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Lee Yang-Il (art by Yang)

Lee Yang-Il, better known as Yang (real name Kenny Laakso; born July 25, 1997) is a furry singer and songwriter, and occasional artist, who lives in Eskilstuna, Sweden.[1] His fursona is a Striped Hyena.[1]


Yang's debut song was "Teasing my Heart", a song which he wrote to a beat by Lostinscores.

In 2014, Yang performed a song from the Eurovision Song Contest ("Running" by Kallay Saunders). Later the same year, Yang and two of his friends decided to make a band together, named "Furries of Domination". Yang's position in the band is vocalist, screamer and rapper.

Yang in real life[edit]

Kenny Laakso

Yang discovered the furry fandom in 2010, after reading the comic Cruelty by Rukis.


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