Lira Kino

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Lira in her "Grey-Form".

Lira Kino (Laura Watkins), born May 23rd, 1985, is an artist, avid video gamer, RPG player, and Pokémon fan who lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She attends and sells her artwork at conventions such as Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) and she is staff for the animé room at RCFM.

Her primary avatar is an unusual mix of Snow Leopard, Horse, and Wolf, sometimes depicted with wings. Also known as her "grey form", this is her own creation and a unique fursona in the fandom.

Lira in her Kitsune form.

Lira's secondary avatar is a five-tailed Golden Kitsune. She has multi-coloured tips on each tail representing certain aspects and ideals of herself. Her primary element is ice.

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