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Larry, as drawn by Lilly.

Larry the Fox (real name: Larry Bloom) is a furry character, created and owned by Larry (born February 21, real name unkown), who is a furry artist that lives in Austria.[1]


Physical Traits[edit]

Larry Bloom is a male fox (lat. vulpes viridi, a sub-species of the vulpes). His primary fur colour is a mint green, with white countershading on his paws (including hands and feet) and tip of tail. An emerald green colour is used for his hair, eyes, paw pads and the tips of his ears. A line of the same colour used to seperate most of the white markings from the mint green. Inner organs are also of the same colour. He has a body type of a femboy (slim, but curvy), standing at 5'11" (180cm) tall and weighing 139lbs (36kg). Larry has an "L"-marking on his back. The nose is a grey colour.[2]


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