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Lenoh (born October 20, 1986) is a furry who resides in Modesto, California. He has formerly lived in Porterville, California, Oakley, Kansas, and San Jose, California. He refers to himself as a "professional procrastinator".

Lenoh's interests include judo, (most) video games, and non-mainstream music, such as eurobeat, techno, and jumpstyle. He is also known to appreciate '90s alternative rock, "before Green Day released American Idiot and fucked it all up".


Lenoh's fursona is an anthropomorphic (mostly toony) male, pure-black Egyptian Mau with emerald-green eyes. He is usually unclothed, save for his collar with a large silver bell on it, but if conditions do not allow this, he dresses in Egyptian-style clothing. He has golden markings of the Eye Of Horus on both eyes.

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