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Feenixfire as done by Nami Jarrett.
Feenixfire as done by Vantid.
Feenixfire (feline demon version) as done by Glen Skunk

Feenixfire is an artist from the Seattle and Puget Sound area of Washington, USA. a Neqa'El (Egypt), previously phoenix (fire bird) whose player has been known by her character's name on both FurryMUCK and Second Life, where she has been an independent DJ for various events such as the Second Life 4th Anniversary Birthday Party. As of September 2007 the phoenix version of her character has been retired (1996-2007), having been reincarnated as a feline demon.

In other media[edit]


Feenixfire has made several appearances in the comic West Corner Of the Park, by Jim Groat in her smaller feral form.

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