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Limpidity is an internet-based comic strip (webcomic) created by Po Shan Cheah (aka Morton Fox). It has been running since August 1996.

The characters include Morton (Morty) Fox, his girlfriend Flora, Max Rabbit, and the kids (Morty's fox nephew Wally and Wally's raccoon friend Roger). They live in the fictional neighborhood of Sloopsville.



The world is full of eccentric dreamers who are said to live in a world of their own. Morton Fox, or Morty is such a person. He isn't stupid but simply sees reality a little differently to the majority of us, causing constant bemusement for his friends and loved ones and amusement for the rest of us! Morty works weekdays at a meda/entertainment company and once presented his own occasional television show called Limpidity.


Every funny guy needs a serious straight-man as a foil and Max the rabbit is the bunny that has that thankless job! Max does not make any noticeable effort to help Morty to protect himself from his unique mind and yet does seem to care about his friend in his own serious way, otherwise he would have likely moved out of their shared house long ago!


Flora is Morty's fox girlfriend. Although her appearances in the comic are infrequent, when she is allowed some time in the strip her presence is always a cause for gratitude by her fans in the readership. Little is known of Flora's life other than that she works part-time in the local bank and is incredibly patient with Morty's personality quirks.

Wally and Roger[edit]

Wally is Morty's young fox nephew, while Roger the raccoon is his best friend. Rarely parted from each other's company, the kids spend their days doing what kids do best - exploring the neighborhood, having fun and trying in vain to keep the adults (Morty specifically) out of trouble!

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