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Leaving the Fandom, also known as Gafiate or GAFIA (getting away from it all - first coined by the science fiction fandom), is a term and/or expression often used by a fan or artist to announce their intention of getting away from all things fandom and fannish related, usually for an indefinite period.

"Leaving The Fandom" and furry[edit]

In furry fandom, the term was originally used in the various furry Usenet newsgroups.[1][2][3] Those announcing their departure would often return (if they ever left) a few days, weeks, or years later; this pattern resulted in an expectation that most of those leaving would eventually return.[4][5][6]

Some returned to post a request for contacts - they tended to draw a distinction between having friends in the fandom who they wished to remain friends with and being active within the fandom as a whole.[7] Others cut their connection with furry fandom completely.[8][9][10]

On MUCKs, it's common for furs to jokingly say or shout "I'm leaving the fandom!" in answer to a minor slip up, an unsettling bit of news, or even a bad pun.[citation needed]


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