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The Library is a community-focussed adult-oriented MUCK based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It resides in the theater at the home of its hardware wizard, Fate. The MUCK's playerbase largely migrated over after Yimu Island's close.

Continuous effort is being made to make improvements on the server software as well as the world in general. In order to establish a more solid footing, The Library will be performing 'reality reset' which, in effect, will be a massive retcon to move characters over as seamlessly as possible while at the same time eliminating remaining ties to Yimu Island.



Anywhere from twenty to fifty players are likely to be connected at any given time.


  • Pi - Software, Programming
  • Nubi - Policy Enforcement
  • Hati - Building
  • Sowelu - Building, Programming
  • Fate - Hardware, Player/Character Relations

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