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Leo the Tiger, also known as Tom Wilder (born January 8, 1990) is a furry writer from Joplin, Missouri, USA.


Leo the Tiger's official fursona, Leo Sanchez (or just Leo) is a 22 year old Bengal tiger who wears a green drum major's uniform with silver detailing and a silver ā€œLā€ on his hat, which stands for Leo.


Leo hails from a planet known as Kriegland (Agri region) and came to Earth's Wildcat City, Kansas City, USA, after the whole planet's population migrated just hours ahead of the planet's destruction by the villainous group known as the Quarrelsome Quartet, with their Laser Beam 5000 weapon.

Leo's is the leading drum major of three music bands: a military band (defined by instrumentation), a showoff band (college football halftime shows style), and a pipe and drum band, all of which have all professional musician tigers willingly making a living out of that.

Leo's best friend is John the Tiger, the drum major in charge of the actual Krieglandonian military band, and hailed by Leo the Patriotic Lion (an American lion composer known for his extremely huge voice) as the Sousa of Kriegland and a musical symbol of Krieglandonian patriotism. Since arriving in America, John and his band (and later Leo and his three bands) have regularly received[clarify] 25 times as many loyal concert attendees as the average big name in pop and country music,[clarify] and part of that was due to their role in assisting Leo the Patriotic Lion and his campaign to get Americans back on track in the wake of the Kriegland tragedy and the disgust that followed the Vietnam War.[clarify]

Leo and his showoff band were invited to participate in a band competition held at the academy for The Eternals upon invitation by the its prince, Prince Zanta Alexander Keplicus the Third (the character played by 16weeks),[clarify] with Leo the Patriotic Lion serving as a judge to represent Earth. They participated with three other bands, with a separate section held just for the drumlines. Leo and his showoffs won by a landslide, and the prize was a vacation home for each and every member of the showoffs, and a cash prize of $2 million to put to good use. Leo chose to donate the whole two million to charity, since he believes in giving the best performance a band can give, making all the hard work pay off, and that itself shall be their reward.

Leo is currently looking for more tigers to expand his bands so that the military and showoff bands will have about 250 to 300 tigers each. That way, he says, it will sound more civilized.[clarify]

Leo, like many of his friends, belong to an organization of Superheroes and allied fighters known as the G-52s (led by SUPERCAT, the Cat of Steel). Leo has been immortalized[clarify] by the very thing that can harm the Cat of Steel: Criptonitroglycerite. Thus, he is eternally stuck biologically as a 22 years old.

A later power-up enabled Leo to become a superhero himself, known as the Marching Wonder. His weapons against crime include a magical drum known as the "Booming Snare," which can emit sound booms when played and knock the enemies off balance because all who hear it feel its vibrations; battalion stars he can throw at the enemy (similar to the stars thrown by Espio the Chameleon, and his mace (drum major's baton), which can summon various magical creatures from monsters to dragons, to help him fight the enemy.[1]

Supporting cast[edit]

Leo the Tiger has written about a huge plethora of supporting characters for Leo's Universe stories that keeps on expanding constantly. All character and fiction works and information are kept on his Fur Affinity account.[2]


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