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Ashley Zoe Fox, formerly known as Ashley LilPup Fox and LilPup (born April 28, 1978),[1] is a YouTuber and former babyfur from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[2] She is best known for being a once close friend to former furry YouTuber Kero The Wolf.


As LilPup[edit]

LilPup at Anthrocon 2007

Ashley was once a babyfur where she went under the name LilPup. She used to host the C'ubhouse at MFM with Goliath. Ashley also hosted it at several cons throughout the year as well as regular furry and/or babyfur meets on a bi-weekly basis.

She also used to run the Online Babyfur Community (OBC) at, and was an administrator for the Lupinia Hosting Community. In 2009, she turned over the reins of that site to Natasha from Lupinia. Ashley was also a babyfur artist at one point and was into fursuiting as well.

Post Babyfur[edit]

After Ashley left the babyfur community, she would continue to be involved in the furry fandom. She started her YouTube channel on March 2, 2012 and would start making videos on a regular basis in 2016.[3] Ashley played a major role in getting YouTuber Shane Dawson to do an interview with Kero The Wolf in 2017 after discussing about furries to him.[4]

What she does nowadays[edit]

Ashley is commonly well known for making urban exploration videos and vlogs, but has also done videos surrounding the furry fandom as well including footage of various conventions. She also makes videos on YouTubers that she is a fan of.


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