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Snickerdoodle the Titmouse

The Lillian Verner Game Show is a fictional game show occasionally presented as part of Comedy Central's MADtv, a comedic television show. During season ten, episode #1020 (first broadcast 30 April 2005) of the show included a "plushie" (wearing a fluffy red mouse fursuit) as one of the contestants.


At 2:20 into the sketch, the second contestant is introduced:

Dale Briskett (Host): "Alright! Our next contestant is a plushie! Yes! Kirby Bogle, it says here that that you like to dress up as a stuffed animal and go to Ramada Inns and have sex with other plushies while you're in your costume."
Kirby: "Yes, my real name is Kirby Bogle, but my plushie name is Snickerdoodle the Titmouse." - *disturbing smile* - "neener-neener-neener-neener-neener-neener-neener-..."
Dale: "What the heck is that?"
Kirby: "...-neener-neener-neener!" - *breath* - "It's the mating call of the titmouse - neener-neener-neener-neener-neener-..."
Simeon Dyson (Announcer): "...-neener-neener-neener-..." - *cut to split screen*
Both: "...-neener-neener-neener-neener-..."
Dale: "Stop!"

Kirby later kisses a recurring contestant, Gail Cinder:

Gail: "Dale, I just, I, I wanted to ask you..."
Dale: "What is it, Gale - whadda you want, Gail?"
Gail: "Errr, could I have a kiss, like Richard Dawson does - just, uh, one kiss, please?"
Dale: "Kiss her, you homo!"
  • Kirby edges closer to Gail
Dale: "Gail, I would love to give you a kiss, but as I've said in recent emails, phone calls, and when you showed up at my hose late at night, no, no kissing, no, Gail, you smell like cat urine."
  • Kirby gives Gail a kiss
Gail: *laughs, embarrased* - "Uh, I don... neener-neener!"

Kirby also gets a question wrong, and at the end of the show he links up with Simeon.


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