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This page is about the person. Longtail is also an affectionate term for an old chakat.

Laura "Longtail" Blacksin is an American artist from Washington who also writes three webcomics, Apollo 9, Gemini Bright, and Coons. Longtail's artistic style, while distinctive, is also very diverse. Her artwork has also been featured in the comic Carpe Diem. Longtail often portrays herself in her artwork as a anthropomorphic cougar, typically for slice of life filler art.

Much of her art is first drawn in ink and/or pencil, and then may be colored with aid of computer graphic programs. A significant portion of her art is completely manual, utilizing colored pencil and/or Copic Sketch markers.

Longtail is most well known for her handling of taurforms, especially Chakats, but also has a sizeable following for her general artwork and comics. In addition to the comic works, Longtail does a great deal of writing.

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