the land to proof to her father how profitable the land could be. Her loan nearly failed due to Scarlet’s appearance but was averted thanks to Bruce substituting her at the meeting. With the funding acquired, she continues on with her day job while slowly working towards her new business venture. Her recreational activities include shooting.

In Simpler Times, Alej was Mora and Randal’s childhood friend. Due to her rather cautious and subtle nature, she was often seen as the follower in Mora’s plans.

Tootsie In Building an Empire, Tootsie was and still is an incredibly talented engineer that has designed quite an arsenal of robotic devices. With an incredibly bubbly personality, she is more than eager to join Alej in her quest to start her own company and offered her skills in cracking Scarlet’s computer.

In Dungeons and Dames, Tootsie plays as Tiki, Shamanes and is the new GM of the group.

Scarlet In Building an Empire, Scarlet is the vice president’s daughter. During Alej’s snooping, it’s revealed that she’s embezzling money from the company.

Bruce In Building an Empire, Bruce is Alej and Javier’s friend. During an important meeting to receive funds, he stepped in for Alej when she discovered that Scarlet was there. His skills and Scarlet’s attention successfully landed him the funds for Alej’s endeavor.

Minos In the Original Crest Diaries, Minos was one of the Emperor’s Generals.

In Keepsake, Minos met up with Grace after the Gathering, an event believed to be related to the Crests, to say their goodbyes. Their conversations revealed that they’ve traveled together for a considerable amount of time together; however, she ended up marrying Kayin. His journey for a home continues.

In Dungeons and Dames, Minos plays as the non-playable character Minostaur, protector of a labyrinth.

Kayin In the Original Crest Diaries, Kayin was one of the Emperor’s Captains that served under Minos.

In Knighthood, Kayin is Hope and Joy’s father.

Kate In the Newer Crest Diaries, Kate was an infant Prime that landed on Planet Earth during the era of Feudal China/Japan. Upon her landing, master samurai and swords craftsman Shintaro Aryoko found and raised her as his own in peace and isolation for nearly ten years. That peace was shattered when members of the Renkai Clan attacked in an effort to obtain the sacred sword Shin-Aki. Despite the lack of skills at that age, she did all she could to protect her father, unleashing Zephy, a spirit within the sword. Her coolheaded and reflective personality soon changes to fear and rage when she senses an intruder entering her home. Her skills and physical strength surpasses that of humans, as evident during the incident in which she launched Bengala into a mountain. Her rage transformed into awe as she realized that there’s another Prime out there.

In Knighthood, Kate is Hikari’s overprotective mother who attacked Joy after surprising her. She was able to trust Joy once she proved that she was a Ravenhurst with her tactics and offered her a place to stay. During a daring rescue of both Joy and Drake from Ayah’s transformation, she revealed herself to be the Crest of Light. The next day, she proposed that the two travel together after Joy completed her light manipulation training with her.

Bengala In the Newer Crest Diaries, Bengala is a talented fighter that approached Kate in her home. After the initial fight, it’s revealed that his master sent him to her in order to protect her from an unknown danger. Despite his respective and honor bound demeanor, he’s quite clueless to other people’s concern, coming off as irritating.

Randal Hawthorne In Simpler Times, Randal was Diana’s adopted son and Alej and Mora’s childhood friend. Considered the man of the house, he was responsible for taking care of both Alej and Mora, which often resulted in injury from their shenanigans. He dreamed of being a police dog.

In Dungeons and Dames, Randal plays as Beowoof, The Knight of Dae, paladin.

Mora Linda In Simpler Times, Mora was Diana’s rambunctious wild child. Her wild antics often livened up Alej, Diana, and Randal’s routine farm life.

Diana Linda In Simpler times, Diana was the owner of Las Lindas and caretakers of both Randal Hawthorne and Mora Linda. Diana always looked at Randal as the man of the house and hinted that he would one day marry her daughter.

