Lin Rei

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Lin Rei is a furry. She began her furry life as a small black cat (which she still plays on occasions), but her fursona is now a dragon.

Lin's fursona is 14' 3" tall, with scales that are copper on her stomach, and silver on her back and sides. Her wings are copper with silver ribbons flowing through them. Her hair is burnished copper with silver highlights.

On Lin's left breast is a brand which depicts a spike driven through a dragon's clawed hand and into a 2x4 piece of wood. The brand is a sign of disownment and banishment.

Character backstory[edit]

Lin is a dragoness of royal stock, though if you ask her about it she will quickly change the subject. Her mother was a copper dragoness and her father a silver drake. Her mother and father were forbidden to marry, but, as they were young and cared little for the strictures of their clans, they wed and were happy together. The elders were incensed and said that should a child be born to them, that child would be exiled.

Many, many years went by and the pair fould out they will soon have a child of their own. When Lin was 200 years old - equivalent to four human years - she was branded with a sign of exile, and thrown from her home.

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