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Banner circa 2016.
Logo circa 2007-2008

Liberated! is a roleplaying forum "where previously captive wild and domesticated animals live in freedom within a specially modified habitat created by a radical animal liberation organization in the wilds of Louisiana."[1] Liberated! is a sister site of Gallop Free and Feral Civilization.



Possible settings for roleplay are set up as topics in the forum. These include "Hell on Earth: The Front" for roleplay set previous to liberation, and freedom in border habitat, the forest, grassland, and wetlands.


Liberated! permits a range of character species liberated from animal fighting, animal racing, breeders, "canned hunts", the circus and rodeo, the farming industry, fur farms, the laboratory, and menageries or zoos. As of late April 2006, Louisiana wildlife species were also permitted.[2]


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