Taffy “Ria” In Culinary Combat, Taffy was one of the participants in the competition. Giving the nickname Daring Dessert Damsel, she won two of their marvelous medallions of merit.

In Making Taffy, Taffy was a struggling student In Alsadia’s cooking school. Due to her abusive childhood and sensitive nature, she often failed Alsadia’s tests when it came to teamwork. Whenever she wasn’t in class, she was taking care of a fading Reginald.

In Little Ria, Taffy was the homemaker for extended family. To be exact, she is forced to take care of Polly, her abusive mother; Alan, her spineless father; Denzel, Desmond, Duran, Gordon, and Graham, five of an unknown number of brothers; and one sister. In fact, her parents went so far as to pull her from out of school in order to take care of everyone else. The only one that seemed to care about her was her grandfather, Reginald, who encouraged her to take some time for herself. She eventually moved in with her grandfather after her mother physically abused her.

In Dungeons and Dames, Taffy plays as Lux ma’ Vma, priestess. She’s the noob in the group that caused the initial do-over.

Manzano In Culinary Combat, Manzano was one of Taffy’s opponents.

In Making Taffy, Manzano was one of Alsadia’s instructors. Despite understanding Taffy’s story, he didn’t show any favoritism in his class.

Pichi In Culinary Combat, Pichi was one of Taffy’s opponents.

In Making Taffy, Pichi was one of Taffy’s close friends and classmate. She always tried to help Taffy in the kitchen, going so far as to create Team Taffy buttons.

Alsadia In Culinary Combat, Alsadia was one of Taffy’s opponents.

In Making Taffy, Alsadia was the instructor of her cooking class. Shaping the next generation of top chefs, she was critical of any perceived failures, especially towards Taffy.

Grace In Keepsake, Grace said her goodbyes to Mino before returning home to Kayin, her husband, and Hope, her older daughter.

In Knighthood, Grace is Hope and Joy’s mother.

Din and Jin In Obsessions, Din and Jin are two nymphs that rescued Idward from death. Rationalizing that he is now their pet since they saved him, the two manipulate events to elevate his status to god among the humans. Residing on a human island, they can make themselves visible to certain individuals.

Idward In Obsessions, Idward is seen thrown out of his crate after the incident back at Las Lindas and crashes on a remote human island. Barely surviving the crash, he awakes with no memory of his prior life and in the care of Ailana, a tribal woman that tricks him into thinking that he is a god.

Ailana In Obsessions, Aliana is a tribal human on a remote island that found an unconscious Idward on the beach. With the discovery of a world outside this island, she intentionally uses Idward’s amnesia to elevate his status to that of a god, allowing her influence over her ignorant tribe to grow.

Miles In Learning Experience, Miles was a third year college student who finally snapped due to a combination of perceived difficulties in life and his professor’s belittling speech. Tired of constantly working hard and spending everything for these classes at the cost of his social life, he decided to drop out of college and forsake all his friends. After cooling off and realizing that his parents would cut him off, he considered apologizing to his professor and friends; however, a one night stand with Tiggs confirmed his new rogue lifestyle.

In Dungeons and Dames, Miles plays as the non-playable character Lord Miles, a villainous leader that intends to take over the world.

In Learning Curves, Miles is a hard working college student seeking an engineering degree while struggling to pass his courses while others are passing with flying colors or flunking without a care thanks to their connections. Envious of his fellow classmates, he voices his frustrations to Hope. Unfortunately, his rage rises as he walks in on an intimate moment between Toby and Sammy. Hope convinces him to spend the night with her that ultimately ends with an intimate moment between them. Now a couple, he takes Hope out on a date to a far away carnival; however, he only did so to spy on Toby and Sammy. Despite her initial rage, he is able to share yet another intimate moment that Toby and Sammy interrupt. After hearing their story, he agrees to not rat them out and serves as a confidant for Toby.

Davin In Learning Experience, Davin was one of Miles’s friends who tried to reason with him.

