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LionkingCMSL at Midwest FurFest 2006

LionkingCMSL (aka LK, LKCMSL, Lowen Kind) is the furry name of Don Miller, Jr., who lives in Southern New Jersey, USA.

LK joined furry in February of 2000 at the urging of John "the Gneech" Robey, and read the newsgroup.

He has since embraced furry fully and realized that he believes he has a lion totem that has been around since 1968 or so. He is openly furry to his family and at work. He is known as the "railroading lion" because he volunteered for the Cape May Seashore Lines and works for Amtrak, and was a radio maintainer in the Philadelphia radio shop. In Feb. 2020 LK retired from the workforce and is now free to do as he pleaes.

LK is meet coordinator for the Cape May Fur Meet. He also does fursuiting, writing and puppeteering.

Altaica Powell[edit]

Commander Altaica Powell is a character, in a multi-author story, created by LionkingCMSL. If you want more info, please ask LK about her.

She is also one of LK's fursuits. She will alternate with LK himself during cons.

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