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A conbadge Holly used in 2005

HollyAnn (real name Lisa Cotton, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada), is an anthro artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

In 1996, her brother introduced her to Furcadia and shortly thereafter, HollyAnn began to draw furry art. In 1998, she was introduced to Trinsic by a mutual friend. In 2000, she and Trinsic were married, and HollyAnn moved to Vermont, where she continues to draw. She has a comic, Mountain Poutine.

HollyAnn and her husband have been regularly attending Anthrocon since 2001, and C-ACE since 2002. She was the guest of honor at What The Fur 2013.[1]

HollyAnn is part of the furry Christian group the Unicorn & Gryphon pub. She administers Canadian Furs and various other communities on LiveJournal.


HollyAnn the character has purple fur and yellow fox markings, pink hair, and blue eyes. She sometimes has gold-colored feathered wings.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Guest of Honor


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