In Learning Curves, Davin is a laid back college student and quarterback pursing a nutrition and fitness degree. Living the life of luxury thanks to his parents, he outright purchased an apartment building and filled it up with college hotties. Despite dating Ann, he is quite open in the relationship department.

Tiggs In Learning Experience, Tiggs was one of Miles’s friends who had a one night stand with him.

In Learning Curves, Tiggs is an average college student and personal friends with quite a few people. In fact, she is often seen with Vixy, mimicking her style and acting like a pet; however, her loyalty to Vixy is above par as she stood up for her at the pool party and wasn’t even going to attend due to Vixy not receiving an invitation herself. She reveals that she is actually in love with her despite the fact that she herself is not into other chicks. She did have other boyfriends, most notably Toby. She is on the cheerleading squad.

Rachel In Lost Kittens, Rachel was a child prodigy that felt trapped under her parent’s control until she took the only opportunity to run away from home. With the little money she had, she was able to buy food and supplies from various cities. She continued to run until she was close to the sea in order to get as far away from her home as possible. When the police found her, she threw away her purse and refused to talk so that she couldn’t be identified. Placed under the care of an orphanage, she befriended Sarah. Learning that Sarah could be adopted while she couldn’t, she employed multiple tactics to delay Sarah’s adoption until Sarah’s biological parents appeared, resulting in them fleeing from the orphanage. Ever since her escape from the orphanage, she has been running from town to town with Sarah, stealing food and supplies to take care of them both.

Sarah In Lost Kittens, Sarah was an orphan who managed to get Rachel to speak. Because she has been an orphan since birth, she could be adopted; however, Rachel prevented this through various schemes. Eventually, her real parents arrived, resulting in her running away with Rachel. Ever since her escape from the orphanage, she has been running from town to town with Rachel, distracting the innocent in order to steal food and supplies to take care of them both.

Pepper-Ann In Dungeons and Dames, Pepper-Ann plays as Halite, fighter. She is quite the hardcore gamer as she easily gets irritated with noobs in the group.

Cocoa In Dungeons and Dames, Cocoa plays as Dischordia, amazon.

Tila Sunrise In Dungeons and Dames, Tila is the guild mistress of the Sunrise Guildhall.

Nina In Dungeons and Dames, Nina is the concubine of Lord Miles. Apparently, she had a run-in with the group in a prior game as they are not too pleased to see her.

Canela In Dungeons and Dames, Canela is the original GM.

Joy In Knighthood, Joy is Grace and Kayin’s youngest daughter who willingly volunteered to endure Knight training during an era of peace and stability. Her headstrong and overconfidence is quickly brought back down to earth after losing a fight to Lady Ambar. After a lengthy dialogue with her regarding her family’s history, she receives staff, a family heirloom with the magical properties still locked. Within a day after departing from Lady Ambar’s personal airship, she encounters Drake stealing on her scrolls. Losing him in the woods, she stumbles across Kate and Hikari, who allowed her to stay with them after proving who she really was with her unique fighting style. Sensing Drake’s presence throughout her stay with Kate, she was able to actually confront Drake at the waterfalls. Ayah interrupted their stalemate when she announced that she intended to kill them both. Fortunately, Kate and Hikari arrived just in time to save them both. Injured from her first fight with a Narakhan, she awoke to confront Drake. Surprised with Kate’s proposal of a team up between their new Narakhan guest, she agreed with the idea and continued her light manipulation training. They have since traveled together to the Prime continent of Azuola.

Lady Ambar In Knighthood, Lady Ambar is a family friend of the Ravenhursts that has agreed to escort Joy to the start of her journey. To introduce humility to Joy, she challenges her to a fight atop her personal airship. During the fight, she reveals herself to be the Crest of Wisdom and possess the power to influence outcomes and future sight. Before departing, she entrusts Joy with a family relic of hers.

