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Limizuki (born December 19, 1991)[1] is a furry artist, writer, and occasional photographer. She lives in Tacoma, Washington, USA. She is in a relationship with a musician name Danz McNabb, and his music can be viewed on Youtube.[1]

Limizuki's fursona is a dire wolf with a demon's soul fused with her own.[2] Her demon familiar's name is Shadowfang, and they are sometimes referred to as Limizuki Shadowfang.


Limizuki became a furry in her freshman year in high school.[3] In 2012, her artwork featured as a banner on Fur Affinity ("Shark Week banner 1").[4]

Limizuki's Bio[edit]


Limizuki is an anthro Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus) with a height of about five foot, eleven inches. Her form is lithe, yet still curvy with wide hips and a slender waist. Her legs are not shaped in the plantigrade of humans, but rather in the digit-grade of the wolves that her appearance is from. The majority of her fur is a light royal blue shade on her back, arms, and legs with a dark iron grey-almost black- front half. The grey also coats her hands, feet, and ears with silver or grey fingers and toes. Her ear is also rimmed with the same silver grey color, but the inner ear remains the grey. There is a black crescent shape across her back and hips, and is her namesake.

Name Origin[edit]

Limizuki is derived from both the chinese language and the japanese language, where “Li” has a meaning of “black” in chinese and “Mizuki” has a meaning of “Beautiful Moon” in japanese. Put together, Limizuki has a combined meaning of “Black Moon”, her namesake given to her by the black crescent shape that straddles the back of her hips.

Her last name, Shadowfang, is actually the name of the demon that she shares her soul with. She adopted the name in honor of her demon becoming a close part of her, showing Shadowfang that she accepts her as a part of who she is.


Limi has a complicated history. She was born in the era of the Dire Wolf, in prehistoric North America (near present day Wyoming). Her pack consisted of roughly eight adult members and a handful of pups: Her mother and father (the alpha pair), her brother, three more females, and two males. As she grew older, her fur began changing colors, and eventually the change ostracized her from her family.


Shadowfang is a demon derived from a powerful demon named Osiris in the universe that Limizuki's story takes place.


In 2016, an addition to her fursona was made in the form of Rune, who was summoned by Limizuki for aide in a war. Using old Pagan rituals and a sliver of her soul, Rune took a similar appearance to Limi when she was summon and bound to Limi. Once her task was complete, Limi set Rune free to do as she pleased, and having a fascination of the Earth around her, Rune decided to remain on this plain. She also decided to retain the Limi-like appearance as tribute to the warrior who summoned her and treated her as an equal rather than a slave.

Recently, Limi has been going by the name of Rune in online forums.


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