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Leo Core Blue is a furry fan who has been in furry fandom since 2005.


Leo's fursona is a hybrid mix of fox, thylacine, and dragon. He stands about 9'-10' tall, with a light build. His tail looks rather fox-ish, but has a tip that can sharpen down to a spike.

Leo's fur looks spiny but is soft to the touch. His fur color is as dark as night, shining with every step he takes. Along his back are marks that look as if he has been scarred. These markings are a pure white that not even the whitest of whites can compare. On each mark there is a little spike.

Leo has a pair of rather large dragon wings sprouting from his back, and he has markings under his eyes that look like the Nike symbol. A pair of horns also stick out of his head.

His eyes seem to look into your soul when you look into them. They are mostly blood-red colored, but along the outside there is a small line of royal blue from his ancient past.

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