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Leucrotta, also known as Pachycrocuta, is a furry artist who lives in Idaho. His fursona is a hyena. who has worked as a staff member for Further Confusion. He has characters active on Tapestries, but is currently hoping to cut down on his online and caffeine addictions. He is a former contributor to the Huzzah! APA, and credits a large range of inspirations for his art style - from wildlife art to the comics of Enrico Marini and Mitch Byrd. A long-time tabletop gamer, he is particularly inspired and delighted by the wide range of only-vaguely-coherent monsters in D&D, including his namesake animal.

The name derives from a mythological creature, the leucrotta, a part-stag, part-lion, part-badger animal that supposedly lived in India and which could mimic human voices. Leucrotta may be inspired by reports of spotted hyenas, and have inspired a slightly different, malevolent monster in the Dungeons and Dragons game.

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