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Lil'Fuzz not in the fur~
Fuzzy by Marci McAdam July, 2012

Lil'Fuzz, frequently known as CubFuzzy or most commonly known as just Fuzzy, was born on April 27, 1985. He is the founder of the furry social network MyFur Network and the babyfur social network BabyFur.ME. He lives in Renton, Washington, United States.

Fandom involvement[edit]

History and activity[edit]

Lil'Fuzz has been involved with the furry fandom since 2000. Lil'Fuzz is an ABDL babyfur. As a web developer, his primary focus in the fandom is to unite furries through the use of web applications.

Convention involvement[edit]

  • RainFurrest 6 (Event Year 2013) - Staff, Convention Master Liaison
  • RainFurrest 5 (Event Year 2012) - Staff, Registration

Fandom web projects[edit]

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