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Licensable Bear™ is a teddy bear-like character who was the star of his own self-titled comic book series that had four issues from 2004 to 2007, as well as appearances in the one-shots Wild About Comics and Many Happy Returns as well as issue 2 of Liberty Comics. Created by Nat Gertler, the character's main distinguishing features was that he was aware of himself as a character in the licensing business, and is actively trying to gain license and promote licensed products. All of his stories have been written by Gertler; artists illustrating the stories include Mark Lewis, Rusty Haller, Tone Rodriguez, Mark Dos Campos. Lonny Chant illustrated a story in issue 4 of the Licensable Bear™ title which featured Barack Obama making his first appearance in a comic book.

Gertler produced a series of short web videos featuring the character, voiced by Corey Klemow.

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