Liavain Axon

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Liavain Axon as seen in the MMO, Perfect World.

Liavain Axon, also known online as Liavain and/or Lia (real name Michelle), (born March, 1978) is a furry who currently lives in Houma, Louisiana, USA.

Liavain was born in Portland, Oregon. When she was two years old she moved to California, and a few years later moved to Illinois. She spent the remainder of her youth traveling between those two states. When she was fifteen years old, her mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She dropped out of school in order to take care of her mother. A year later her mother passed away in a hospice in Illinois. Shortly after, Liavain moved to California with her cousin, Christopher "Melfred Ebbles" Roe.

A few months after moving to California, Liavain met Daelyhel Axon on AOL. At the time her name was known as Malendra and Daelyhel was known as Natrayu. They met and became very close friends. After a few months, they started dating. A year later they had met in real life and were married shortly after.

Liavain and Daelyhel have three children, two sons and one daughter.

Fursona and Personality[edit]

A snow leopard (uncia uncia)

Liavain Axon's fursona is of a snow leopard. She takes on many aspects of a snow leopard, including her independence and stubbornness. She has a love of snow, forests, and mountainous terrain. She has a deep love and affinity towards felines, and prefers to share her company with them.

Her obsessions include anime, computers, MMOs, and helping to admin Furry to Furry.

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