Drake In Knighthood, Drake is a Narakhan ninja. Preferring to use stealth to attack and retreat, he has been able to evade Joy multiple times. Despite retrieving a scroll, Ayah was not pleased and ordered him to kill Joy, which failed as Joy was aware of his presence. Although Joy was able to successfully catch up to him this time, he was actually trying to save them both from Ayah, who managed to find them both here. During the fight, he stabbed Ayah in the back, which only served to fuel her rage. Fortunately, Kate rescued them both from Ayah. Betraying the Narakhan, he reluctantly agreed to team up with Joy.

Hikari In Knighthood, Hikari is Kate’s younger daughter. Despite her innocent demeanor, she is quite the expert in swordsmanship.

Ayah In Knighthood, Ayah is a Narakhan that possesses the ability to manipulate dark energy. Enraged that Drake failed to kill Joy, was leading her back to her, and stole a useless scroll, she ordered him to assassinate Joy. Seeing that Drake failed yet again, she faced both of them and was close to killing them both until Kate and Hikari interfered. Despite disappearing, she is still alive.

Toby In Learning Curves, Toby is another hard working college student and one of Miles’s friends. Despite his muscular body and charming personality, multiple women have shot him down, forcing him to wonder if there was something wrong with him. Pursing a physical therapist degree, he took a summer job at Paraiso, an all female resort. Feeling the loneliness between them, they went into her room for extended intimate moments. Agreeing to end it there and returning to their regular lives, they discovered that they were in a student-teacher relationship. Their desire was still present, and they’ve thus continued their relationship in secret. Unfortunately, due to being caught so many times, Sammy ended it with Toby.

Shin In Learning Curves, Shin is another hard working college student and one of Miles’s friends. Despite being highly intelligent and dedicated as he is six classes ahead of everyone else, he lacks emotional insight, treating others as part of the background.

Sammy In Learning Curves, Sammy is a Primary Language professor. She faced multiple struggles in her personal life and professional career due to her pushover persona. On thin ice with the staff, she took time off and recuperated at Paraiso, where she met Toby. Feeling the emptiness between them, they had multiple intimate moments in her room. Although they agreed to end it there, they continued their secret relationship after realizing that they were in a student-teacher relationship; however, she broke it off with Toby after being caught one too many times.

Hope In Learning Curves, Hope is another hard working college student with a focus in music. She is a role model to the other female students, encouraging them to attend class for Sammy’s sake. She often receives help from Miles and Shin with her school work. After the initial incident with Toby and Sammy, she forces Miles to spend the night with her. During that night, she tells Miles that she is in love with Shin as they were childhood friends; however, feeling unappreciated, she starts a relation with Miles. Despite his somewhat abrasive and childish side, she believes that this relationship can work. She is the more emotionally in tune in the relationship, serving as an additional confidant for Toby.

Vixy In Learning Curves, Vixy is an average college student and head cheerleader. Normally, head cheerleader is considered the most popular person in school; however, because of her rather domineering persona, she barely has any friends. In fact, her best friend is actually in love with her. She is often seen training in a local area, encouraging kids to get in shape.

Ann In Learning Curves, Ann is a struggling college student. She has acquired quite a bit of miscellaneous information from the various majors she’s switched from due to her low grades. She currently resides with her boyfriend Davin and his two other lady friends Angel and Tiare. She is quite aware of Davin’s player style and has grown tired of playing second fiddle to the other ladies.

Angel In Learning Curves, Angel is an aspiring tattoo artist and one of Davin’s personally close roommates. She is rather direct in her approach, especially when she dumped liquids on Vixy for her remarks at the pool party. She only backed down after Davin told her to. After a considerable amount of time practicing her art, she has found the courage to open her own parlor and asked Tiare for help starting it up.

Tiare In Learning Curves, Tiare is an exceptionally bright college student seeking a degree in engineering. Also residing with Davin and the other ladies, she appears abrasive in her personality; however, she truthfully cares about her fellow roommates, as evidence during the pool party when she ejected Vixy and Tiggs out for their slanderous remarks and agreeing to assist Angel in her tattoo proposal.