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Lil' Blue. Art by Jim Groat.

Lil' Blue, or just Blue (born February 21, 1984), is a furry fan from the northeastern Illinois, USA, area, where he lives with his mate, Riley West Wolf.

Fandom involvemnent[edit]

Blue is often seen at Lake Area Furry Friends events. He is well-known for helping out whenever he can at furry events, such as helping out at Midwest FurFest 2005 and 2006 as both auction age verifier and con suite staff with the late Quasi Skunk and as a staff member for 2006's NYE party. Lil' Blue is also an older brother of sorts to the cub furs, and is part of the cub and little fur community himself.


Blue's fursona is a blue and white zebracorn, a unicorn/zebra hybrid.

Convention attendance[edit]


Blue loves to play video games, especially RPGs, in particular, Final Fantasy, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Secret of Mana and Heroes of Might and Magic. His other hobbies include collecting art, drawing his own art, writing stories, poetry, and lending a paw wherever he can.

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