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Lee Madison (born 1966) also known as the Artraccoon is a freelance artist from the North Texas area who specializes in science fiction, furry, and fantasy art. During his early career Lee focused his efforts on anime and science fiction work, only producing furry art on the side for sale at the many conventions that he attended back in the 1990s.

His 'official' entry in the furry field was his work for the cover of Antarctic Press' Aztec Anthropomorphic Amazons (1994)[1]. Following this he also produced work for Radio Comix "Hit the Beach" issue in 2008. The following year he began contributing art to the North American Fur fanzine. In 2015 he was asked to design the cover art for the Winter 2015 issue [2]. As of 2017, he is working Paul Kidd's second iteration of "Tank Vixens" called "Quest for the Frazetta Stone".

Before delving into furry fandom Lee was best known for his work with Project A-kon animation convention where he designed the iconic geisha robot that was used for many years. Other science fiction projects include Valkyrie Games' "Stellar Horizons" role playing game, and Paul Kidd's "Lucanni Drift" supplement for the "Starships and Spacemen" role playing games.


  • Anthropomorphic Amazons Comic(1994)
  • Hit the Beach Comic (2008)
  • North American Fur (2009-Present)


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