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Lhayn, also known as |pony on TFNet and Anthrochat (born March 2, 1985,[1] in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.) is a fursuiter who lives in the United States.

Lhayn's fursona is an anthropomorphic Dales Pony. He has a bay coat, and white fetlocks, mane, and tail.


Lhayn's introduction to the furry community came at age twelve, when he started role-playing in AOL chat rooms as a Clydesdale centaur. He remained on AOL for a while, though his online presence wavered with increased parental oversight.

Upon graduation from high school, he decided to take a year off and figure out what to do with his life; about seven months later, he found himself in an Army recruiting station. It was during this time that his character gradually shrunk from enormous draft to miniature pony.

In the summer of 2004, Lhayn went through US Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After graduating from Basic Training, he was sent to Fort Meade for Advanced Individual Training as a broadcast engineer. Upon completion of AIT, he was sent to the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera). In November of 2006, he was PCSed to Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, for a year with the 25th Signal Battalion, and returned to Fort Meade in November of 2007. He has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar.

Fursuiting and other activities[edit]

Lhayn's fursuit, depicting his fursona, was constructed by SPark,[2] and debuted at FurFright 2008. Lhayn later re-maned the head himself, and the original tail was replaced by one built by Artslave.

Lhayn has attended Midwest FurFest, Further Confusion, FurFright, and FA: United. Online, he can be found on Altered Realities, FurryMUCK, and Tapestries, as well as the TFNet and Anthrochat IRC servers.


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