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The Legislative Assembly is a governmental entity that appears in K. M. Hirosaki's story Blue Forest.

The fictional country that Blue Forest exists in (which has never been referred to by name) has a federal-level governing body known as the Legislative Assembly. The Assembly is a tricameral entity, with three different houses comprising it. These are:

  • Council of Delegates
  • Council of Processors
  • Council of Executives

The system of checks and balances is a complex one, but the general legislative process begins in the Council of Delegates (the lowest house). Decisions made there pass on to the Council of Processors, and it is only with their approval that laws and the like reach the Council of Executives, which has the highest degree of authority among the Assembly. There are exceptions to this process, but by and large, the greater details have not been expounded upon.

All members of the Legislative Assembly are elected by the people, with voting for a particular council being divided up by varying degrees: voting for the Council of Delegates takes place on the district level, voting for the Council of Proccessors takes place on the province level, and voting for the Council of Executives takes place on the region level. Total council membership is based on level of authority: the Council of Delegates has the most members, and the Council of Executives have the fewest.

Positions within the Legislative Assembly are decided internally. The only specifically-known position is that of Vice-Chair of the Council of Processors, which is held by the only specifically-known member, Assemblywoman Diane Kasindraman.

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